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May 06 PATHALBA A J Robertson on behalf of Pathalba Board.

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1 May 06 PATHALBA A J Robertson on behalf of Pathalba Board

2 May 06 Pathalba Board Alistair Robertson Frank Carey John Simpson Keith Kerr Nessa Barry Robin Reid Jeremy Thomas Derek Bishop David Harrison George Smith Alan Hyslop Martin Irving Aileen Keel Barry Gusterson

3 May 06 Alba Origins Alba] or [Albainn] pnf. g. Albann, Scotland [Albannach] nm. g.v. -aich; pl. -aich, Scotsman : Ban-albannach, Scotswoman; a. Scottish Alba - The kingdom formed by the union of the Picts and Scots under Kenneth I MacAlpin in 843. Their territory, ranging from modern Argyll and Bute to Caithness Alba - A song of lovers' parting at dawn or of a watchman's warning to lovers at dawn.

4 May 06 History JGS and AJR use robotic microscopy to demonstrate that frozen sections can be reliably reported using telepathology-2000 At same time DH and colleagues in Edinburgh develop digital image capture to facilitate MDT BG and colleagues in Glasgow develop MDT utilising videoconferencing and incorporating Telepathology and Teleradiology

5 May 06 History STAF invite bids for Telemedicine projects Decision that 3 bids be unified and a Pan-Scotland Telepathology strategy be developed and implemented February 2002 proceed to develop unified scheme but technology is changing and financial constraints dictate a move away from the concept of real time robotic microscopy

6 May 06 By Autumn 2002 Pathology facing a number of challenges including dearth of consultants to fill posts and drive towards increasing subspecialisation Strategic concept of an internet-based virtual department of Pathology for Scotland (PATHALBA) Development of Scottish Pathology Network Agreement that Network manager would assist in implementation of Pathalba Project History

7 May 06 PATHALBA PROJECT SEHD funding AIM-to deliver access to pathology expertise from colleagues irrespective of geographical location OBJECTIVES :- 1To provide access to a digital pathology workstation for every consultant pathologist 2To ensure that images meet all ethical standards and that there is a forum for sharing images across the NHS community to achieve access to second opinions and allow images to be presented at MDT meetings within and beyond current hospital,health board and cancer network boundaries

8 May 06 Phase 1 80 Systems will be purchased Digital cameras Software systems Individual set up Primary, intermediate and advanced training Indicative cost £300k

9 May 06 Project Plan Scoping exercise Oct/Nov 05 Paper agreed at Pathalba Board Jan 06 Tender for Phase 1 Issued Mar 06 Tender Closing Date 08 May 06 Delivery of systems by Summer 06 Phase 2 delivery by Late 2007

10 May 06 SiteSystems to be suppliedGuidance Costs £k Paisley6 24 Inverclyde1 4 Crosshouse4 16 Dumfries0 0 Fife4 16 Forth Valley3 12 North Glasgow10 40 Yorkhill2 8 South Glasgow4 16 Neuro/Glasgow1 4 Grampian12 48 Highland4 16 Hairmyres2 8 Monklands3 12 Wishaw1 4 Lothian11 44 Tayside9 36 Outcome of Scoping Exercise

11 May 06 Conditions Must take part in review of efficacy Department must be willing to share images across the country Images will be used for diagnostic, research and teaching purposes

12 May 06 Camera Systems Direct to PC via USB2 or Firewire 5 million pixel resolution Minimum of 15fps live image transfer Connection via C Mount

13 May 06 Software Saves in all industry standard formats Image transfer/storage will be DICOM standard enabled All standard image manipulation tools Storage and retrieval by CHI Number, Disease Code etc. Compatibility with Powerpoint

14 May 06 Software Will provide standard measuring tools Calibrated to objective lens during set up All standard image manipulation tools Area measurements, point to point measurements, cell membrane perimeter and user directed counts

15 May 06 Training Phase 1 Local installation and initial instruction/training to individual consultant pathologist 1-1.5 Hours per installation Phase 2 Use of systems, databases etc. 2 hours per installation/site Phase 3 Advance use and preferences. 2 hours per installation/site

16 May 06 What will you get? 1.Digital Camera 2.Associated software 3.Installation and training

17 May 06 What you will not get From Pathalba at any rate !!! New Microscope Trinocular Head C Mount

18 May 06 Hardware & Software X

19 May 06 Options Tenderers have been requested to provide a tendered price for :- Additional camera units for Departments to purchase separately Trinocular Head (Either swap out or new) C Mounts Additional software

20 May 06 Phase 2 Setting up the network infrastructure:- Could use similar to WoS Gynae set up using GCS as basis Could use PACS system (Piggyback) Some other market placed system Tendered Spring 2007 Delivery by Late 2007

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