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CONTINUOUS INTEGRATION AND TEST Stephen Oglesby - CSCI577b – April 2011.

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1 CONTINUOUS INTEGRATION AND TEST Stephen Oglesby - CSCI577b – April 2011

2 Introduction  Who am I?  What is Continuous Integration?  Continuous Integration + Automated Testing  Requirements for successful CI&T  Scaling options  CI&T within CSCI577ab “Cake, and grief counseling, will be available at the end of the testing period.” - GLaDOS 4/27/2011 2

3 Continuous Integration  “Continuous Integration is a software development practice where members of a team integrate their work frequently, usually each person integrates at least daily - leading to multiple integrations per day. Each integration is verified by an automated build (including test) to detect integration errors as quickly as possible.” – Martin Fowler  Born out of eXtreme Programming (XP), not limited to it. 4/27/2011 3

4 What does that mean?  Code commit detection  Per check-in compilation (yes you should do this anyway, but now it’s automatic)  Automated build solution  Expandable to include static code analysis  Results reported to the team  Immediate notification of integration errors  Faster resolution 4/27/2011 4

5 CI & Test  Automated unit & acceptance testing is a natural extension of CI  Reduces test time and cost  Improve communication & project visibility  Updated and available test results throughout development  Bug Tracking System integration for automatically logging new defects  Reduce risk 4/27/2011 5

6 Requirements  Single source repository  Automated build  Automated self-test  Tests run on production environment clone 4/27/2011 6

7 Requirements (cont.)  Fast builds 4/27/2011 7

8 Scaling Up from XP  Add Hierarchy  Execute build at each level of integration  Label version units based on integration test depth Copper Silver Gold  Add Builds  Stable, Beta, Dev, Nightlies 4/27/2011 8

9 CI&T in CSCI577ab  Requires bringing test activities into the first semester  Test case definition during requirements gathering/WikiWinWin  Still requires test case dependencies, even more critical since automation environment needs them  Standardized test procedures and results, automatically generated  Automation Framework + CI Server should be largely reusable across most projects 4/27/2011 9

10 CI&T in CSCI577ab (cont.)  Provides quantitative assessment criteria  Percentage of development time with a failed build  Number of overnight build failures  Number of deleted test cases  Percentage of requirements with corresponding test cases  Percentage of methods not tested  Increases team collaboration, code quality, developer productivity 4/27/

11 Open Source CI&T Solutions  Automated Test Frameworks  Framework for Integrated Test (Fit + Fitnesse)  Software Testing Automation Framework (STAF)  Selenium  Continuous Integration Server  CruiseControl + Subversion “At the end of the experiment you will be baked, and then there will be cake” - GLaDOS 4/27/

12 References  Sean Stolberg, “Enabling Agile Testing Through Continuous Integration”, Agile Conference 2009, IEEE, pg , 2009  Hehui Liu, Zhongjie Li, Jun Zhu, Huafang Tan, and Heyuan Huang, “A Unified Test Framework for Continuous Integration Testing of SOA Solutions”, 2009 International Conference on Web Services, IEEE, pg , 2009  Eun Ha Kim, Jong Chae Na, and Seok Moon Ryoo, “Test Automation Framework for Implementing Continuous Integration”, Sixth International Conference on Information Technology: New Generations, IEEE, pg , 2009  Eun Ha Kim, Jong Chae Na, and Seok Moon Ryoo, “Implementing an Effective Test Automation Framework”, 23 rd Annual IEEE International Computer Software and Applications Conference, IEEE, pg , 2009  Jon Bowyer and Janet Hughes, “Assessing Undergraduate Experience of Continuous Integration and Test- Driven Development”, 28 th International Conference on Software Engineering, ACM, pg , 2006  Fabrizio Cannizzo, Robbie Clutton, and Raghav Ramesh, “Pushing the Boundaries of Testing and Continuous Integration”, Agile 2008 Conference, IEEE, pg , 2008  Christopher G. Jones, “Test-Driven Development Goes to School”, Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, Volume 20, Issue 1, pg , 2004  Martin Fowler, “Continuous Integration”, 2006 4/27/

13 “Well done. Here are the test results: You are a horrible person. I'm serious, that's what it says: A horrible person. We weren't even testing for that.” - GLaDOS Questions? 4/27/

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