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Before the printing press

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1 The Movable Type Printing Press Objective: Understand why it is so important?

2 Before the printing press
There were two different ways to make books….. 1. hand copy by monks 2. stamp with wood

3 #1 Illuminated Manuscripts: beautiful but oh so time consuming…
A leaf from Catholic Church. Book of Hours. Rouen, France, ca

4 #2 Chinese Print Technology
Woodblock Print and the tools used to make it What are challenges with this printing?

5 Johann Gutenberg Gutenberg invented the printing press
was from Mainz, Germany His first books were printed in

6 Gutenberg’s Improvements
Although printing press technology already existed, he made changes to the following: printer's ink making of type use a press production process – factory work

7 The Ink It was not really ink at all, more like an oil paint, unlike writing-ink, which was water-based Water-based ink would have run off the metal types. Instead the thick, oil-based varnish stuck to them.

8 The Types Types = Letters, Punctuation marks, and other signs
Made of Metal “Types” could be put together to form words, sentences, and pages After printing the page, the types could then be reused

9 The Press One of Gutenberg's most radical ideas was to use a press.
Presses had been around for a long time, but were used for other purposes, such as wine making. Therefore the press already existed, he just found a new use for it.

10 The Production Process
The made the printing press a workshop, similar to a factory. Each person, (see the picture) had a specific job. Sorting types, putting ink on the types, twisting the press, drying the paper, assembling the books.

11 The first book printed?........... The bible. Why? Think about the time period

12 Gutenberg’s Impact Gutenberg's invention did not make him rich
It MADE BOOKS easier to produce, cheaper, and widely disseminated. Books, newspapers and pamphlets will become mass-produced. Ideas spread rapidly. People were able to debate and discuss matters that concerned them. There were more attempts at censorship, as those in authority felt threatened by the new abundance of information

13 Do you understand the big idea?
1. Who invented the printing press and what country? 2. In what ways was the printing press a new invention and what ways was it not? 3. How did the printing press change history?

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