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100+ CLUB.

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1 100+ CLUB

2 Age UK Salisbury District

3 Salisbury City Total Population 41,682
Population over , (18.7%) Age , Age , Age , Age , Age Age Age Age

4 Salisbury Area Lowest male life expectancy
Highest rate of premature (preventable) mortality Poorest health Highest level of disability benefit claimants Second highest level of hospital admissions for falls Highest level of hospital admissions for heart disease 3rd highest level of hospital admissions for diabetes

5 Salisbury District includes some of the most deprived areas in Wiltshire
High cost of energy linked with very old housing means many older people are struggling to pay bills  Many older people do not understand the benefit system and do not realise they could claim Pension Credit , and/or other benefits.

6 2011 Census Long Term Limiting Illness In Salisbury District Area
In Salisbury District Area 5942 people age 65 and over reported that their “day-to-day activities were limited a lot” 6593 people age 65 and over reported that their “day-to-day activities were limited a little”

7 Wiltshire Council/NHS Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2013
“The four main outcomes we want to achieve for the people of Wiltshire are: living for longer living healthily for longer, and enjoying a good quality of life living independently for longer living fairly and reducing the higher levels of ill health faced by some less well-off communities.”

8 Age UK Salisbury District

9 Information and Advice

10 The Information & Advice Department
Pippa Webster: I&A Manager Ginny Cooper: I&A officer 15 Information & Advice volunteers 2 Home Visiting Volunteers 2 Admin Volunteers 1 Community Volunteer

11 What does the I&A Department do?
Information & Advice service to older people, their families, carers and other organisations on a wide range of topics An Alternative Office to the Department of Work & Pensions Outreach work Talks Events A presence on the the Dementia Strategy Steering Group at Salisbury District Hospital

12 How do we deliver the I&A Service
Clients can contact us in person, by telephone, by , at outreach sessions, via a message left on the answerphone or via an arranged home visit. 30% of enquiries throughout were visits to the office, 64% were telephone enquiries and 6% a mixture of other means ( , letter, outreach etc).

13 What we did in 3026 enquiries were recorded during the year

14 The top four topics: Help at home – Handyperson, reputable traders, domestic help etc. Benefits Non-residential care which includes topics such as home care services (domiciliary care); needs assessments; personal alarms; aids and adaptations Housing

15 Home Visits – Benefit applications
A total of 168 Home Visits were completed during the year specifically to help older people apply for any benefits they may have been entitled to 76% of those visits were to help apply for the benefit Attendance Allowance Over £ was realised in previously unclaimed benefits for the year

16 Other achievements during 2012-13
An AgeUK Moneybus came to Salisbury as part of the AgeUK More Money in Your Pocket Campaign at which we gave away 950 ‘goody bags’ of benefit information and encouraged over 50 people to have a benefit check which identified over £73000 in previously unclaimed benefits. As part of the AgeUK Winter Warmth Campaign we gave away over 70 ‘Warm Packs’ containing thermal hats, socks, gloves and hot water bottles. Working in partnership with the Community Foundation we awarded 22 people with a Surviving Winter grant as help towards their fuel bills.

17 We worked with a local solicitor to help over 60 people to take advantage of having a free will drawn up. Working with AgeUK England we successfully applied for a grant to develop the I&A service. We took part in the AgeUK Big Knit Campaign to raise money for the Winter Warmth Campaign – raising £250. The collection tin in the reception area contained £ In addition £ was sent in by cheque by clients who appreciated the service we provide.

18 Customer Satisfaction
Each month a volunteer sends Information & Advice client feedback forms to randomly selected clients (15 per month). During the year there was on average a 39% return on forms sent out: 100% said that the advisor was courteous and respectful. 83% were very satisfied with the service. 98% said they would recommend the service to others.

19 Client Comments With elderly now needy parents I always use AgeUK as my first port of call. The one thing I love is that you always have time to listen and always have an answer.

20 Information and Advice
2013 – 2014 the year so far …….

21 What we’ve done so far ……
2339 enquiries have been recorded between April and December

22 The top five topics So far there has been an 8% increase in the total number of enquiries recorded compared to the previous year (April-December 2012). Help at Home Benefits Non Residential Care Health and Disability Housing

23 Home Visits – Benefit Applications
The number of applications for Attendance Allowance has increased by 12% compared to the same 9 month period in In the 9 month period we have completed 128 visits To date we have realised £ in previously unclaimed benefits The actual total for the year is expected to be at least the same as last year if not more.

24 Other achievements to date …
We have agreed to participate in the AgeUK Information & Advice Quality Assessment Programme. - A series of mystery shops - An audit of enquiries recorded: the enquiry; the advice given and the outcome. - An audit of all the I&A systems, policies and procedures.

