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2 MEMBERSHIP What Phi Beta Sigma Expects of Its Members
Noble are the ideals of Phi Beta Sigma. Its hopes and aims must not be forgotten; therefore, it is expected of every candidate that:

3 MEMBERSHIP He come into the Fraternity with sincerity of purpose, in faith and trust in the principles of the Fraternity; and that he sincerely adhere to them. He avail himself of every opportunity to contribute to the growth of BROTHERHOOD, SERVICE, AND SCHOLARSHIP. He exhibit behavior consistent with the principles of the Fraternity. The Fraternity is measured by the character of its members. He meet his financial duties on time and in full.

4 MEMBERSHIP He contend for what is right-even though alone.
He develop courage to study, defend the principles of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, explore, and create. He have a cheerful and agreeable personality. He show courtesy to his fellowmen. He be true in his relations with his Brothers. He be honest and true to Brothers and society as well as himself. He work for justice and to stamp out hypocrisy.

5 MEMBERSHIP He show the ability to be patient and obedient to moral laws. He have self-control, self-respect, and personal pride.

6 CHAPTER MANGEMENT Some Qualities of an Active Chapter
The chapter president is sincere, dynamic, cooperative, friendly, flexible, aggressive, and humble. Meetings are held in attractive surroundings. Meetings are held regularly and on time. Meetings are planned with prepared agenda and short business sessions. Dues are realistic but not burdensome.

7 CHAPTER MANGEMENT The good works of Brothers and the programs of the chapter are highly publicized. There is variety in the meetings and in the activities. There is fun in the activities and in the meetings. There is a positive program for active members based upon the interest and preferences of Brothers in the area; such a program will be an incentive to inactive Brothers to become active once again.

8 CHAPTER MANGEMENT There is genuine interest in the welfare of the Brothers in the chapter beginning with the president. The president who sets the example of living a brotherly life inspires other Brothers to form a closely knit group with common interest.

9 Developing Chapter Harmony
Adhere to the “Golden Rule”. Respect and recognize constituted authority. Tactfully, encourage and help others to perform their duties and obligations. Recognize individual talents, differences, and interests. Consider the financial condition of all. Remind all Brothers that although a fraternity affiliation is a luxury, certain financial conditions must be met. Encourage newly initiated and transfer brothers to offer suggestions concerning the business and activities of the chapter.

10 Developing Chapter Harmony
Try to incorporate the ideas of all Brothers into the activities of the chapter. Praise individual achievements. Select the “Man of the Year” on the merit of contributions to the chapter. Give awards for academic achievements. If a Brother does something to embarrass the chapter and fraternity, hold open court-Penalty, if any, may be decided by secret ballot.

11 Ways To Kill An Organization
Don’t attend meetings, but if you do, arrive late. Be sure to leave before the meeting is closed. Never have anything to say at the meeting –wait until you get outside. When at the meeting, vote to do everything, then go home and do nothing. The next day find fault with the officers and other members. Take no part in the organization’s affairs.

12 Ways To Kill An Organization
Be sure to sit in the back, so you can talk freely to another member. Get all the organization will give you, but don’t give the organization anything. Never ask anyone to join the organization. At every opportunity threaten to resign and try to get others to. Talk cooperation, but don’t cooperate. If asked to help, say you haven’t time..

13 Ways To Kill An Organization
Never read anything pertaining to the organization. Never accept an office-it is easier to criticize than to do things. If appointed to a committee, never give any time or service to it If you receive a bill for dues, ignore it. Don’t do any more than you have to, and when the others willingly and unselfishly use their ability to help the good cause along, then howl that the organization is run by a clique.

14 Phi Beta Sigma Offers A Sigma chain of fellowship-the deepest longing of the human heart. A foundation of culture upon which to build a life of service, and enduring friendships. A fraternal code, a revelation of supreme brotherhood, an enlightened channel to a greater understanding, more thorough interpretation, and a broader field of application of the principles of service to humanity

15 Phi Beta Sigma Offers A fellowship of kindred minds. Within it is the friendship and understanding of those who share a common faith of brotherly unison, who are in quest of the highest intellectual realities, and are united in unselfish service to their fellowmen. Consolation and comfort when one is faced with the grim problems of life Leadership in a progressive program for the good of humanity.

16 Remember The six most important words: I admit I made a mistake
The five most important words: You did a good job. The four most important words: What is your opinion? The three most important words: If you please The two most important words: Thank you The one most important word: We The least important word: I


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