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Undergraduate Admissions and First Year Experience and the Ohio State University Alumni Association Alumni Recruitment Training.

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1 Undergraduate Admissions and First Year Experience and the Ohio State University Alumni Association Alumni Recruitment Training


3 Breadth and Depth More than 175 majors and 475 specializations and minors World-recognized faculty Over 12,000 courses taught each year Comprehensive environment with all programs on one campus ACADEMIC OPPORTUNITIES

4 COMMUNITY Get involved: learning communities, student organizations Big city, campus community: The best of both worlds Shared identity: Thousands of unique backgrounds, one Buckeye spirit

5 London Honors Trip Community Commitment Alternative Spring Break in Honduras Interning at the Columbus Division of Police STUDENT OUTCOMES Ohio State graduates are distinguished by: Undergraduate research Study abroad Co-ops/internships Service-learning experiences Relationships with faculty and mentors

6 All programs are open to students in any major One university-wide Honors Program 14 theme-based Scholars Programs HONORS & SCHOLARS Advocates for Children & Education Architecture Arts Biological Sciences Business Engineering (2 tracks) - Green Engineering -Humanitarian Engineering Environment & Natural Resources Health Sciences Humanities International Affairs Media, Marketing, & Communication Mount Leadership Society Politics, Society, & Law Sport & Wellness Some formatting changes.

7 HOW TO CHOOSE Some formatting, wording changes. Choose Honors if: You desire to challenge yourself in the classroom You have a strong interest in research Choose Scholars if: You desire a small, close- knit community You are passionate about the program’s theme It’s All About Finding The Right Fit

8 It’s all about the first year! Learn to navigate Ohio State Get in the conversation Become a Buckeye Resources Orientation Welcome Week Freshman Seminars Resident advisors FIRST YEAR EXPERIENCE Wangari Maathai, Ph.D., Nobel Peace Prize winner Jane McGonigal, Ph.D., World-renowned game designer Colin Beavan, Best-selling author, No Impact Man Dave Eggers, Best-selling author, What is the What Neil deGrasse Tyson, Ph.D., Director of the Hayden Planetarium Ohio State’s first-year retention? 93%

9 National Science Foundation #2 nationally in industry sponsored research US News and World Report #18 Public University Times Higher Education World University Rankings #66 world ranking Smart Money Magazine #11 R.O.I. based on future earnings Wall Street Journal Survey of business Recruiters #12 nationally Kiplinger’s Best Values in Public Education a top 50 best value INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED

10 Ohio State offers an array of renewable Merit Scholarships for competitive students, including: Maximus$ 5,000/year Provost$ 3,000/year Trustee$ 2,000/year National Buckeye (for non-residents) $12,000/year MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS (NEW VALUES!) A very little reformatting.

11 For criteria, plus information on other scholarships, including the Eminence Scholarship and the Morrill Scholars program,go to: - latest online updates on scholarships *All scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS Reformatted text box.

12 Tuition and fees Columbus campus: $25,445 Room and board $10,392* *based on most popular room and meal plan 2012-2013 ESTIMATED COSTS

13 Enrollment History and Admissions Process

14 Enrollment History Ohio State remained an open enrollment school until 1987. In 1995, the University began a series of strategic enrollment plans designed to increase retention and graduation rates among the undergraduate body.

15 199520032011 Class Size579462586,904 Avg. ACT22.825.428.0 Avg. SAT (CR & M)107411761243 Top 10%21%33%55% Top 25%46%69%89% Students of Color92310961,243 Non-Resident6168921,129 International12594377 Retention79.0%88.0%>93% 6 yr Graduation56.2%74.9% Enrollment History

16 Admission Process Columbus Campus Common Application Rolling Admissions Timeline Selective Admission Process Holistic Review Anticipate between 32,000 – 34,000 applications for Au13

17 Holistic Application Review In addition to looking at the applicant’s class rank or G.P.A. and their standardized test scores, readers do a thorough review of the high school transcript

18 What readers look for on a transcript Completion of the college prep curriculum Additional courses in math, natural sciences or foreign languages Rigor of coursework, including accelerated, honors, AP and/or IB coursework based on what is available in the student’s school Grades, and grade trends Strength of senior schedule

19 Then readers look at: Extracurricular activities, leadership, work Has the student overcome significant environmental issues? Does the student bring racial/ethnic/economic diversity? Is the student first generation? Does the student have special talents?

20 Readers choose from these decisions: Admit to the Columbus campus Deny to the Columbus campus (Ohio residents will be admitted to their second choice campus) Defer – meaning the student will be considered again during the mid-March review when all applications have been received.

21 Decision timeline Decisions typically begin posting in late November/early December. Typical reviews take 10 – 12 weeks. Some decisions happen more quickly (especially for the academically strongest students.) Some decisions take longer than 12 weeks.

22 Questions

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