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Charlenne Gonzalez Pamela Kimball Winter 2014

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1 Charlenne Gonzalez Pamela Kimball Winter 2014
“We are Tuck” Charlenne Gonzalez Pamela Kimball Winter 2014 Digital Marketing Strategy Social Media Challenge Prof. Yaniv Dover

2 I don’t come from a traditional background, how would I perform on the core courses?
How responsive is the alumni base and how active are they on campus? Prospective and admitted students have many questions to be answered before committing to a school I hear about the tight knit community, but I would like to see specific examples Do I have to have a business background to apply? How is it to live in Hanover away from any major city? I have a partner/family, what does Tuck has to offer to them?

3 Tuck’s current channels of communication have the potential to address these questions in an integrated way Blog: Stories don’t communicate a cohesive engaging message Long and fragmented stories causes disinterest to readers Some aspects of the Tuck value proposition are not utilized Facebook: There is not a consistent strategy to bring student stories like the ones in the blog It does not have a unified theme, look and feel Twitter: Twitter and Facebook are better connected but bog stories are still isolated

4 “We are Tuck” campaign aims to use Facebook as a hub to answer these questions
Objective: To create content that increases engagement by highlighting the different backgrounds of students and Tuck community. Each story will build on a special moment associated with Tuck and will address the most common questions that prospective students have in a personal and engaging way. Target audience: Prospective and admitted students Message to communicate: Tuck is like no other place because every Tuckie contributes to its identity Metrics: Facebook Likes s received Click-through-rate to posted webpages Yield of admitted students offer Resources: Tuck staff Current students

5 Emphasis on topics that make Tuck unique
To learn more about Andrew ‘s transition from a non-traditional business background to the Tuck classroom environment please with “Andrew” in the subject line Explanation and contact information Emphasis on topics that make Tuck unique Engaging image Quote from student or TP Relevant topic to prospective and admitted students

6 Tuck’s safe environment is upheld by its students, faculty, and staff as it goes along with its strong Honor Code. To learn more about the Tuck’s Honor Code and safe environment please with “Honor Code” in the subject line Tuck is a family friendly environment where it encourages integrating partners into our community. To learn more about Jessica’s experience as a partner, please contact with “Jessica” in the subject line

7 Tuck community expands outside of the classroom for all members including non-students.
To learn more about the Tuck’s community please with “Community” in the subject line The goal of Tuck GIVES is to supplement the compensation the nonprofit/public sector employers are able to pay allowing Tuck students to take positions at a competitive MBA salary. To learn more about Tuck Gives please contact with “Tuck Gives” in the subject line

8 Potential topics Student with non-quantitative background dealing with quantitative classes Professors and their involvement with students outside of the classroom Students working on Independent Studies Second-year acting as informal mentors to first-years Recruiting for off-campus opportunities Student-run Tuck businesses and entrepreneurial opportunities MBAPO resources during Fall A: tutoring, sponsoring events, etc. International exposure opportunities Social activities Living in Hanover/dorms/Sachem

9 Appendix

10 Roles of Resources: Dedicated Tuck Staff Profiled Students
Has insights into prospective student FAQs Knowledgeable of Tuck events calendar and student backgrounds Utilizes insights from above to create postings portraying students in a way that can be relatable and engaging to prospectives Messages must maintain a consistent look, feel, and theme Providing follow-up communication with prospective students wanting to learn more Provide short quote and picture if possible to dedicated tuck staff Respond to communication when requested by dedicated tuck staff

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