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Tractor pulling sled owners meeting 9 February 2008 Liz Evans.

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1 Tractor pulling sled owners meeting 9 February 2008 Liz Evans

2 Background Accident at Great Eccleston 26 August 2007 Death of Jan van Alphen HSE investigation on going Inevitable assessment of the sport in general Contact made with BPTA, ETPC, individual sledge owners Wanted to contact other sledge owners

3 Purpose of meeting Provide a line of communication to non BTPA sledge owners Control the rumours Explain why HSE is involved Put this incident into perspective Explain the basic safety requirements needed to keep the sport safe Discuss the way forward

4 Rumours HSE is going to inspect all the sledges - not correct HSE is taking over the tractor pulling rules – not correct HSE is going to make everyone conform with ETPC rules – not correct HSE is going to shut down the sport – not correct

5 Why is HSE involved My role includes investigating accidents Accident fell to Fylde Borough Council to investigate FBC did not have the resources so appointed me as one of their Inspectors to investigate. HSE deals with accidents at work or where people are affected by a work activity Definition of work activity very broad – can include the hiring out of sledges

6 Putting it into Perspective First serious accident in 30 years of tractor pulling in Britain Existence of British Tractor Pulling Association & link with ETPC, clubs, associations Close knit sport with a frank and frequent exchange of views Desire exists to ensure this doesn’t happen again

7 What do you need to consider Event safety Employee and volunteer health & safety Spectator safety Emergency planning Competitor and vehicle safety Training Sources of help and advice

8 Health & Safety responsibilities - sledges Operator’s responsibility to ensure equipment is safe Operator’s responsibility to be able to prove health & safety standards have been considered Operator’s responsibility to do all that is reasonably practicable to ensure the safety of all involved i.e. themselves, employees and others Operator’s responsibility to undertake risk assessment and implement the findings


10 Risk assessment Great Eccleston Tractor Pulling event 27/8/07 Little Rascal pulling No Mercy Bumpy ride + a bit out of control + weight balance of tractor not correct = Tractor Overturn Risk assessment thought process had been undertaken i.e. what can happen, how can injury be prevented, actions to be implemented Roll cage on tractor + helmet + protective clothing + appropriate seat belt + rescue plan in place = No injury and no breach of health & safety legislation

11 The way forward

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