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2 Agenda 2 ItemTime Introductions and Wellness Reflection12:30 - 12:45 p.m. Wellness Vendor Presentations Movable, Inc. Health 360 12:45 - 1:15 p.m. 1:15 - 2:00 p.m. Debrief 2:00 - 2:15 p.m. Other Updates Funding EAP Wellness Coordinator 2:15 - 3:00 p.m.

3 Wellness Reflection Name, District, Position Thinking back to the start of wellness efforts at your district… What has made the biggest impact? What has been the biggest change? 3

4 Wellness Infrastructure 4 LERC Board Executive Wellness Committee Wellness Champions Each district has diverse needs, a unique demographic, and is at a different place on the Wellness spectrum.


6 Movable Overview Movable, Inc. produces and sells MOVbands, which are a Physical Activity tracking device. Band is worn around wrist and tracks all forms of Physical Activity. Employees and program administrators will have access to an online activity dashboard that tracks physical activity as well as competition ̶ Band automatically syncs to activity dashboard, so no manual entry is necessary. Movable will give LERC access to a dedicated Program Manager who can manage the challenges and answer employee questions. Cost ̶ $28 per person for Year 1 [Actual cost is $35. Movable provides a 20% broker/consultant discount, which will be passed on to LERC.] ̶ $5 per user for Year 2, 3, etc. Inter-district and inter-consortium competitions Approved expenditure through MMO’s Wellness dollars. Website: 6

7 HEALTH 360

8 Health 360 Overview 8 12-week onsite educational/physical activity program that includes weekly workouts, homework, and three assessments (pre, mid, and post) Come onsite to districts or partner with a local facility Focuses on Physical Fitness, Nutrition, and Stress Management Employee must attend 9 out of 12 classes to graduate. Classes are 90 minutes and include 30 minutes of Physical Activity along with education ̶ Classes are recorded for later viewing with schedule conflicts along with quizzes for accountability Participants must journal to record nutrition intake and physical activity Health 360 is offering a $8,000 pilot program for 30 participants (~$267 per participant) Website: To log in as a member to tour the site, username is “lerc” and password is “password”

9 Wellness Funding – LERC & MMO 9 District Action Plan Submitted LERC Funds Reimbursed to-date MMO Funds Reimbursed to-date Amherst X$9,570$4,243 Clearview $4,020$1,783 Columbia X$2,940$1,304 Firelands X$4,500Partial$1,995 Keystone $4,050$1,796 ESC X$3,300$1,463 JVS $5,010$2,222 Midview X$7,980$3,538 Sheffield X$5,730$2,541 Vermilion X$5,160$2,288 Wellington $4,110$1,823 TOTAL -$56,370$24,996 Note: In addition to providing Wellness funding to each district, LERC covers the expense of the core screenings (“chemistry profile”) for all employees regardless of benefits enrolled status.

10 Wellness Champion Checklist 10 Complete(1) LERC Wellness Funding Submit completed Action Plan to Jill Orseno at by October 30, 2013 Submit receipts for reimbursement to Jill Orseno at (2) MMO Wellness Funding (Exact process TBD) Review list of Medical-Mutual approved Wellness expenses Pre-approve Wellness expense with Janet McGaha Submit receipts for reimbursement to Janet McGaha ( (3) Other tasks Schedule onsite screening date for 13/14 school year Contact Rick Svat ( and/or Beth Bremke (Beth.Bremke@health- at Mercy to schedule. Coordinate logistics for onsite health assessment completion at district health fair. Contact Janet McGaha at Review web repository and submit documents for upload to Lisha Nasipak at and Kelsey Finucan at Distribute monthly communication pieces via email, flyers, etc. Recruit Wellness representatives in each building; Meet regularly as part of Wellness Committee and/or Insurance Committee

11 Employee Assistance Program RFP 11 The purpose of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is to provide employees, family and household members proactive support to identify and resolve personal issues before they result in medical, family, and/or workplace consequences. Professional counselors provide confidential assessment and short-term counseling to assist in dealing with these, and related, matters. Note: A 6-session model is considered best practice because it resolves over 80% of the presenting problems prior to use of the medical plan Conduct RFP and Select Vendor March Introduce EAP Partner to Wellness Champions April/May Implement Services July Introduce and promote EAP within districts August See Appendix for additional information about EAPs.

12 Next Steps 12 TaskPointDeadline Submit Action Plan and receipts for reimbursement from LERC to Jill Orseno ( ChampionsASAP; must be complete by 6/30/14 Submit receipts for reimbursement from MMO funds to Janet McGaha ( ChampionsASAP; must be complete by 6/30/14 Contact Kelsey Finucan whether or not district is interested in Movable and/or Health 360 programs Champions2/28/14 End-of-Year Wellness Champion MeetingAllTBD Stay tuned for additional EAP informationAllMarch/April


14 MMO Wellness Funds and Procedures 14 Group’s current wellness plan/strategy must be on file with Medical Mutual Account Service Team and reviewed together on an annual basis. Wellness allowance to be spent on mutually agreed upon wellness and health education programs as outline in your Medical Mutual contract. Medical Mutual wellness programs and activities will be utilized before seeking alternative options. Wellness funds must be spent during current contract period and do not carry-over to subsequent contract periods. Reimbursement for wellness programs and activities will require payment up front and receipts (proof of payment) submitted to: Janet McGaha Medical Mutual Service Representative 17800 Royalton Road Strongsville, OH 44136 440-572-6392

15 MMO Wellness Funds and Procedures Exercise equipment Employee wellness incentives Gift cards (in exchange for activities such as taking the Health Assessment) Screenings – any costs outside of claims submission (for example, $300 fee for less than 30 participants) Fitness/Rec center membership SuperWell Solutions Program Lunch and Learns Medical Mutual wellness programs 15 Qualified ExpensesNon-Qualified Expenses Services provided by screening vendors other than Medical Mutual’s screening vendor Postage Copying/printing costs Decorations T-shirts that do not have a Medical Mutual logo Giveaways/logo items that do not have a Medical Mutual logo Payment to an employee to be part of the wellness committee or teach a class (example Yoga). Vendor lunches/Vendor parking

16 District Action Plan 16 District Name: Wellness Funding Amount: From LERC From District From MMO Total:$0.00 2013 – 2014 PlanAction StepsEvent DateCommunicationsIncentives BudgetParticipation EstimateActual LERC Funds or MMO Funds TargetActual Biometric screenings Health assessments Targeted programs (min. one) Other: Total Remaining Money in Budget Purpose of the Action Plan Track event dates and participation This is a template; modify as necessary Provides accounting for all Wellness spending

17 EAP Services to Employees 17 Stress and other mental health-related services and referrals Substance use-related services and referrals Services and referrals related to personal issues such as marriage, family and parenting Information on work/life support, such as care giving, legal advice and financial planning Wellness and health promotion services, such as smoking cessation and weight reduction Work-related supports like career counseling and dealing with workplace conflict

18 EAP Services to Organizations 18 Education on handling mental health, stress, addiction in the workplace Address workplace violence Safety and emergency preparedness Guidance on communicating difficult messages (i.e. budget cuts) Support for critical incidents (i.e. employee and/or student death) Absence management Management referrals for work performance issues


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