25 And there’s more …… As a result of the statistics recorded we demonstrated that there was a ‘need’ for a Housing Options service in this area and were successful in our application to First Stop for funding. The Falls Awareness Event held in June 2013 As part of our working relationship with one of the local care home providers we attended their summer garden party and were presented with a £500 donation.

26 The Big Knit Campaign raising £1250 towards our Winter Warmth Campaign.
The Winter Warmth event held in October Working in partnership with the Community Foundation to distribute Surviving Winter grants. We entered the St Thomas’ Christmas Tree Festival in December.

27 Our greatest achievement of all ….
… is to ALL our volunteers supporting AgeUK Salisbury District In Information & Advice volunteers donated nearly hours of their time to AgeUK Salisbury District; in the 9 months of this year so far they have donated over 3800 hours. Without their support, commitment, loyalty and dedication both to AgeUK Salisbury District and to older people living in South Wiltshire, none of these achievements would have happened this year or any previous year. They are all truly remarkable Thank you.

28 Age UK Salisbury District

29 South Wiltshire Community Day Centres

30 Age UK Salisbury District supports 13 Wiltshire Council funded Day Centres throughout South Wiltshire. The objective of a day centre is to provide a safe, warm, welcoming and supportive environment for older people to meet together in their local community.

31 Lunch time at Hudson Road Friendship Club

32 All day centres offer transport to and from the clubs together with tea, coffee and biscuits and a hot and nutritious meal at lunch time.

33 Regular visits to a local day centre can help to address social isolation and loneliness, improve quality of life and maintain health and wellbeing.

34 Kurling is a very popular activity with all Day Centre guests regardless of their ability

35 Age UK, together with the Organisers,
volunteers and Trustees of a day centre, can offer regular monitoring and support to their vulnerable clients and signpost to other sources of help and support when necessary.

36 New experiences such as the wonderful ‘Sunshine Banner Project’

37 Working with Alex Grant of Toozalii Community Arts

38 All Day Centre guests and volunteers were invited to come together to watch the Cockney Cavalcade

39 When a review of day centres was undertaken in December 2012 there were a total of 266 guests who regularly attend a day centre. In addition to that 280 volunteers who are mostly over 60, also regularly attend.

40 Day centres are mainly attended by the older old age group, (over 80) and following these reviews Wiltshire Council now recognise that the Day Centres are one of the best ways to effectively support this age group.

41 In the year 2012/2013 over 450 contacts were made with the thirteen day centres we support in south Wiltshire. Each club was visited four times and all Annual General Meetings were attended.

42 Help and Support

43 During these visits we promoted all Age UK Services and identified any areas in which guests can be supported with our help. Individual support was given to a number of guests where the Organisers had concerns about their abilities to look after themselves and asked for our help.

44 Training and Support for Day Centre Organisers, Volunteers and Trustees

45 Satisfaction Surveys and South Wilts Grammar School
Students from South Wilts Grammar School enjoying an afternoon socialising with the guests at Love Lane Day Centre

46 Summer Tea Dance at South Wilts Grammar

47 Summer Tea Dance at South Wilts Grammar

48 We recruited a volunteer fitness instructor who now regularly attends a day centre to give instruction to the guests. We have also introduced exercise sessions at two sheltered living developments in Salisbury.

49 Quality Standards for Community Day Centres in Wiltshire
Governance Finance Consultation and Involvement Services and Activities Admission Criteria Involvement with the Local Community

50 Age UK Salisbury District

51 Community Services

52 Evergreen Day centre The client base was at 19 at the end of 2012/13. It is now at 15. We met with a Senior Contracts Officer at WCC in early Sept to discuss our contract and reporting. Another meeting scheduled for Jan has already taken place. Issues: Transport for clients Lack of referrals Highlights: Contract secured until April 2016.

53 Nail clipping We had 243 appointments (2012/13). We are on track to comfortably exceed this figure by the end of the year. Issues: Access to training Service development: We are looking at expanding the service to include in-patients at SDH. We want to include fingernail cutting and are exploring the options.

54 Grass Cutting The service provided 276 hours (2012/13). We are on track to comfortably exceed this figure by the end of the year. Issues: We are at capacity and have to refer clients onto local self-employed gardeners

55 Befriending service We had 49 active befriender’s at the end of 2012/13 with 69 clients and 27 on the waiting list. Currently we have: 48 Befrienders with 62 clients. The number of befrienders dropped to 46 after an audit in late 2013. Highlights The service received a grant of £10k from Text Santa. 2 more volunteer assessors recruited Issues The service is currently undergoing a complete review of Policies, procedures and systems of work with a view to better support and training for volunteers

56 Telephone social calls
There were 91 clients receiving a weekly call from one of our Social call volunteer in 2012/13. This figure was revised down this year following an audit of clients. Highlights The service is being reviewed along with the befriending service

57 Computer classes Wiltshire Council provided us with 30 laptops for resale at £50 per unit. There was an eligibility criteria, however, we felt we did not quite get the uptake from our target low income group. Tutorials at AUKSD were attended by 60 clients and Home visits for computer support was provided to 40 clients in 2012/13. Highlights We have 62 more laptops for resale from Wiltshire Council with 5 dedicated volunteers providing setup and on-going support where required.

