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Make state reporting easier Customizing for State Reporting.

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1 make state reporting easier Customizing for State Reporting

2 Kathy Davies Lamar County System Information Manager 10 yrs at Lamar County School System PowerSchool Admin since Jan. 2009 SASI from 2002-2009 Ga PowerSchool Users Group Executive Committee – Co-Chair and Regions Committee Chair GaETC SIS Forums Rep Married to Chad – Physics Prof. @ Gordon College 5 dog-kids knitting fiend (knittingnoodle on ravelry) there is never enough time to knit – or play fetch

3 State Reporting Fields that are often the same for a majority of your students:  Resident Status Code  County of Residence  System of Residency  EL  Primary Language  Student Status  Cessation of Services (Safety)  Migrant  State student resides in  Zip Code

4 Editing Pages Use HTML to edit fields Two ways to make things easier:  Auto-fill – For drop-down menus, remove the blank at the top and put common info as first item  Add fields to central location – Registration Page, Enter/Leave pages

5 Turning on & updating customization Your first step in customizing is to turn on the customization option. System -> Settings -> Customizations

6 Turn on webpage management Next:

7 Editing State pages for Auto-fill Most of the state pages you’ll need to edit are found in: admin\students\state\usa_ga\

8 Code on state pages \stateGA_countyofRes.html County of Residence (685) Lamar County (601) Appling County (602) Atkinson County (603) Bacon County (604) Baker County \stateGa_SystemResidence.html System of Residence 601 Appling County 602 Atkinson County Change the following pages so that your district is the first one listed and there are no blanks at the top: 685 Lamar County

9 More State Pages Rearrange \stateGA_Primarylanguage.html so that the top one or two languages are the languages most often used. Primary Language N/A (English) (26) Spanish (5) Chinese Do the same for \stateGa_Countries.html Country of Origin United States Mexico China Afghanistan Change \stateGA_PlaceOfBirth.html so that 2310 (USA) is on top with no blanks. Place Of Birth 2310 United States 1440 Mexico 0010 Afghanistan

10 Transfer Pages Add the following code to: admin\students\transferout.html admin\students\reenroll.html Student Status for State Reports (N) Normal (R) Retained (W) Withdrawn

11 Registration / Enrollment Fields Simply adding the following ‘x insert’ codes will place the fields where they are most convenient. ~[x:insertfile;state/usa_ga/stateGA_Primarylanguage.html] ~[x:insertfile;inserts/GA_SysRes.html] ~[x:insertfile;inserts/GA_CountyofRes.html] ~[x:insertfile;inserts/GA_PlaceOfBirth.html]

12 More State Fields To find more state fields that you may want to put on registration or other pages, check out other state pages: admin\students\state\logGA.html admin\students\state\SpecialGA.html But be aware that these pages may be updated at any time, so to make sure you always have the latest, check the documentation on PowerSource and join the monthly PowerSchool call.

13 Enjoy the rest of the conference! One last thing…Custom Report Bundle ( Kathy Davies

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