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Ni Yunqi Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences State Key Laboratory of Severe Weather State Key Basic Research Development Program China Heavy Rainfall.

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1 Ni Yunqi Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences State Key Laboratory of Severe Weather State Key Basic Research Development Program China Heavy Rainfall Experiment China Heavy Rainfall Experiment (CHeREX) in 2007/2008

2 1. Purpose and Significance

3 1 ) Heavy rainfall is one of main disasters in south China. But heavy rainfall caused by strong convective systems with several tens km- 200 km space scale (meso- β scale).

4 2002/06/27 00-18/3h There are a series of Meso-scale systems within Meiyu front, which caused heavy rainfall and it could induce flooding.

5 The landed tropical cyclone Billis caused heavy rainfall and flooding in southern China, which caused big economic loses and over six hundreds peoples died. In fact, the heavy rainfall was caused by activities of meso-scale convective systems in the cyclone.



8 2 ) It is also difficult to predict heavy rainfall by using the numerical model.

9 The capability of forecasting heavy rainfall by using numerical model is still lower. Ts score for AREM model in 2003 summer AREM_3Dvar meso-scale model HLAFS0.25 operational regional model regional model T213 Global model

10 1 ) three dimensional structure, formation mechanism and physical processes of the convective systems with meso β scale still is not very clear. 2 ) We can’t provide a initial condition involving a lot of meso-scale information for numerical model.

11 If we want to really understand meso-scale convective systems and improve capability of forecasting heavy rainfall we have to get the data as follows: 1) the meteorological data described three dimensional structure of meso-scale convective system and its variation; 2) parameters of micro-physical processes of inside of could. Therefore, organizing a field experiment to get the above data is very important for studying and forecasting heavy rainfall events.

12 2. Objectives, regions and period of CHeREX

13 1) Objectives (1) Establish a high resolution meso-scale observation network with time and space,which can obtain three dimensional structure data of meso-scale system; (2) developing a meso-scale reanalysis system and forming a high resolution grid meteorological fields with time; (3) improve heavy rainfall prediction by using the above data with real time.

14 2) Experimental region The experimental region includes all the Guandong province with parts of GuangXi province 、 FuJian province 、 HuNan province 、 JiangXi province 、 HongKong 、 Marco.

15 3) Experimental period It is May- July in 2007 and maybe extended to 2008.

16 The organizer of this heavy rainfall experiment is: (1) The project “Research on Detecting and Forecasting Theories and Methods for Heavy Rainfall Causing Flooding in Southern China” from State key Basic Research Developing Program in China; (2) State Key Laboratory of Severe Weather.

17 3. Design of observation network with meso-scale

18 1) Design of meso scale-α observation network

19 CHeREX Experiment Areas

20 华 南 观 测 区华 南 观 测 区 多普勒雷达 : 9 探空站: 10 地面站: 169 自动站: 600 GPS 及风廓线 Fy-2 及其他卫星 返回 下页 CHeREX Obs. region

21 Doppler radars 9 Surface stations 169 Sounding stations 10 Automatic meteo. stations 600 Meteo. Satellite FY-2c and others GPS data & wind profiles

22 2) Design of meso scale- β observation network

23 Distribution of annual mean heavy rainfall days in Guandong


25 Guandong Province meso-βscale observation region EquipmentsNumber Doppler radar operational6 Movable4 Sounding station Operational6 GPS sounding/boundary layer 15 Wind profile3 Surface stationsoperational30 Auto-stations 300 GPS/moisture

26 We can retrieve the data from dual- Doppler radars to get three dimensional wind field with high resolution. Therefore, we construct three dual Doppler radar network in the central region of the experimental area.