58 Older Peoples Forum We meet once a quarter to offer consultation to statutory services. Last year we met with: Age UK Salisbury District – Gaps in Older peoples services Wiltshire Council – Head of commissioning – help to live at home Hospital Discharge Services – SDH Salisbury District Hospital – Quality Accounts

59 Age UK Salisbury District

60 Housing Options Service

61 What does ‘Housing Options’ actually mean?

62 What is the aim of the Service?

63 The aim is to provide free, impartial advice, information and support for older people on a choice of housing, housing adaptions or care options that would benefit them and allow them to enjoy a better quality of life.

64 Staying Put with a helping hand
We can help older people understand and pursue their choice of daily living. If someone wishes to stay in their own home, we can provide them with information, advice and practical support to access services that may help them remain in their home. Services such as Domiciliary care and Domestic Help. Information regarding Repairs, Aids and Adaptations, Energy efficiency, Safety and Security, Transport and practical help with finances. All of which will enable staying put to be a reality.

65 Moving to Sheltered Accommodation
If this is a preferred option then we can provide an individual with information on sheltered housing schemes in the Salisbury District. We can also help with making an application to the Council for a Council property and if required provide practical support to make a move possible.

66 Moving to Residential Care
If a client is no longer able to live independently in their own home and need help with personal care, we can provide information on the care homes in South Wiltshire. We can support them to navigate their way to finding the right home for them and if required provide practical support to make that move possible.

67 How is the Service being delivered?

68 Advertising Attending events Networking Liaising with Agencies Visiting Day Centres

69 How will the Service Develop
Through Customer Satisfaction Surveys Via Professionals that have used the service who will make referrals By regular Reviews and evaluations of the service Building Partnerships with tradesman and businessmen How will the Service Develop

70 Level I is giving generic Information and Advice over the phone or face to face to a client
Level 2 is when the client is given specific information and advice based on their particular financial situation. Level 3 is implementing their choice of Lifestyle whether that’s as simple as organising a carer to visit them regularly or as much as finding properties for people to view and arranging a removals van to make that move possible.

71 October, November & December 2013 statistics
Target Actual Level 1 = Level 2 = Level 3 = Level 1 is Information and Advice given to a client Level 2 is More specific, tailored Information and Advice Level 3 is Implementation to help Stay Put or Move October, November & December 2013 statistics

72 October, November and December 2013 Statistics

73 Case Study Number 1 Client 7046 Client 7046 called us for help to consider her Housing Options – she was then living in a mobile home. Her husband is deceased and surviving family are outside of the UK. Limited savings Explored the various options with her. One being to Stay put with help and aids and adaptions and one being to move into more suitable accommodation. After some discussion we ensured she was added to the Wiltshire Housing list called Homes4Wiltshire As Client 7046 didn’t have internet access and was without private transport – we arranged for her to be set up onto the Automatic Bidding process. This meant she didn’t need to leave her mobile home to bid on properties. She was being seen by an Occupational Therapist already so we encouraged her doctor to produce a letter to the Council, to upgrade her banding on the Housing list due to poor health and mobility. In order to keep her spirits up whilst waiting for a property – we offered her help to socialise with fellow church members – and organised a volunteer to pick her up, take her to church and drop her back home.

74 Continuation….. To maintain her mobility in and out of the mobile home, we discussed with the Park Manager and Aster Living, about having a temporary ramp fitted. They were happy for this to happen. However, Client 7046 declined this suggestion. Client 7046 was offered a property that she had bid on and she accepted. Transport for removals was organised and a Handyman was made available to assist her in putting up curtain tracks and curtains in her new property. She is now settled and happy in her new home. Client 7046

75 Case Study Number 2 Client 5834
Met Client 5834 through an Age UK Winter Warmth event He was living in a 3 Bedroom privately rented house. He wanted to move to a single storey property, as his children had now moved home and he is no longer married. We gave him information on Local Estate Agents We met with him to do a financial assessment and find out his requirements for a new home. We discovered that Client 5834 would be able rent privately but he was not entitled to any financial benefits. We sourced a ground floor flat with access to shops, a garden, a shed and a space to park his car We arranged a visit to the property for him and the Estate Agent He hopes to move, in the new year.

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