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Web Services Platforms Information and Communications University Prepared by Young-kyu Park.

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1 Web Services Platforms Information and Communications University Prepared by Young-kyu Park

2 7/1/2005Information and Communication University2 Agenda Overview Web Services and SOA BEA Systems Fujitsu IBM Microsoft Novell Oracle Sun Microsystems References

3 7/1/2005Information and Communication University3 Overview Web services platforms is –An integrated entity that implements Web services specifications to enable the development, execution and management of SOA applications and content based on Web services technologies. The individual parts of a Web services platform cannot serve as a comprehensive platform unless they have underlying integrative processes and technology. Although much of the value of the Web services platform is as an integrated entity, the nature of platforms provides for many opportunities to augment the platform’s capabilities.

4 7/1/2005Information and Communication University4 Overview Every vendor’s Web services platform must: –Be able to provide a runtime to execute Web services. –Have the basic functionality to produce or develop Web services and Web services/SOA solutions via the capabilities of an integrated service environment (ISE). –Have some ability to manage Web services/SOA and applications that use Web services in terms of providing basic security and governance, but it does not have to have full Web services management or framework capabilities.

5 7/1/2005Information and Communication University5 Web Services and SOA At first glance, the focus seems to be shifting from Web services to SOA, but there is more to this beneath the surface. Both terms are broad, and there is a simple relationship: Web services remain the foundation of standards-based SOA. A Web services platform is an example of an SOA platform. It is also the most important example of an SOA platform because its basis in standards give it unique value.

6 7/1/2005Information and Communication University6 Web Services and SOA Use of the term “Web services” in “Web services platform” does not imply exclusive use of Web services technologies. Instead, most will also incorporate technologies that do not employ Web services as part of the offerings.

7 7/1/2005Information and Communication University7 Related Terms to Quadrant Leaders –These are high-viability venders with proven track records in Web services as well as vision and business investment. Challengers –These well-executing vendors compete but do not offer strongly differentiated vision of commitment to innovation in Web services. Visionaries –These vendors are differentiated by innovation, but have not achieved the record of execution in Web-services-enabled software to give themselves the high visibility of the leaders. Niche Players –These vendors’ products can solve problems, although the vendors’ vision and commitment are relatively narrowly focused.

8 7/1/2005Information and Communication University8 Magic Quadrant for Web Services Platforms, 2005 Completeness of Vision Ability to Execute Niche Players Visionaries ChallengersLeaders As of July 2005 ▪ IBM BEA Systems ▪ ▪ Oracle ▪ SAP ▪ Tibco Software Fujitsu ▪ Software AG ▪ ▪ Sun Microsystems ▪ Novell ▪ Progess Software/ Sonic Software ▪ SeeBeyond

9 7/1/2005Information and Communication University9 BEA Systems BEA has a Web services platform the has been widely implemented, and recently it has announced its intention to extend this platform as a separate product line called AquaLogic. BEA has a longstanding reputation as a creator of industrial- strength middleware products, and the capabilities of its Web services platform live up to that reputation. BEA has been quite active in a leadership role in a number of standardization efforts, it has only recently shown product vision and leadership. BEA is a challenger in the Web services platform space, and it is expected to improve its position as the AquaLogic vision is realized.

10 7/1/2005Information and Communication University10 BEA Systems - BEA AquaLogic Product Family™ BEA AquaLogic Service Bus™ –The first product to unify Enterprise Service Bus and Web services management capabilities, it speeds services deployment and simplifies SOA management in heterogeneous environments BEA AquaLogic Data Services Platform™ –It provides a single unified view of data from any source across the enterprise. BEA AquaLogic Enterprise Security™ –It is a unified and adaptable security infrastructure that enables a service-oriented approach to securing distributed applications. BEA AquaLogic Service Registry™ –It is the most complete and proven business service registry providing a foundation for SOA governance and lifecycle management.

11 7/1/2005Information and Communication University11 BEA Systems - BEA AquaLogic Product Family™

12 7/1/2005Information and Communication University12 Fujitsu Fujitsu introduced Web services support in 2001 and today has extended capabilities for the creation, management, deployment and integration of Web services across its entire Interstage Suite. Although it is a member of all the Web services standards and interoperability organizations, Fujitsu’s influence has been less visible compared to other Web services platform vendors. If Fujitsu continues to build on its service-based application modeling capabilities and expands its depth of Web services support, its positioning will improve in future years.

13 7/1/2005Information and Communication University13 Fujitsu - The Interstage Suite The Interstage Suite is an extensive family of enterprise infrastructure products, designed and assembled to give the maximum amount of modularity, flexibility, scalability and reliability. The Interstage Suite is made up of three product groups: –Integration Interstage Business Process Manager Interstage Collaboration Ring Interstage Shunsaku Data Manager Interstage Contentbiz Interstage Portalworks –Development Tools Interstage Apworks Interstage Application Server Plus Developer –Foundation Interstage Application Server Interstage Application Server Plus Interstage Security Director Interstage Traffic Director

14 7/1/2005Information and Communication University14 IBM From a Web services platform perspective, IBM focuses on supporting its tools and implementing a broad platform for Web services implementation. It offers significant and valuable service packages to support IT departments that seek to migrate to SOA. One challenge for IBM is the relatively loose integration between WebSphere components, which affects the ease with which customer can deploy the platform technology. IBM is well-positioned at a conceptual crossroads in Web services that includes IT services, software and strategy.

