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Slide 1 Fort Detrick Sustainability Planning Workshop #1 – Out Brief 1 Jul 08.

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1 Slide 1 Fort Detrick Sustainability Planning Workshop #1 – Out Brief 1 Jul 08

2 Slide 2 Fort Detrick Services Team Draft Sustainability Goals

3 Slide 3 Services Team Challenge Statement: We must provide superior support services and protection to our workforce and the community using the most efficient and effective means possible.

4 Slide 4 4 Significant Issues 1. Resource Consumption 2.Energy Consumption 3.Air Emissions 4.Waste Management – Generation and disposal of waste at Ft. Detrick is unique and complex with significant mission, environmental, and community impacts. (wastewater, regulated, hazardous, solid, bio, radiological, chemical, mixed)

5 Slide 5 5 Significant Issues 5. Force Protection – Current configuration of Ft. Detrick results in access control issues resulting in traffic congestion outside the installation. 6.Internal Communication – Inadequate execution of current structure for coordinating among mission partners results in inefficient and ineffective operations. 7.Network Security – Challenges in maintaining network security can pose vulnerability threats.

6 Slide 6 Goal 1 – Eliminate use of unsustainable resources by Description: Be recognized as the site of world-class biodefense and biomedical research with no unsustainable resource consumption. Objective 1.1: procure 100 percent supplies made from sustainable resources, unless no substitutes Objective 1.2: Standardize operational procedures/policies to eliminate duplicate efforts Objective 1.3: ID and classify major types of resources; Create hierarchy of most to least resource intensive products 6

7 Slide 7 Goal 2 – Current consumption of energy is dependent upon non- renewable sources and is unsustainable Description: Energy independence and renewable energy sources. Objective 2.1: Reduce existing bldg energy intensity by 50% by 2033 as compared to FY08 baseline (infrastructure) Objective 2.2: 100% renewable energy use by 2033 Objective 2.3: 100% on-site energy generation by 2033 Objective 2.4: Reduce petroleum-based vehicle fuel use by 80% by

8 Slide 8 Goal 3 - Achieve zero emissions of particulates, hazardous, greenhouse, or noxious substances. Description: No particulate, hazardous, greenhouse gas, and noxious emissions. Objective 1 – 50 % reduction target emissions by 2033 by 2008 baseline Objective 2 – Convert 50% vehicle fleet to non-emission by Objective 3 – Reduce vehicle fleet by 50% by 2033 Objective 4 – Eliminate all stand-alone emergency generators by Objective 5 – Eliminate “old” boiler plant by Objective 6 – Ensure 100% sustainable procurement 8 Achieve zero waste discharges.

9 Slide 9 Goal 4 - Achieve zero waste discharges. Description: Zero waste. Objective 1 – Reduce per capita solid waste by 100% by 2033 based on 2008 baseline. –Target – 4% annual reduction –Target - 4% increase in recyclables Objective 2 – Establish return policies with supply vendors 4% annually Objective 3 – Every organization on installation use cradle to grave procurement (HMMS) by

10 Slide 10 Goal 5 - The Installation operates with organizational collaboration and interdependency. Description: Tight knit internal community with close coordination. Objective 1 – Installation agencies internal and external share mission requirements (education process) Objective 2 - Agencies develop list of external need Objective 3 - Develop list of common requirements Objective 4 - ID identify common requirements to partner on Objective 5 – Develop collaborative communicating/governing body 10

11 Slide 11 Goal 6 - Invulnerable communications zero disruption to operations. Description: Tight knit internal community with close coordination. Objective 1 – Reduce threat capabilities Objective 2 - Increase security measures 11

12 Slide 12 Team Name: Champion: Team Leader: OrganizationSpecific Individual (s)Contact Information Integrated Planning OfficeTom Starkoski US Army Garrison, DISMark Dressler USAG, DES, PMODan Shereika Barquist Clinic – IH&EHDonald Allen USAG, ISMOLynn Westbers USAG, SEIPOCarl Hover NIH, DEPEd Rau NIH, DEPJacob Hoots USAMRIIDArt Chacon USAG, DIS, SSDMarie O’Brien USAG, DOIMPeggy Kunka Team Membership

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