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CONFIDENTIAL Successfully Transforming DIY Media for the Digital Age Content + Community + eCommerce.

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1 CONFIDENTIAL Successfully Transforming DIY Media for the Digital Age Content + Community + eCommerce

2 Introduction to Interweave 2 CONFIDENTIAL

3 Exceptional franchises and brand names in growing, recession-resistant markets Must-have content for passionate enthusiasts with life-long interests Evergreen content that is repurposed across products and distribution channels Multi-platform portfolio that generates revenue primarily from consumers – not from advertising Superior editorial, marketing, financial and administrative talent Transformed business model focused on digital products and distribution channels Market leader in anticipating and responding to changing market dynamics Integrated digital content, database-driven marketing and eCommerce distribution Digital content development prowess has increased customer base for new and existing products without cannibalizing sales History of transformation through integration of strategic acquisitions Significant organic and acquisition growth prospects to execute Interweave’s plan 3 CONFIDENTIAL Introduction to Interweave Executive Summary

4 Introduction to Interweave Interweave’s Markets & Brands The Leading Online & Offline Resource for Crafters & Artists Knitting, Crochet, Spinning and Weaving Art Quilting, Mixed Media and Sewing Jewelry Making and Beading Painting and Drawing 4 CONFIDENTIAL

5 Introduction to Interweave Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Content Premium-Priced and Must-Have Content Like blueprints to a builder Life-long Interests Enduring customer base Consumer (Not Advertising) Driven Revenue Recession resistant Insatiable Customer Appetites Ready markets for new content products Community Focused Offline community focused for centuries 5 CONFIDENTIAL

6 Introduction to Interweave Free Affinity and Paid Premium Content 6 CONFIDENTIAL Free Affinity Content BlogsEmail NewslettersForums FreemiumsOnline CommunitiesPattern Downloads Video TutorialsTelevisionWebsites Social MediaAffinity Apps Paid Premium Content BooksBookazineseBooks Utility AppsMagazinesEvents Magazine AppsVideosWorkshops ePatternsCD CompilationsPattern Downloads Digital Magazines

7 Introduction to Interweave Repurpose Evergreen Content for Use Across Multiple Channels 7 CONFIDENTIAL Content Television Print & Digital Magazines Magazine Apps BookseBooks Instructional Videos EventsWorkshopsUtility AppsFreemiumsDownloadsSocial Media Email Newsletters Online Communities Affinity Apps Free Affinity Paid Premium

8 Introduction to Interweave Business Transformation: Acquired vs. Started 8 CONFIDENTIAL Content Television Digital Magazines & Apps Print Magazines BooksEventsWorkshopseBooks Instructional Videos AppsFreemiumsDownloadsSocial Media Email Newsletters Online Communities

9 Introduction to Interweave Interweave History 2005-Today 9 CONFIDENTIAL Launched apps for books and magazines Launched affinity and utility apps Launched eBooks and eMags Acquired Quilting Arts TV Built video studio Built eCommerce store Launched lines of instructional videos Acquired American Artist Group Launched online communities and daily email blogs/newsletters Built ePattern download business from disaggregated content Launched new PBS television programming Acquired Quilting Arts, Cloth Paper Scissors and NeedleArts Studio Aspire acquires Interweave Acquired Gems Division 2005200620072008 200920102011

10 Interweave Market Dynamics 10 CONFIDENTIAL

11 Interweave Market Dynamics Interweave Creatives: the Heart of the Craft Market *Enthusiasts whose favorite activities are Interweave segments: knitting, crochet, quilting, sewing, jewelry/beading, painting, drawing, mixed media, or fiber arts. Data sources: Number of Interweave creatives and spending are Hart estimates based upon Interweave internal data. Enthusiasts at large data is from Hart analysis. Crafter data is from the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) Attitude & Usage Study. Data is approximately for the year ending June 30, 2011. 11 CONFIDENTIAL

12 Interweave Market Dynamics Interweave Creatives Active Across Multiple Platforms 12 CONFIDENTIAL Content Consumed Interweave Customer Types Interweave Magazines Interweave Websites Interweave E- Newsletters Interweave Online Store Interweave Subscribe Knitters84%83%73%51%49% Crocheters66%78%67%34%40% Quilters79% 72%57%59% Sewers72%75%70%43%40% Jewelry Makers81%80%70%54%58% Beaders84%82%72%55%63% Artists76% 66%49%50% Interweave is a leader in understanding the digital content needs of creative people, providing both traditional and digital resources to creatives Interweave magazines and websites are highly rated by customers and enthusiasts Note: Interweave customers’ responses to the question: “Which of the following Interweave media have you read or used in the past two years?”

