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Revolutionary Ardour. La Maraichere Hand-crafts Knitting.

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1 Revolutionary Ardour

2 La Maraichere

3 Hand-crafts Knitting

4 Jacket, Italy - 17th century Knitted silk thread

5 Jumper, France - 1927 Elsa Schiaparelli

6 Academic Planning

7 The pattern - knit one, slip one, purl one; knit two, purl two and very much more!



10 Other things to think about: Science labs Course groups for scheduling Biology specimens And so on...

11 The next few years: Science degree Self-study and quality assurance review (re-accreditation) of Arts Programming changes – new minors and majors

12 And the point is ? Revolution – keeping it going Knitting – concentration, attention, perseverance, an eye on the outcome Academic planning – not to say implementation Where would you be without the team?


14 The team

15 What can one say?

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