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The Religion of Islam Fundamentalism: The Roots of Terrorism Bryce Kelley Medford Area Senior High School.

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1 The Religion of Islam Fundamentalism: The Roots of Terrorism Bryce Kelley Medford Area Senior High School

2 Islamic Fundamentalism Radical Utopian Movement Qur’an is the bases for all (Political, Economic, Social, etc.) Every government is corrupt and must be replaced with a Islamic Religious Government. Do not believe in Democracy – Some cases ok Democracy vs. Dictatorship Islam vs. Democracy

3 Islamic Fundamentalism Anti-Semitic (Jewish) Believe in myths – Jewish organization controls the world – No Jews died in Holocaust or World Trade Center. – Zionist groups kidnap Muslim babies and use blood for sacrifices. Anti-Western Establishment – Crusades are an example of West trying to kill off Muslims A farce…More Christians died of disease and starvation. Some murder, but not a lot.

4 Islamic Fundamentalism Biggest threat is not U.S. Military. – Western Corporations Ayatollah Khomeini (Iran) – We are not afraid of the U.S. military, intervention, or economic sanctions. We are afraid of western universities (ideas) Taliban (Afghanistan) calls for arrest of Madonna / Michael Jackson Blue Jeans – Prohibitive Temptation is the fundamental problem

5 Islamic Fundamentalism Americans are perceived as a threat. – Fundamentalists feel embattled – Threatened by the west Ultimately struggling against the dramatic changes brought about by secularism and modernism. Very difficult for peace to win out – Confident in victory

6 Terrorism

7 Terrorist What Comes To Mind?

8 Terrorism Defined Webster’s: the use of threats or force to demoralize, intimidate, and subjugate, especially as a political weapon. World Book: the use of threat or violence to create fear and alarm.

9 What is Terrorism A complicated phenomenon. Form of political violence. Species of psychological warfare. Symbolism Publicity for change

10 Criminal Classification of Terrorism PoliticalPsychological Sub-state State Supported 1.Social Revolutionary 2.National Separatist 3.Religious Fundamentalist 4.New Religions 5.Right Wing 6.Single Issue

11 Social Revolutionist Nationalist Separatist Fidel Castro, Cuba Irish Republican Army

12 Religious Fundamentalist New Relgion Osama Bin Laden David Koresh, Branch Davidians Waco, Texas

13 Right Wing Single Issue Neo-Nazi’s and Ku Klux Klan Eric Rudolph, 1998 Birmingham Alabama, Abortion Clinic bombing.

14 The Goal of Terrorism Terrorists are convinced they are acting on behalf of the moral character of the group. “Agents of Righteousness” in the battle between darkness and “truth.” The cause is justification for violence. The cause is an outlet for anger. Oulet for anger. Convenient vehicle for change. Stirs up enthusiasm and excitement. Sources of hope for the future. Provides a sense of power A sense of importance Overcome feeling of incompetence (STRONG!)

15 Characteristics of Terrorist Organizations Most are small with 100 members or less Tight knit, radical organizations Relatively little training and use unsophisticated equipment Today, we see more loosely knit groups with branches in other countries (Taliban) Ethnically and politically homogenous Often made up of friends and relatives, so difficult to infiltrate Seldom operate from one location Funded by crime / drugs

16 Why become a Terrorist? Often caused by: – Poverty – Lack of education – Environment – Entitlement – Perceived importance of standard of living – Anger – Lack of Alternative – Protection from threat (Real or perceived) – Anger

17 What draws them in? What we need to understand is not why bombers do it, but how they are recruited and trained. Bottom Line: A meaningful death is better than a pointless life. “His life is not cheap because he is fearless or brave. He offers the only thing he has.” » Muslim Engineering Student

18 Motivation Keys to paradise Direct path to heaven Promise of no pain and an end to suffering Rewards to family – You are a martyr – Family is taken care of financially Fame and Glory “This is not suicide. Suicide is selfish, reflects mental weakness. This is “itishad” (martyrdom or self-sacfrice in the service of Allah.” - Interviewed Terrorist

19 Terrorist Profile: Old vs. New Israel Bombers 17 -22 years old Male, single, young Uneducated Unemployed Dispirited youth Bleak future Recruited hours before “Brainwashed” for honor and family status Not left alone until act complete New Terrorists 28 -35 years old Male, married, older Have higher education Financially comfortable From middle class families Lived in west exposed to opportunity Blended in with society Ignore the dress, customs, and grooming of traditional Muslims Left alone “far away” for years Not “brainwashed,” but rather “true believers.”

20 The Goal of Jihad “Jihad:” “holy war,” “righteous struggle” against the Western world. – To endeavor, to strive, to struggle Fundamentalist Islamic hatred for the West. “And what is wrong with you that you not fight in the cause of Allah, and for those weak, ill-treated and oppressed young men, women, and children, who’s cry is, “Our Lord! Rescue us from this town whose people are oppressors; and raise us from You one who will protect, and raise us from You one who will help.” (Soorah an-Nissan’(4):75)

21 The Goal of Jihad Bin Laden: “The mission is to fight the Pagans all together, and fight them until there is no more turmoil or oppression.” Bin Laden, 1998: “In compliance with God’s order, we issue the following fatwa to all Muslims: The ruling to kill Americans and their allies – civilians and military – is an individual duty for every Muslim…This is in accordance with the words of the Almighty God.”

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