27 配对雷达的距离适中: 60 - 80KM 立体扫描时间短,层数要尽量多 Retrieval area of dual-Doppler radars 两个雷达径向速度 的夹角在( 30 - 150 0 ) 之间 广州 龙门

28 广卅 龙门 CAPPI 1km 2km 3km PPI 1层1层 2层2层 3层3层 4层4层 Retrieval layers in vertical for dual-Doppler radars




32 112 113114 115 22 23 24 业务雷达 广州 23º 00′113º 21′ 深圳 22º 33′114º 06′ 香港 22º 15′114º 08′ 澳门 22º 10′113º 33′ 车载雷达 龙门 23º 44′114º 14′ 惠阳 23º 05′114º 25′ 广州 香港 澳门 龙门 深圳 惠阳 Dual-Doppler Radar Network in Southern China meso—β Obs. Region in Southern China meso—β Obs. Region

33 (3) Movable Observation Systems


35 Movable Observing System Satellite Radar on plane Drop sounding Processing & Prediction system Movable radar Operation radar

36 运- 8 飞机 (10499) 图 154 (11900m )



39 美国 35G 测云雾雷达 /20Km

40 3830 、 3830J Movable C-band Doppler Radar

41 Wind Profile

42 ( 4 ) Using satellite remote sensing retrieved data make up lack of data, especially in the ocean areas.

43 Analysis using remote sensing retrieval data for three dimensional temperature & moisture structure of meso-scale system

44 4. Database and data share of CHeREX


46 5. Headquarters of CHeREX

47 CHeREX Leaders group CHeREX Headquarters CHeREX Office Working group Of meso –scale Obs. Working group Of Data processing Working group of Analysis of satellite remote sensing Working group Of database Working group of Quick look & meso-scale analysis Working group of reanalysis & prediction Headquarters Organization Flow Chart

48 6. International Collaboration

49 1)Japan: Institute of Observation Research for Global Change/JAMSTEC, Dr. Yoshizaki Masanori group. 2)Korea: School of Earth and Environmental Sciences of Seoul National University, Prof. Dong-Kyou Lee. 3) United States: (1) University of Marland, Prof.Da-Lin Zhang; (2) Texas A & M University, Prof.Fuqin Zhang; (3) University of Miami, Dr.Shuyi Chen.

50 7. Several basic problems need to be solved

51 1)Decided where are the sensitive areas for prediction of meso-scale heavy rainfall vir experiments & research of meso –scale observation; 2)Implement target observation. That is Sensitive areas + predicted area = the target observation areas

52 3) Establish the interact system between observation system and prediction system. In this case we can use the real time data to improve prediction accuracy of heavy rainfall. 4) Developing a reanalysis system with high-resolution. As a result, a reanalysis meteorological field with high resolution is formed.

53 地面测站资料 给出地表状态 WSR-88D 雷达 观测资料 GOES 可见光图 像 GOES 观测的 云漂浮风场 ( 不 同层用不同颜 色表示 ) 探测气球资料 风廓线雷达及 无线电声学探 测系统 (RASS) 边界层温度层 结资料 飞机通讯采集 和报告系统 (ACARS) 得到 的航线风资料 GPS 接收站得 到的水汽总量 推测资料 Form a high resolution reanalysis meteorological fields( 3-5km, one hour).

54 8. Conclusion & Discussion

55 1)In order to obtain high-resolution with time & space three dimensional data we will implement the field experiment of heavy rainfall in southern China in May-July 2007/2008. 2)Characteristics of CHeREX are (1) establish dual-Doppler observation network with four operational Doppler radars and two movable Doppler radars; (2) implement dropsonde detecting three dimensional structure data; (3) Using dual polarized Doppler radar to detect the parameters inside of cloud; (4) Increasing sounding density in space by using GPS/boundary layer sounding.

56 3)It is necessary to us satellite remote sensing to increase meso-scale observed information including COSMIC; 4)In this experiment we have to develop meso- scale reanalysis system which assimulaes and integrates different kinds of observed data. As a result, The meso-scale reanalysis field is formed; 5)We must develop interact system between observation system and prediction system. 6)The data from CHeREX should be shared under certain condition.

57 Thank you!

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