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Students : Phạm Khánh Minh – K34.701.042 Nguyễn Phan Đài Trang - K34.701.076 Class : 3B08 Instructor : Dr. Nguyễn Ngọc Vũ.

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Presentation on theme: "Students : Phạm Khánh Minh – K34.701.042 Nguyễn Phan Đài Trang - K34.701.076 Class : 3B08 Instructor : Dr. Nguyễn Ngọc Vũ."— Presentation transcript:

1 Students : Phạm Khánh Minh – K Nguyễn Phan Đài Trang - K Class : 3B08 Instructor : Dr. Nguyễn Ngọc Vũ

2 Warm-up activity Vocabulary Tasks  Task 1 Task 1  Task 2 Task 2  Task 3 Task 3 Further practice CONTENT

3 Look at these pictures and answer the question: What can you see in the picture? Warm-up activity

4 What do you think about the people in these pictures? Are they happy or sad? Warm-up activity

5 What is the man doing with the little girl? Where are they?


7 Biologist [bai' ɔ l ə d ʒ ist] (n) : a person studying humans, plants, animals, and the environments in which they live. caring (a): quan tâm Eg: My mother is a caring woman. New vocabulary

8 close-knit ['klousnit](a): having close relationship household chores : house work New vocabulary

9 join hands: work together leftovers ['left'ouv ə ] (n): food left over from one meal and, often, eaten at a later meal New vocabulary

10 secure [si'kju ə ] (a): safe Eg: is that ladder secure? shift [∫ift] (n): ca, kíp mischievous ['mist∫iv ə s](a): naughty Eg: a mischievous kid to attempt (v) to do sth: try to do sth Eg: I attempt to pass the final test. New vocabulary

11 Guiding question Read the text and try to answer these questions: 1. How important is a family to make a child happy? 2. How does family life affect people?

12 Read through the test and match: work in pairs Paragraph 1 A. Family relationship Paragraph 2 B. Mum and dad Paragraph 3 C. Author self Paragraph 4 D. Members in the family Task 1

13 True/False statement: work in group of 4 a. There are 6 members in the author’s family. b. In the author’s family, both parents work together to give their children a nice house and a happy home. c. Her mother is a busy woman. d. Her parents have a same job. e. The author has just left school. f. All the members in her family have a good relationship to another. Task 2 F T T F F T

14 Answer the questions (p.14, textbook) 1. How busy are the parents in the passage? - The parents are very busy at work and with their children at home.They have to work for long hours and sometimes they have to work at night. 2. How caring is the mother? - She is a very caring woman. She akes responsibility for running the house. Task 3

15 Answer the questions (p.14, textbook) 3. How do the father and the daughter share the household chores? - The father cleans the house while the daughter washes the dishes and takes out garbage. 4. What is the daughter attempt to do after school? - She attempts to win a place at university. 5. Why do the children feel safe and secure in their family? - Because they are a very close-knit and very supportive of one another. Task 3

16 Further practice Work in group of 4. Discuss with your friends these questions: 1. How many people in your family? 2. Tell something about your parents’ work 3. What do you usually do to help your parents at home? 4. What do you love most about your family?


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