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The Textile Material required by the Hutchinson Group Debu HALDAR Country Director - INDIA.

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1 The Textile Material required by the Hutchinson Group Debu HALDAR Country Director - INDIA

2 Map of the Presentation  I.The different Textiles required : types and materials  II.The different applications  III.The market and Customers  IV.The opportunities for Indian Suppliers

3 « Hutchinson is asserting its position as a Tech Company with the service provided to its customers. Innovation is the life blood of the company. We try to anticipate what our customers’needs will be in the future in order to provide them with the mos relevant technical responses. This involves continually reassessing the technologies we rely on, our know-how and the materials used. » IDENTITY CARD Created in 1853, and definitely a forward-looking company 118 sites in 26 countries Distinguishing features: -Tech Company -Research and Development at the heart of strategy (1928 searchers/ 26 patents in 2007) 27 440 employees

4 HUTCHINSON WORLDWIDE 17 959 employees 77 sites 2 858 employees 7 sites 1 996 employees 10 sites 4 627 employees 24 sites EUROPE Austria Belgium Czech Republic France Germany Hungary Italy Malta Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania Slovenia Spain Switzerland United Kingdom ASIA and other country China Korea Japan Malaysia Tunisia South AMERICA Argentina Brazil Uruguay North AMERICA Mexico USA 27 440 employees 118 sites 26 countries

5 A COMPANY OF TOTAL 158 752 million Euros de chiffre d’affaires 4th oil and gas company 96 442 employ ees 130 countr ies Some key figures Exploration/ production Refining/ marketing Base chemicals 2 391 kbep/day 3 863 kb/day 19,8 billion Euros

6 KEY FIGURES Growth Sales figures of3022M€ Research Research expenditures of150M€ Investments Investments for operational excellence99M€ Distribution of sales figures By business sector Distribution of sales figures By geographic zone

7 Body sealing systems Vibratory, acoustic and thermal insulation Protection and care Transmission and mobility Fluid transfer systemsAutomotive Aerospace Helicopter Construction Defense Railway Heavy truck Marine Sport and leisure Protection and care and care All industries 5 fields of expertise Improving transports –air, earth, sea – and everyday life 5 FIELDS OF EXPERTISE – 11 MARKETS

8 ITS INVESTISMENTS IN RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Research and Development A research organized around 5 main fields of expertise Materials: architect of complex materials Acoustics: filter noise, modeling acoustics Thermodynamics: optimizing motor thermodynamics Virtual Reality: foreseeing and anticipating by modelling Product engineering 24 research centers worldwide 150 M€ invested in R&D R&D is developing solutions to preserve natural resources

9 The Major Types of Textiles  Each need means a specification Knitted Woven Braided Yarns Non-woven I.The different Textiles : types and materials

10 The Major Types of Textiles  Each need means a specification Filament Flat or twisted multifilament yarn Spun Yarn Fibers Cord (or cabled yarn) flock I.The different Textiles : types and materials

11 The Technical Materials  Classical Material : -Rayon -Polyamide(46, 66) -Polyester(PET) -Polyethylene (High density)  Thermal and Mechanical Resistance :  Aramids : -Para-aramid -Meta-aramid -copo-aramid Low costs for mechanical resistance and working temperature around 100°C Expensive for mechanical resistance and working temperature around 200°C  Focus on: -Intermediary prices and properties  Polyphenylen Sulphide (PPS)  Polyetherketone (POK)  Polyvinyl alcohol oxygenated (PANO) -New markets for the classical yarns :  Asia I.The different Textiles : types and materials

12 Hutchinson Worldwide  Sealing Systems:  Fluid Transfer Systems:  Vibration Acoustic & Thermal Insulation:  Transmission & Mobility:  Protection & Care: 5 Fields of Expertise for 11 Markets: II.The different applications  Automotive  Aerospace  Helicopter  Construction  Defense  Railroad  Heavy Truck  Marine  Sports & Leisure  Protection & Care  All Industries

