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May 30th 2008 Something with “prior learning” APL in Rijn IJssel.

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1 may 30th 2008 Something with “prior learning” APL in Rijn IJssel

2 may 30th 20082 43 ROC 13 Agricultural OC

3 may 30th 20083 Regional situation Population: Region: 472.000 Arnhem: 141.500 Area/region:800 km2

4 may 30th 20084 Rijn IJssel, Arnhem Regional vocational training centre 15.000 students 1200 staff Up to EQF level 5 ( nurse, bookkeeper, manager in hotel, trainer/coach, shop manager) 250 licenses (= different professions) Adult Education and special needs

5 may 30th 20085 Something with “prior learning” Starting 98 : high skilled migrants and refugees 99- 2005 specific qualifications ( low skilled workers in fresh food trade, low skilled health staff, follow) 2000- collaboration with other institutes ( technology, economics) 2006 Start APL- plus centre for the whole! institute.

6 may 30th 20086 APL-plus centre One stop All qualifications we have. Assessment and tailor made training. Guiding and Assessment bij “own” staf Training coordinated by “us” School year 2007 – 2008 150 candidates in procedure, increasing. 2,5 FTE management and support ( 4 persons) ; 5FT “production” (20 counselors / assessors )

7 may 30th 20087 What is in a name? ….. of prior learning Recognition (159.000 hits) Validation (4.800 hits) Accreditation (32.000 hits) Assessment (13.800 hits) Valorisation ( a leonardo pilot project 2002, eurospeak) (1 hit) Making explicit Giving it a value Matching it with a formal standard Learning, achievements, competences

8 may 30th 20088 Accreditation of Prior Learning Matching the competences (or skills, knowledge, attitude etc) of a candidate with a formal standard and giving formal acknowledgement. This is what we do!

9 may 30th 20089 What do we need? A standard, e.g. qualification profile Counselor Assessor A kandidate with “something” to bring and with a wish Instruments Quality depends on the quality of the actors together

10 may 30th 200810 The standard Crucial, often not to be influenced ( only selected) What are the descriptors? ( competences, skills, knowledge, attitude, aptitude, tasks, work processes) Is the standard known and accepted? (civil effect) Is the standard written in an accessible way?

11 may 30th 200811 “personnel” Counselor Intake, helping to collect evidence, improve quality of evidence, making the decision with candidate: “this is it”. Knows the procedures, criteria but gives no judgments Assessor (s) Matching the evidence with the standard Using different instruments Guarding procedure and /or content …… 4 eyes Trained? Certified? Intervision? Supervision?

12 may 30th 200812 Instruments Procedure description, criteria ( variation, relevance, authenticity, actuality and quantity), decisive rules. in general: Portfolio in which evidence is linked to specific parts of the standard (competences,skills, knowledge, attitude etc) Secondary instruments: 360 degree feedback, reflection report, Criteria Bases Interview Workplace assessment

13 may 30th 200813 What is the “plus”, “the two loop model” Initial APL Final APL assessment APL report +PDP certification tailor made program or “the end” certification tailor made programIntake and assessment Done “somewhere”, Preferably with “us” ;-) We coordinate!

14 may 30th 200814 Case: Marijke de Boer Woman, 44, recently divorced, 2 children at home. Low educatated: “a couple year spinach accademy as she says” Worked before marriage, started since divorce. Works as non skilled working in a nursing home for the elderly. Has worked 10 years as a scout leader and has done training Wants to be qualified on level 2 Brings in her peoples skills from Scouting Brings in her skills on running houshold and children for 20 years Is qualified after little extra training

15 may 30th 200815 Organisation of qualification Structure KeyTask Work proces description result competenceComponentIndicatorKnowledge/ skill

16 may 30th 200816 Executing projects and activities Guiding, coaching participants descriptionBla bla bla ( 150 words) resultOptimal guided participant according to gaols competenceComponentIndicatorKnowledge/skills -Empathy and understanding -coping with pressure and setbacks (10 out of 26) -giving support (13) … optimal…goal -..productive … stressfull environment (also 10) -Developmet psycology -Communicative skills -ICT (15 items) Proof of learning has to be linked!! HELP US!!

17 may 30th 200817 What can “other” experience bring? Real work processes: E.g. making minutes, guiding children, Transferable competences E.g. leadership, collaboration Quantity E.g professional products, reading, writing Life skills E.g. consumer, participation in society, labor skills Linked to the qualification structure !!! EXPLICIT !!

18 may 30th 200818 Issues, for a complete qualification e.g. diploma Time 20 to 40 hours of portfolio building for the candidate 6 hours guidance 4-6 hours assessment and reporting Good evidence Implicit has to be made explicit Authentic, logos, signatures, dates Trust versus proof You say that you have done it, I believe it but…. (CBI) It involves a lot of money. ( the work itself, “diploma money”, sector funding, extra students). Quality assurance, apl is ONLY apl when it done according the APL code: certified providers! Diplomas are the same!! A lot op paperwork: application forms, status forms, signatures and so on

19 may 30th 200819 It does not matter were you have learned it, only that you can prove you have.

20 may 30th 200820 Want to get in touch? Henry Soyer Rijn IJssel EVC plus Centre Kadestraat 3 Arnhem Netherlands +31651112180

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