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Technological Events and Exploration During the 15 th Century By: Caleb Bryan English 4 Ms. Johnson.

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1 Technological Events and Exploration During the 15 th Century By: Caleb Bryan English 4 Ms. Johnson

2 These Events in This Slideshow Couldn’t Have Been without the Renaissance Era ► During the 15 th century, the ideals of research and learning increased. ► These led to a myriad assortment of inventors/inventions and charted explorations. Leonardo DaVinci Ships were used for Exploration

3 Inventions of the 15 th Century ► Following, are a few examples of the changing technology that resulted from the beginning of the Renaissance Era. This is a graph of the increase in printed books which resulted from innovation of the printing press.

4 Printing Press with Movable Type ► While movable type had existed in Asia, Johannes Gutenberg invents his own version of the movable type press. ► This is the first of its kind to use a mould of the type pieces with lead, tin, and antimony, the elements that are still used today. Johannes Gutenberg The Gutenberg printing press, which used a unique form of movable type.

5 First known Copyright ► In Italy, the first known copyright is given in Venice in the year 1486. ► Though the copyright was for a published material, copyrights have become a must for advances in technology today. If you invent something and copyright it, it is protected from theft of design. Modern copyright symbol

6 The Oil Painting ► Jan Van Eyck is credited for creating the oil painting around the year 1420. ► Oil paintings were designed to give a new level of realism to art. ► Before oil was used, paint was mixed with plaster or egg. Portrait by Jan Van Eyck. You can see how it looks very realistic.

7 Age of Discovery: Exploration during the 15 th Century ► The following slides will show events that occurred during the 15 th century, after there was a great yearning for man to fulfill his curiosity of the world around him.

8 The Need for New Roots ► When the Ottoman Empire seized Constantinople, they cut European countries silk supply routes. ► Soon countries like Portuguese and Spain were venturing out farther and farther to find closer, quicker ways to ship and receive goods.

9 Early Portuguese Treks ► The Portuguese were the first to sail in routes where land was not visible. Prior routes were conducted near the shoreline. ► It was with this courageous act that Portuguese explorers found the islands of the Madeira and Azores. The islands of Madeira and Azores and their position in relation to Portugal.

10 Results of Portuguese Travels ► As a result of the successful ventures of the Portuguese, the Spanish would soon lead a brave journey across the sea with Christopher Columbus who finds America. ► In time, the Spanish will explore Brazil and other countries as well.

11 Thanks for Watching ► There is so much more events from this time period that I couldn’t include them all! I hope you enjoyed seeing the changes in technology and exploration! ► Thank you for watching this presentation!

12 Sources ► All images taken directly from searches on Google Images. ► Technology research found on ifteenth.htm ifteenth.htm ifteenth.htm ► Exploration research found on ography/a/ageexploration.htm ography/a/ageexploration.htm ography/a/ageexploration.htm

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