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Red Team Safety is an Illusion. Red Team  legal hacking.

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1 Red Team Safety is an Illusion

2 Red Team  legal hacking

3 Hacking: dispelling the myth Red Team is not made up of mysterious hackers from slovsbekistania Hackin. It be not what you think. You are not a hacker. Srlsy. Things that hacking isn’t:

4 Not Hacking:

5 Also Not Hacking (or Cool):

6 Blue Team, This is not what is looks like:

7 Occasionally It Looks Like This:

8 But Mostly It Looks like This:

9 Hacking Def: To modify a system from its original function to be used in a way not intended by the designers –funsized To use one's skill in computer programming to gain illegal or unauthorized access to a file or network – Whew. I feel so much better now.

10 Real Hacking (computers): The art of trying the same thing with tiny variations a million times. Not Super Exciting At First.

11 Tools of the Trade: Backtrack 5 Metasploit SET

12 Backtrack

13 Metasploit

14 Metasploit Unleashed

15 How can I do this? Learn how things should work first, so that you can learn how they shouldn’t work Practice! Set up systems that you can manipulate. Practice on home routers: often they are linux-based systems that you didn’t set up.


17 Dispelling the Myth: This may be hard to hear. Just wanted to warn you first. Okay, here goes: Hackers are not infallable Actually, it’s pretty hard to get into your systems. Unless you really screwed up. Then it’s easy.

18 My Red Team Experiences:

19 Hacker Culture Tight Knit Group Unlikely to share Speak the language You should probably like electronic music (techno, dubstep)

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