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Marketing Plan —— A movable Café 移动咖啡屋 By Group 3 from Translation Class 蓝翠娟 洪佩仪 刘晓燕 朱嘉泳 张筱.

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Presentation on theme: "Marketing Plan —— A movable Café 移动咖啡屋 By Group 3 from Translation Class 蓝翠娟 洪佩仪 刘晓燕 朱嘉泳 张筱."— Presentation transcript:

1 Marketing Plan —— A movable Café 移动咖啡屋 By Group 3 from Translation Class 蓝翠娟 洪佩仪 刘晓燕 朱嘉泳 张筱

2 OUR PRESENTATION COVERS 1. Description of our businessDescription of our business 2. Marketing researchMarketing research 3. Marketing PlanMarketing Plan 4. SummarySummary

3 1. Description of our business Name: A movable café We offer coffee,tea, juice and desserts Ownership: partnership (general partnership—we all agree to share the cost and run our business together and take unlimited unlimited liability ) Place: Guangzhou BACK

4 2. Marketing research --Why movable café?

5 2.1 Economic environment 1. The economic of China is keeping developing at a high speed. The economic environment is quite good for business development 2. People’s incomes have been improved a lot. More and more people enjoy the material consumption ( 享 受资料消费 ) to improve their life quality. 3. Coffee gets more and more popularity among people, especially those in the urban area.

6 2.1 Economic environment 广州市城市居民 年人均可支配收入 与消费性支出 统计表 年份 年人均可支配收入 (元 ) 年人均消费性支 出(元) 20011469411467.35 200213380.4710671.78 200315002.5911570.58 20041688413121 20051828714468 20061985115445 20072246918951 20082531720836

7 2.2 Industry environment in China 1) larger and larger market According to a survey conducted by a group online, though there is still a wide gap between the coffee market in China and in other western countries, the coffee market in China is expanding at an average speed of 34% every year, which means that there is a large developing space for coffee market. This also means that coffee is gradually accepted in China.

8 2.2 Industry environment in China 2) the present condition of coffee industry At present, in China, there are many famous coffee chain stores, such as Starbuck, UCC( 上岛 ) , Milot( 米萝 ), DIO (迪欧), Cross-strait( 两岸 ) , BLENZ COFFEE, SPR COFFEE, etc. Starbuck is the biggest one in China. Most importantly, those coffee chain stores are run in settled places, they can’t be moved around the city. Therefore, we think our movable café has a very large developing space

9 2.2 Industry environment in China 3) The consumption structure of coffee in China According to the report of International Coffee Organization, at present, the total consumption of coffee in China is 30,000 tons, of which 60% is instant coffee( 速溶咖啡 ) , the coffee made in the traditional way only 30%, and the rest 10% others.

10 2.2 Industry environment in China 4) the feature and the risk of coffee industry in China Coffee industry in China has a great potential to develop and it is attractive. However, the competition is very fierce. Also, the industry has many risks. The size of the market influences the risk and uncertainty of investment. The global environment also influences the industry. There are some fake and inferior products

11 2.3 global environment 世界咖啡产量与消费量对比分析图

12 2.3 global environment The Produce and trade amount of coffee The total output of coffee globally every year is between 600 tons and 700 tons. According the guided price provided by the International Coffee Organization in 2004, the total trade amount of coffee all over the world is about $70 billion. In accordance to Italian analysis, the total volume of retail sales of coffee products is $140 billion. The consumption of coffee worldwide is increasing by 1.5% every year.

13 2.4 Our online research Questions we design: 1. 您喜欢喝咖啡吗? 2. 您喝咖啡的频率是? 3. 您一般选择什么类型的咖啡? 4. 您附近的咖啡馆分布如何? 5. 您附近的咖啡馆每杯咖啡的价格如何? 6. 如果您附近有移动咖啡车,您愿意尝试消费吗? 7. 您认为移动咖啡车的咖啡每杯最理想的价格是? 8. 您认为咖啡车除了提供咖啡外,还可以提供哪些? 9. 您的年龄范围是?

14 2.4 Our online research The outcome of our survey: There are 155 persons answering our questions, of whom 1) 95.48% are aged between 18-25. 2) 53.97% of the questioned show that they like drinking coffee. 3) 57.42% choose instant coffee, 18.06% choose canned coffee, while the rest 24.52% choose others. 4) 67.74% think there are few cafés in their neighborhood

15 2.4 Our online research The outcome of our survey:.Of 155 persons: 5) 96.13% show that the price in cafés in kind of expensive or quite high. 6) 68.39% show that they would like to try the coffee provided by movable cafés. 7) 76.13% think the most ideal price of coffee provided by movable cafés is less than 10 yuan. 8) 89.03% think the movable cafés can provide juice, tea and other kinds of drinks and desserts. BACK

16 3. Marketing Plan Target market: the young and the middle-aged groups. As a kind of special drinks, coffee gets its popularity among young people whose age is between 18~30, especially urban white-collar workers. So we decide to aim at those young people

17 3. Marketing Plan Product characteristics: Coffee: Instant coffee--easy to make and carry away; low cost; many kinds of flavor; Tea and juice: easy to make and carry away; low cost; many kinds of flavor; Dessert: small, easy to carry away; many kinds of flavor

18 3. Marketing Plan Pricing: According to the information we find, we decide to price our coffee between 5-12 yuan per cup, depending on the kind of coffee and its cost and different volume. As for dessert, we set them the price between 4-10 yuan, also depending on the kind of dessert and its cost.

19 3. Marketing Plan Distribution: direct-selling We move our movable café to the place where our target market gathers and sell our products to them directly.

20 3. Marketing Plan Promotion: advertising and personal selling Advertising: 1) direct mail. We send direct mail to others’ e-mail box, telling them our business and the place we usually sell our products. 2) Vehicle. We paint our vehicle and travel around the city. Personal selling: 1) specialty advertising. We use the package bag and print the coffee cups. 2) coupons.

21 3. Marketing Plan Division of work: 店长:洪佩仪 — 身兼会计、收银 市场部、宣传部:张筱 采购部:刘晓燕 咖啡师:朱嘉泳 服务员:蓝翠娟 BACK

22 4. Summary 1) we are general partnership. 2) Our target market is the young group aged between 18~30 3)The café is convenient to move around and we can get close to our target market easily. 4) The market is large and promising.

23 4. Summary We like coffee, and we hope that our mini movable café can let more people enjoy COFFEE!

24 Thank you!

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