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Internet Knitting Resources Table of Contents Search engines Assistance Materials Magazines Blogs.

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2 Internet Knitting Resources

3 Table of Contents Search engines Assistance Materials Magazines Blogs

4 Search engines What is a search engine? “A computer program that searches documents for a specific word or words and provides a list of documents in which they are found.” Search engine. Unabridged (v1.1). Random House, Inc. (accessed: September 19, 2007).

5 Search Engines con't Examples of search engines: http://www.Kartoo.com (visual mapping)


7 Types of Key Word Searches Knit Knitting Knit* Yarn Knit pattern Free knitting patterns * hint: use “” around words when searching for a phrase I.e.: “free sock patterns”

8 Knitting Assistance These websites provide “how to” information. Some examples of these sites:

9 Knitting Help

10 Knitting

11 BellaOnline: The voice of women

12 Knitting on the Net


14 Materials & Supplies There are many many websites that sell knitting related items. Know who is behind the “scenes” before you provide your information. Those that follow have been used by many of us in this guild and we have found them to be reliable. They should be able to meet most of your knitting needs include:

15 Materials & Supplies con’t Patternworks Yarn Market Knitpicks

16 Materials & Supplies con’t Webs Wool Works Lion Brand

17 Materials & Supplies con’t Herrschners Halcyon Yarn Berroco

18 Online Magazines Most knitting magazines have an web link: Interweave Knits http://www.interweave.com Vogue Knitting http://vogueknitting.com Creative Knitting http://www.mags.drgnet.co Knit N Style http://www.knitnstyle.com Knitters http://knittinguniverse.com Knitty http://www.knitty.com Mag Knits http://www.magknits.com

19 Blogs “The modern blog evolved from the online diary, where people would keep a running account of their personal lives.” Blog. Wikipedia: About. The free encyclopedia. (accessed: October 2, 2007).

20 Blogs con’t Blogs provide a sneak peak into what others are doing in the knitting world. Many knitting blogs are the equivalent to knitting diaries where the knitter keeps track of what project she/he is working on or just finished and what yarn was used.

21 Blogs Some of the more well known knitting blogs include: Knit Sisters http://www.knitsisters.com Yarn Harlot http://www.yarnharlot.com Queer Joe’s Knitting blog Wendy Knits http://www.wendyknits.net Crazy Aunt Pearl

22 Blogs con’t Anyone can create their own blog. Two of the free blogs are: http://blogspot.com and

23 Your turn Now go out to the world wide web and look around to see what you can find that interests you and relates to those items you like to knit. Maybe you can be the author of your own knitting blog. Enjoy!

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