13 Automotive High Temperature High Pressure Fluid transfer Knitted reinforcement Textile II.The different applications Braided reinforcements

14 Automotive Applications Fluid transfer II.The different applications Elongation curve of a yarn Breaking strength (N) Elongation (%) “Elastic reserve ” of the knit Elongation curve of a knit Advantages of the knitting products with elastomeric materials Elongation curve of an elastomer

15 Automotive Transmission belts Cord yarn with RFL treatment (resorcinol formaldehyde latex) II.The different applications

16 Pneumatics Mountain bike tires: Road tires: Cord yarns and tire cord fabrics which could be RFL treated (resorcinol formaldehyde latex) Good know-how for the tear and the spindle resistance, adaptation of the rods for the specific needs of the tubeless tires

17 The Principal Concern Areas II.The different applications Hoses, transmission belts and tires:  Reach a good adhesion between the yarns and the elastomer: -improved by spun yarns (instead of multifilament yarns) for the mechanical adhesion -in replacement of old solvent dissolution of rubber for economical and ecological reasons:  Treatment on the yarn : adhesive materials like iso-cyanate, epoxy resins, Polyurethanes and mostly RFL treatment (Resorcinol Formaldehyde Latex) :  Treatment in the rubber : iso-cyanate, RFS (Resorcinol Formaldehyde Silice) resorcinolformaldehydeResin Reactions and mechanical interweaving with the latex and the yarn

18 Aerospace & Industry II.The different applications Thermal insulation fabrics: Inorganic Materials work at extreme temperatures Insulation panels Fluid transfer at High temperatures Reinforcement fabrics:

19 The Split for different types of Textile Materials III.The market

20 IV.The opportunities for the Indian suppliers Materials Targeted  Yarns, cords and tire cords fabrics :  For Automotive Applications  Technical fabrics :  Aerospace, Military and Defense  Short cut fibers, flock and Non woven :  Aeronautic, Military and Defense (Non woven)  Sealing Systems, Transmission Belts (Flock, Short cut fibers)

21 Yarns, Cords and Tire-cord fabric: IV.The opportunities for the Indian suppliers  Materials : The 3 most important in spun or multifilament yarns -Polyamide(66) -Polyester(PET) -Aramids  Count : Mainly up to 1000 dtex  Twist : Flat yarns or around 100 turns/m  Treatment: -Untreated -RFL treated especially for the cords for High temperature rubber CR, VMQ (silicone), FKM (Vuiton), AEM (Vamac) and also NR, BR, SBR

22 Technical fabrics : IV.The opportunities for the Indian suppliers  Type of weave : Plain, twill or satin (composites) Open fabrics (Leno) or knitted fabrics  interesting for the adhesion  Materials : The most important material for the woven fabrics : -Polyamide(66) -Polyester(PET) -Aramids -Glass and ceramics  Weight : Very thin fabrics (below 100g/m²) to ballistic or insulation product (up to 700 g/m²)

23 Short cut fibers, flock an non woven : IV.The opportunities for the Indian suppliers  Short cut fibers : (reinforcement) Cellulosic fibers Carbon or aramid fibers (composites)  Flock : PA66, PET and cotton fibers 1.7, 2.2 an 3.3 dtex below 1 mm of length Electrostatic treatment  Non woven product : Glass and ceramics, PET Very thin product (below 100 µm of thickness) to insulation product (up to 1.5 cm of thickness) All kind of binding method (needle punched, spunlace, Thermal bond, Spunbond, Melt Blown

24 Next Steps….  We invite Proposals for Joint Development Projects for Global Sourcing for the HUTCHINSON Group  Interested Manufacturers/Research Institutions may kindly get in touch  Shall enter into a Joint Project Agreement  Shall clearly specify Commercial Terms

25 Thank you for your patience….and best wishes for a successful 2009 !

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