13 80% of digital subscribers do not match an existing Interweave magazine active subscriber record 40% of digital subscribers do not match any active subscriber or eCommerce buyer record in the Interweave database 22% of subscribers are completely “new-to-file” – they do not match any record in the Interweave database (subscribers, eCommerce buyers or any affinity newsletter list) Digital Magazine Subscribers are Expanding the Audience for Interweave’s Magazines 13 CONFIDENTIAL Interweave Market Dynamics

14 Content + Communities + eCommerce 14 CONFIDENTIAL

15 Content + Community + eCommerce Multi-Pronged Approach to Fueling Creatives' Interests 15 CONFIDENTIAL Content (Inspiration & Instruction) Communities (Engagement) eCommerce (Monetization)

16 eCommerce and traditional wholesale channels Digital content products and physical content products Free content and paid content Original content and repurposed content Professional content and user content Commissioned content and curated content Online and offline communities Content + Community + eCommerce Platform Agnostic Interweave provides both digital and traditional media to serve enthusiast needs 16 CONFIDENTIAL

17 Content + Community + eCommerce Communities Offline Communities in Existence for Generations Quilting Bees have been around since the Revolutionary War Knit nights have been around for decades Artists and crafters are predisposed to engage in online communities 17 CONFIDENTIAL

18 Content + Community + eCommerce Communities More than 1.4 million artists and crafters engaged with each other and with Interweave through Online Communities 18 CONFIDENTIAL

19 Content + Community + eCommerce Communities Who are they? Mainly women age 35+ Pro-am markets (art and jewelry making) also attract men Women focused on creative self-expression Crafters and artists with life-long interests Seeking inspiration, original designs, technical instruction, peer-to-peer engagement, and content products 19 CONFIDENTIAL

20 Content + Community + eCommerce eCommerce Interweave’s Fastest-Growing Channel 20 CONFIDENTIAL

21 Content + Community + eCommerce eCommerce 21 CONFIDENTIAL 10 niche stores-within-a-store Product offering includes both digital and physical content Customers can access the InterweaveStore directly or via the “Shop” tab on each of Interweave’s online community pages

22 Interweave by the Numbers Free Affinity Content Websites - 2011 23 Websites 22 CONFIDENTIAL

23 Interweave by the Numbers Free Affinity Content Email Newsletters - 2011 10 Online Communities 23 CONFIDENTIAL

24 Interweave by the Numbers Free Affinity Content Television Programs - 2011 3 TV Programs reaching 71 % of PBS Markets 24 CONFIDENTIAL

25 Interweave by the Numbers Free Affinity Content Free ePattern/Project Downloads - 2011 1,600 Free Patterns 25 CONFIDENTIAL

26 Interweave by the Numbers Free Affinity & Paid Premium Content iPad & iPhone Apps in market - 2011 5 Utility Apps 13 Magazine Apps 3 Affinity Apps 26 CONFIDENTIAL Affinity Apps – free apps that are developed to build relationships and drive registered users; Utility Apps – paid apps (low priced) that provide users with tools to solve specific problems and objectives; and Magazine & Book Apps – apps that contain digital replicas of magazine and books and original rich content products (eMags) – some sold through Zinio and others sold through iNewsstand and iTunes stores.

27 Interweave by the Numbers Paid Premium Content eCommerce Interweave Store - 2011 11 eCommerce Stores 27 CONFIDENTIAL

28 Interweave by the Numbers Paid Premium Content Magazines, Bookazines & eMags - 2011 48 Magazines and Bookazines 11 eMags 28 CONFIDENTIAL

29 Interweave by the Numbers Paid Premium Content Books & eBooks in market - 2011 35-45 New Books & eBooks Annually 100+ eBooks 375+ Books 29 CONFIDENTIAL

30 Interweave by the Numbers Paid Premium Content Events & Workshops - 2011 11 Consumer Events 30 CONFIDENTIAL

31 Interweave by the Numbers Paid Premium Content Instructional Video & Digital Compilations - 2011 159 Instructional Videos 31 CONFIDENTIAL

32 Executive Team Talented & Successful Operators V.P. Consumer Marketing Rodale Publisher F+W Media President & Publisher Leman Publications Director of Events F+W Media Director of Book Production F+W Media Owner/Publisher Quilting Arts, Cloth Paper Scissors Attorney CONFIDENTIAL Bob Kaslik Senior V.P. John Bolton Senior V.P. Sara Dumford V.P. Events David Dunn V.P. eCommerce Jamie Bogner V.P. Content Julie Macdonald V.P. Media Sales V.P. eCommerce Webroot Software Director of Product Marketing Rally Software Art Director Nielsen Editor-in-Chief MCO Magazine Editor-in-Chief/Publisher Art Business News Sales Director Louise Blouin Media 32

33 Executive Team Experienced Support Teams Senior Editor Duke Communications International Managing Editor Penton Technology & Lifestyle Media Senior Director of HR Westwood College Director of HR IAS 33 CONFIDENTIAL Trish Faubion V.P. Production Aaron Wilmot V.P. People Operations Dawn Stewart V.P. Financial Planning & Analysis and Operations Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis Coca-Cola North America Senior Financial Analyst Hyundai Motor America Owner/Publisher Natural Home, Herbs for Health, Herb Companion Publisher Ready Made Director of eMedia Technology Penton Technology Linda Ligon Founder T.J. Harty V.P. Technology

34 V.P./Group Publisher Cowles Enthusiast Media C.E.O./Owner Southwest Art Magazine Controller Meredith Corporation Publishing Group Business Director Meredith Corporation Clay Hall C.E.O. Troy Wells C.F.O. CONFIDENTIAL 34 Executive Team Capable Corporate Executives


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