15 7/1/2005Information and Communication University15 IBM - WebSphere WebSphere is an integration and application infrastructure software The WebSphere is made up of seven product groups: –Application and transaction infrastructure It delivers high-volume transaction processing for customers mission-critical applications and built on the latest technologies such as Web services standards. –Application transformation IBM WebSphere Application Transformation provides solutions for reusing and extending legacy applications throughout the enterprise. –Business integration IBM offers an integrated portfolio of offerings supported by a standards based service oriented infrastructure. –Commerce WebSphere Commerce accelerates the automation and integration of cross-channel marketing and sales processes. –Mobile and speech middleware Connect mobile people to the information and applications they need — anytime, anywhere, on demand. –Portals IBM WebSphere Portal, a key part of the IBM Workplace client strategy, allows people to interact with the on demand world in a personalized way. –Product information management Customers can address a range of business needs with Product Information Management.

16 7/1/2005Information and Communication University16 Microsoft Microsoft’s vision for next-generation Web services, code- named Indigo, uses many Web services specifications, some in draft form that are focused on secure, reliable, asynchronous Web services. Indigo is built on and extends Microsoft’s.NET technologies, and it has potential to become part of the next-generation Internet infrastructure. Indigo offers significant potential, especially with Longhorn, MSN and other consumer-focused offerings, to provide opportunity for the company to succeed.

17 7/1/2005Information and Communication University17 Microsoft - Indigo "Indigo" is a set of.NET technologies for building and running connected systems. Advanced Web services support in Indigo provides secure, reliable, and transacted messaging along with interoperability. It is a new breed of communications infrastructure built around the Web services architecture.

18 7/1/2005Information and Communication University18 Novell The Novell solution supports a variety of execution environments and application servers, and incorporates a portfolio of open-source offerings into its platform. Novell has a worldwide presence, and a close-knit set of service partners to assist customers with implementations. Novell has been a participant in the Web services standards offerings, and has been active in related areas, such as the Java community and the Liberty Alliance.

19 7/1/2005Information and Communication University19 Novell - exteNd suites Professional Suite –A comprehensive SOA suite designed for departments or small enterprises. –Features Express portal Personalization and rules engine Visual portlet development Device transcoding Messaging Oriented Middleware Novell UDDI Services Enterprise Suite – A corporate-strength edition that provides enterprise-class features such as clustering, failover, workflow and business process management. –Features Enterprise Infrastructure Support Content Management Workflow Intelligent Enterprise Information Search Business Process Management Expansive Enterprise Connectivity

20 7/1/2005Information and Communication University20 Novell - exteNd suites

21 7/1/2005Information and Communication University21 Oracle Oracle was an early player in Web-services-enabled development tools with its SOA development framework, Oracle ADF. The announcement in April 2005 that Oracle Application Server 10g and related offering would be positioned as Oracle Fusion Middleware shows improvement in vision over Oracle ’ s grid-led strategy in 2004. It also uniquely positioned as a vendor that is coming from a position of strength in business applications and infrastructure.

22 7/1/2005Information and Communication University22 Oracle - Oracle Fusion Middleware This standards-based family of products provides business value and technology excellence, including complete support for development, deployment, and management of Service-Oriented Architecture. Oracle Fusion Middleware Family –Application Server –Developer Tools –Business Intelligence –Identity Management –Content and Collaboration –Business Integration –Data Hubs –Portal

23 7/1/2005Information and Communication University23 Sun Microsystems Sun ’ s current offerings constitute a Web services platform, although the capabilities and packaging are focused primarily on enabling the production and consumption of Web services from Java environments. Sun ’ s major challenges are in part the result of the focus on Java development, in that its products are more programmer-centric than others. Sun has also done a good job integrating peripheral products.

24 7/1/2005Information and Communication University24 Sun Microsystems - Sun Java Enterprise System & Sun Java System Suites The Sun Java Enterprise System is a revolutionary, subscription-based approach to infrastructure software that reduces cost and complexity throughout the data center. This is made up of seven product groups: –Sun Java Enterprise System –Sun Java Availability Suite –Sun Java Identity Management Suite –Sun Java Web Infrastructure Suite –Sun Java Application Platform Suite –Sun Java Communications Suite

25 7/1/2005Information and Communication University25 References BEA Systems – http://www.bea.com Fujitsu – IBM – Microsoft – Novell – http://www.novel.com Oracle – Sun Microsystems – http://www.sun.com “Magic Quadrant for Web Services Platforms, 2005”, David Mitchell Smith, Charles Abrams, Daniel Sholler, Daryl C. Plummer, Michele Cantara, 12 July 2005.

26 7/1/2005Information and Communication University26 - Thank You -

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