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National Export Initiative and Sourcing in the Americas.

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1 National Export Initiative and Sourcing in the Americas

2 RadiciSpandex : Your Perfect Partner * U. S. Manufacturing * Innovative product range * NAFTA, CAFTA, CBI and Andean Pact compliant * ISO 9001-certified facilities * Expert and responsive customer and technical service * U.S. subsidiary of the global fibers conglomerate RadiciGroup

3 Angelo Radici – President of the Radici Group Maurizio Radici - Vice President of the Radici Group, CEO of RadiciFABRICS and RadiciENERGY Divisions Paolo Radici – Member of the Board of Directors of the Radici Group Danilo Micheletti – Director of The America s Global Management

4 U. S. Management Marty Moran – CEO Alan Davis – VP of Manufacturing Marty Houge – VP of Finance Steve Klek – VP of Logistics and Purchasing Gary Cass – Global Sales Director Mike Bartlett – IT Director

5 RADICISPANDEX HISTORY 1945 - Fall River, MA - Globe Manufacturing founded to produce extruded natural latex rubber thread for use in the textile and apparel markets. Innovations: - First to Produce Round Extruded Rubber Thread - GM 800 Heat Resistant Rubber Thread 1960 - Fall River, MA - Globe diversified with the introduction of reaction spun polyester Type S-5 and S-7 fiber product lines for hosiery related end uses. 1980 - Fall River, MA - Globe perfected a fine denier dry spin polyether spandex, Type S-85, an essential element in virtually all apparel which imparts durability, elasticity and comfort in fabrics. 1994 Tuscaloosa, AL - Construction of Second Dry Spin Manufacturing Facility Completed

6 1995 to1998 - Doubled the capacity of the plant 1998 - Company Sold to Code, Hennessey, Simmons (Investment Bank) 1999 - Launches S-17 Chlorine Resistance For Warp Knit Industry 2001 - Company Sold to the RADICI GROUP 2006 - Introduces S-RB Black spandex for the textile industry RADICISPANDEX HISTORY

7 RadiciSpandex – Tuscaloosa, AL



10 ISO-9001:2008 CERTIFIED

11 RadiciSpandex (10-1680 denier) Black Spandex Silicone-Free

12 Dedicated Sales Professionals Gary Cass Global Sales Manager 704-836-3071 Kim Hall Marketing Manager Intimates, swimwear, activewear, retail, private label 704-836-3156 Robin Irwin Technical Sales Representative Warp Knits and Circular Knits 704-836-3095 Frank Nickerson Technical Sales Representative Nonwovens, Legwear 704-836-3126

13  Distribution and Sales in the Americas  Distribution Warehouses in Honduras, Guatemala, and Brazil  Current Distributers Warehouses in LA, Canada, Mexico, Peru,  Superior Customer Service in All Markets (Global and Local)  LA Market Agent: Scott Watkins  Canada Agent: MediFit  Mexico Agent and Distributer: Tocaz Mex  Central America Agent: Fesmar  Colombia Agent: Jorge Escobar  Brazil Agent and Distributer: Radici Nylon RadElast® Distribution and Service

14 Western Hemisphere Advantages NAFTA, CAFTA, and ANDEAN Strategically located warehouses for same day or next day delivery Ability to ship small or large quantities RadiciSpandex works closely with customers to help in design and development of new stretch products Seamless business in all Western Hemisphere countries Supply spandex to a full range of producers in all regions. Warp knit, circular knit, hosiery, core spinning for weaving, etc. RadiciSpandex full time sales and technical people work closely with our agents to deliver product expertise to compliment the agent’s customer expertise.

15 RadiciSpandex: Your Perfect Partner Get the Advantage!

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