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Pengenalan Pembangunan Staff

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1 Pengenalan Pembangunan Staff
Kuliah 1 Pengenalan Pembangunan Staff

Pelajar dapat: 1. Mempelbagai kaedah untuk latihan dan pembangunan staf (C6) 2. Mereka bentuk program latihan dan pembangunan staf (P6, CTPS) 3. Mempamer perlakuan profesional dalam mengendali program latihan dan pembangunan staf (A5, EM).

3 Tajuk Pengertian Evolusi pembangunan staf
Fungsi dan kepentingan pembangunan staf

4 Pengertian Pembangunan Staf
Acquisition of skills, knowledge and attitude both for personal development and career advancement. Encompasses all types of learning opportunities, intensive and collaborative, incorporating an evaluative stage. Approaches include training, consultation, coaching, mentoring, supervision, lesson study, communities of practice and reflective practice.

5 Program Pembangunan Staf
A systematic attempt designed to alter the professional practices, beliefs and understanding of a person towards an articulated end. Attempts to bring about; Change in practices Change in beliefs and attitudes Change in the person’s learning outcomes

6 Perkembangan Pembangunan Staf
The need for professional knowledge, skills and attitude due to the changing demands of a profession in producing goods and services Evolution from a novice to a professional being Example: PPPM

7 Fungsi dan Kepentingan Pembangunan Staf
Education – Teaching and Learning The need for; Improve professional competence Comply with professional regulatory requirement Enhance career progression Keep abreast with new technology Lifelong learning Moral obligation

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