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6 th grade white team.  Who is a scientist best known for theory on gravity?

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1 6 th grade white team

2  Who is a scientist best known for theory on gravity?

3  Sir Isaac Newton

4  Who wrote plays with human emotions and feelings

5  William Shakespeare

6  Who was the first person to try to circumnavigate the world; his crew made it, but he did not

7  Ferdinand Magellan

8  Who was a patron of the arts in Florence, Italy?

9  Lorenzo Medici

10  Who was an artist, engineer, scientist, and inventor of the Renaissance?

11  Leonardo da Vinci

12  Who was the first person to sail around the southern tip of Africa and on to India?

13  Vasco da Gama

14  Who was a scientist who supported the theory that the Earth revolves around the sun; he was jailed and forced to recant. He improved the telescope.

15  Galileo Galilei

16  Who nailed the 95 Theses to the church door opposing corrupt church practices?

17  Martin Luther

18  Who developed the first movable type printing press?

19  Johann Gutenberg

20  Who was an English philosopher who thought that government should be a contract between a ruler and the people?

21  John Locke

22  What was the Renaissance?

23  A period of change in thought, arts, and sciences

24  How did the Renaissance art differ from medieval art?

25  Renaissance art showed the importance of life on earth, not just religious life.

26  The term “Renaissance” is French for what?

27  Rebirth

28  Where did the Renaissance start?

29  Italy

30  Which city was the heart (center) of the Renaissance movement in Europe?

31  Florence

32  During the Renaissance, many artists and writers became interested in what?

33  Humanism

34  Spain’s chief goal in the Americas was what?

35  Wealth

36  Which type of ship enabled the Voyages of Discovery to take place from Europe?

37  Caravel

38  What were Protestants?

39  Protestants were Christians who broke with the Catholic Church over religious issues.

40  Which nation was the first to claim large areas of land in the Americas?

41  Spain

42  At the time of the Enlightenment, most of Europe was ruled by who?

43  Monarchs who believed in their divine right.

44  Lorenzo Medici was a patron of the arts, which led to…

45  The Renaissance starting in Florence, Italy.

46  The printing press made print, books, and communication more available to the people, which led to…

47  A more educated, informed, and literate society.

48  Scientists used observation and logical thinking during this time, which started the…

49  Scientific Revolution

50  During the Scientific Revolution inventions such as the astrolabe, compass, and telescope were invented, which started…

51  The Age of Exploration and the Voyages of Discovery.

52  Following other major changes, people began reasoning about natural rights, which led to…

53  Political and governmental changes during the Enlightenment.

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