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Ethnicity and achievement Learning objective: To revise the area of ethnicity and attainment in Education.

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1 Ethnicity and achievement Learning objective: To revise the area of ethnicity and attainment in Education

2 Under achievement and race The Swann Report, 1985, found very significant differences between the results of pupils of Afro-Caribbean origin and those of whites. Only 5% of children from Afro-Caribbean origin obtained an A’ Level, and less than 1% went to university. Those of Asian origin had similar success levels to whites, though those of Bangladeshi origins had the worst performances of all groups in the education system.

3 Language and cultural differences Where the home background is not English or is a variation of English, it is claimed that this may hold back the pupil. However, the Swann Report found that this was only a significant factor in a small number of cases – primarily for Bangladeshi children.

4 Family and Socialisation Driver and Ballard found that Asian children did particularly well because of the strong emphasis of the family on educational success They discovered that Asian families were prepared to make sacrifices for the successes of their children in the system. The Swann Report argue that the Asian family structure was more tight knit than those of either whites or Afro-Caribbean’s and that this may be responsible for higher achievement.

5 Race inside schools Brah and Ninhas claim that teachers expect Asians to be industrious and courteous, but Asian girls are often overlooked by teachers as they are regarded as ‘passive’. Fuller studied black girls in a London comprehensive, and although they were academically successful, and not overtly anti-school, they were not interested in attaining a good reputation with the teachers. Fuller also suggests that what was more important to them was their identity as female and black, rather than successful and attentive pupils.

6 Reasons for the relatively better performance of Asians compared to children of Afro-Caribbean origin Family background- there is generally a very great stress in the Asian family on obtaining good qualifications. The Asian family is very close knit and provides an exceptionally stable background for study. Rejection of racism – just as Asians face racism as much as Afro- Caribbean children, they seem better able to reject it. It has been suggested that this is because they have a greater sense of cultural identity than those of Afro-Caribbean origin. They have managed to retain a sense of community and independence of culture which makes them sure of their own worth. Children of African Asian backgrounds – these generally have middle class educated parents who have professional jobs in Africa before coming to Britain. They therefore receive all the advantages of middle-class white children.

7 Tasks Complete the table by filling out what the following areas cover within ethnicity and education Family background Rejection of racism Brah and Ninhas Fuller Driver and Ballard

8 Tasks Complete the following exam based question: Evaluate the idea that the family background is the most important aspect in explaining why ethnic minorities underachieve at school. (10 marks)

9 ForAgainst Explain how the Asian family background affects students attainment Explain how students from Afro- Caribbean background also attain high results Explain the tight-knit community and the effects of this on the student Teachers expectations of Asian students compared to Afro-Caribbean students Describe the rejection of racism thesisExplain that white students do not have tight-knit also attain high results Discuss the Swann Report’s findingsExplain Fuller’s theory of the Afro- Caribbean student focusing on group identity rather than academic attainment

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