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Tang and Song China Chapter 12 Section 1.

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1 Tang and Song China Chapter 12 Section 1

2 Tang Dynasty 618-907 Expanded China’s Borders
Restored the Civil Service Examinations Was supposed to open up bureaucracy; but only the rich could obtain the education necessary to do well on the examinations Many moderately wealthy families will be involved in China’s Government

3 Fall of Tang Tang imposed high taxes in the mid 700’s
Tang struggled to control their vast empire 751 Muslim armies defeated the Chinese at Battle of Talas 907 Chinese Rebels burn Tang Capital and kill last emperor (child)

4 Song Dynasty Were not able to reclaim all the lands lost by the Tang
Established smaller empire, but very prosperous empire with capital south of the Chang Jiang

5 Science and Technology
Inventions Movable type printing press Gunpowder Mathematics Use of negative numbers

6 Agriculture New strains of rice allowed for multiple crops a year
More food allowed for population growth

7 Trade and Foreign Contacts
Trade will shift from the Silk Road to overseas

8 Changes in Chinese Society
Gentry Class Upper Middle class, made up of scholar-officials Attain status through education Status of Women Always been lower than men, but greater difference during this time period Foot binding

9 Review Questions Why was it important to connect the northern cities and the southern region of the Sui Dynasty? Why might Tang rulers have fought to expand China’s borders? What concerns might Song Emperors have had when buying peace from their Northern enemies? Why might the Huang He have become a stable border for the Southern Song? How might officials’ distribution of a new strain of rice have been a political as well as an agricultural decision? What factors might have contributed to China’s scientific and technological achievements? Which groups benefited the most from changes in Chinese society? Which groups benefited the least?

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