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Toronto is known for being a “cold” city where people in condos can live next to each other for years and not speak one word to each other.

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3 Toronto is known for being a “cold” city where people in condos can live next to each other for years and not speak one word to each other.

4 To help build trust and friendship between people who live in multi-dwelling buildings and between those people and local businesses To build close-knit, socially involved neighbourhoods

5 An online platform for residents of a building to give and get help from each other based on their skills and knowledge, and get to know each other A space for local businesses to support residents by offering products and promotions

6 Here is what people are saying. “A lot of people actually work together but don’t know they live in the same building.” “Condominiums have tried to arrange potlucks and socials, but they either don’t work or people don’t talk to each other after the event.” “An online system gives us the opportunity to meet each other on our own schedule, and based on something common that is relevant to us.” “I’m trained in first aid. If there was an emergency, I would want my neighbours to know that I’m here in the building and able to help.”

7 Given the opportunity, 56% of local businesses would offer additional promotions and sponsorship to local residents.


9 Johana just bought a new entertainment system, but doesn’t know how to set it up. What can she do? Johana has been living in her Toronto condo for two years and just signed up to Sugarhood.

10 Neel has also been living in the same condo building for two years and has signed up on Sugarhood. After signing up, Neel tags that he has the skill to set up home theatres, help with IKEA furniture assembly and perform emergency beauty makeovers.

11 Because Johana signed up on Sugarhood, she can get help from a neighbour in the building.

12 Johana can ask, “How to set up a home theatre?” Sugarhood will provide Johana with profiles of neighbours in her building that have the skill set to set up home theatres.

13 Johana sees that Neel can help her. She sends Neel a quick message to provide details of what she’s looking for.

14 Neel is notified that Johana needs his help, answers her request and sets up a time.

15 Because Neel helped out Johana, he receives one “sugar cube” credit which helps him work towards his goal of a free coffee.

16 What’s already out there? The Sugarhood advantage Social networking and service exchange sites(Facebook, Skillshare) Sugarhood is hyperlocal and has an integral real- world component Listing sites (Kijiji, Craigslist) The Sugarhood experience extends beyond just business or just personal interactions Greater trust within Sugarhood community Users more likely to stick to their commitments because of proximity, familiarity, and rating system Condo-specific social networks (JazLife) Sugarhood’s main purpose is to promote sharing and social relationships; it is not a general bulletin posting site.

17 Built on a service-exchange model where residents help each other and grow closer together in their immediate neighbourhoods Proprietary “sugar cubes” credit system – earn credit to receive help by helping others By helping others, residents are given incentives to obtain rewards from local businesses

18 You need someone to help you set up your Wi-Fi You need some help assembling a piece of IKEA furniture You need someone to walk your dog because you’re sick

19 Pre-service advertising and PR How is this service proposition communicated by the service provider? Website PR release to media Social media Microsite Community and condo bulletin boards Wild postings Social media Flyers Word-of-mouth

20 Pre-service social Media Which pre-service information can people access through social media? Website Mission/purpose of service Benefits of service Branding Teasers Microsite All of the above + Call for ambassadors Links to register condo/building

21 Pre-service word-of-mouth What do friends, colleagues and family actually communicate about the service/service provider? Website Global non-profit umbrella organization that creates more close-knit, socially responsible neighbourhoods Microsite Local program that promotes sharing and friendship between people who live in highrises and between highrise dwellers and local businesses

22 Pre-service expectations What are the (potential) expectations towards the service/service provider? Timely access to people who can help solve problems Everyday problems can be solved quickly and efficiently Everyday hurdles and battles can be less taxing Potential to break ice and engage in dialogue with neighbours A stronger feeling of community, safety, belonging, contributing, and accountability Potential rewards from local businesses who wish to participate The opportunity to learn new skills and solutions All money-free

23 Service experiences What are the individual experiences users have during the service/service provider? Service (microsite) An easy-to-use tool to find solutions to immediate, everyday problems Stress relief Service provider (neighbour) Developing social connections in the real world for practical reasons in which both parties benefit

24 Service journey Which touch points do users experience during the service journey? Are there any critical incidents users experience as especially good or bad? Touch points Website Microsite (to put out the call) Real-time meeting/interaction Microsite (to provide feedback) (Local business, potentially, if rewards are offered and earned) Service provider (neighbour) Developing social connections in the real world for practical reasons in which both parties benefit

25 Post-service user relationship management How does the service provider follow up with users? Rating system Notifications Feedback forum Personal email contact with Ambassador

26 Post-service social media and word-of-mouth What do users communicate about the service/service provider on social media and through word-of-mouth? Encourage others to become Ambassadors and/or start Sugarhoods in their buildings Share benefits and experiences of program with others Complain or criticize idea, depending on quality of their experience

27 Post-service satisfaction/dissatisfaction Users individually assess the service by comparing expectations with their experiences. Rating system provides a way for them to do this Each helper gets rated based on two questions: 1. Did you meet the person, i.e., did they follow through? 2. Was it helpful? This ensures that there is accountability and credibility.

28 Key partners Ambassador Building residents Local business owners

29 Key activities Microsite use Giving help Getting help Tallying sugar cubes Rating others Getting rewards

30 Key resources Branding Domain space, hosting Advertising/PR Web design/development Site maintenance Social media and word-of-mouth Volunteer ambassador Resident participation Local business participation

31 User relationships This is a non-profit, user-based service. The ratings system provides a way for users to provide feedback. Troublemakers can be reported and locked out by moderators or the webmaster.

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