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Knitting for Scotland Lynn Abrams History

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1 Knitting for Scotland Lynn Abrams History



4 Shetland knit


6 Wool

7 Knit tradition & heritage

8 Business

9 Textile Tourism

10 Gansey project

11 Shetland lace project

12 Sanquhar

13 Knitting in the round Sustainability Authenticity Creativity Partners Di Gilpin Knitwear Design Textile Conservation Centre, Glasgow University Shetland Museum & Archives Glasgow Women’s Library Karina Westerman, knitwear designer Fiona Scott, MakeWorks

14 Sustainability Local, ecological, recycled, re-used, provenance, training, skills

15 Authenticity Wool like whisky? Small scale, referencing heritage in materials, design, skills. Capitalising on Scottish heritage and craft traditions

16 Creativity Pleasure of making, art, craft and therapeutic practice

17 Knitting in the Round events Sept 14: Sanquhar Workshop in Sanquhar Oct 2014: UK Wool Week - Knitter-in-Residence at Glasgow University Nov 2014: Community Engagement Event (planned and inspired by knitter-in-residence) - 'Stitching the Community Together' (creativity) Jan 2014: Community Engagement Event 3: launch 'Pattern Drive' to document historic patterns in association with Glasgow Women's Library pattern collection (authenticity) March 2015: Public study day 2: Wartime Knitting and Community Engagement Event 4: 'The Kitchener Stitch: Knit in wartime' (sustainability and authenticity) Sept 2015: Public Study Day 3 - Shetland lace knitting in Lerwick, Shetland (with Shetland Museum) (authenticity) Oct 2015: UK Wool Week. Community Engagement Event 5 - Sustainability (knit a sustainable scarf) (sustainability) January 2016: Conference 'In the Loop 5' at University of Glasgow

18 Thank You!

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