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Habib Construction Services (Pvt) Limited

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1 Habib Construction Services (Pvt) Limited
Company profile Passion to Perform

2 Salient Features Company Establishment Date Authorized Capital
Feb 26, 2009 Authorized Capital Rs.100 Million (1,000,000 Shares of Rs.100 each) Paid Up Capital Passion to Perform

3 Main Lines Of Business EPC Project Management Engineering Design
Construction Plant Maintenance & Turn Around Signage Manufacturing Passion to Perform

4 Areas Of Activities Highways and Motorways Airports Dams and Barrages
Buildings Power Plants (Hyde & Simple /Combined Cycle Power Plants) Chemical / Petrochemical Fertilizer & Refinery Oil & Gas Water Treatment / Sewerage Treatment Passion to Perform

5 Vision To Become A Total Solution Provider In The Engineering Industry
From Concept To Completion Under One Roof. Passion to Perform

6 Mission Habib Construction & Engineering Passion to Perform
Aspires for a leading global market position by Delivering world-class engineering construction services Reinforcing its world-wide corporate alliances, And upholding top-tier quality and ethical standards As the backbone of its progressive growth. To provide A level of service that will exceed the expectation of Our clients, maintain the highest level of quality and Allow our employees the opportunity to grow and Prosper along with the company. To instil confidence With all parties By professionally managing all aspects of each and Every project be it large or small.    Passion to Perform

7 Core Values Passion to Perform
Honesty : Always be truthful, open and candid Integrity: To do what we say, live up to the highest standard of fairness and ethical behaviour  Culture: We seek new opportunities to learn, to improve, to teach and to add value  Passion : We love what we do, we lead by example and we take lead Building Robust Client Loyalty: Generate a loyal customer base via full integration with client-driven alliances.  Empowering Effective Corporate Communication : Develop collaborative communication networking channels to inspire and mobilize all resources at hand to reach out for their full potential.  Endorsing Proactive Planning: Design the blueprint for future development and secure sustained strategic repositioning to effectively manoeuvre rapidly fluctuating global, regional, and local market conditions. Passion to Perform

8 QHSE Policy Passion to Perform
Habib Construction Services (Pvt) Limited, provides Engineering and construction services for infrastructure and Industrial projects. We all are committed to provide and continually improve quality of our products and services by adopting sound working practices in a manner that achieves and sustain customer satisfaction, without compromising on health, safety & environment(HSE). Quality, health, safety & environmental system (QHSE) is an integral part of our company culture. The company views QHSE compliance as a primary management responsibility and key to business success. Habib Construction Services, QHSE system has the active commitment of all management, employees and other stakeholders’. Through continual improvement and firm application of our QHSE management system Habib Construction Services conducts its business in a manner that should not harm people and have a minimal impact upon the environment. This includes:- Complying with all applicable regulation, legal laws and other requirements related to QHSE. Developing framework for establishing and reviewing QHSE Objectives and targets. Maximize focus on employee health and on continuously improving the work environment. Passion to Perform

9 QHSE Policy Cont..... Passion to Perform
Conduct our operation through efficient use of material and energy, with minimum waste and damage to the environment. Applying and supporting a hazards Identification, risk assessment and pollution prevention process which drives the implementation of controls to minimize the likelihood of injury or ill health and environmental damages. Providing sufficient information, advice, training and supervision to ensure that people under our control are fully aware of their responsibilities and are trained to undertake their activities and improve skills needed for our operation. Providing channels for the communication by our employees (or other potentially affected persons) to contribute to improvements in our quality, health safety and environmental performance. Measuring and reporting quality, health, safety and environmental performance on a regular, consistent and meaningful basis and comparing this performance against a known benchmark. Passion to Perform

10 Share Holding SHAIKH AZHAR ALI (339,000 Shares--- 33.9%)
SHAHID SALEEM (246,000 Shares %) WASEEM AFZAL (60,000 Shares--- 6%) M. AZAM BHATTI (54,000 Shares %) M. SHABBIR (48,000 Shares %) ATEEQ ZAMAN KHAN (40,000 Shares--- 4%) MANAGEMENT (213,000 Shares %) 23 MANAGEMENT STAFF Passion to Perform

11 Profile Of Directors Passion to Perform SHAIKH AZHAR ALI
Sheikh Azhar Ali, a graduate in Civil Engineering in 1992 has been holding major positions in the public as well as private sector both in Pakistan as well as Internationally before joining Habib Construction (HCS) Shaikh Azhar has been heading various companies in the capacity of Chairman ,Managing Director , Director of Power Chemical and Engineering Companies in Pakistan and Gulf. Passion to Perform

12 Profile Of Directors SHAHID SALEEM Passion to Perform
Mr. Shahid Saleem is a well known name in Construction Industry. He in his role as Director in the private sector of a large construction company has been instrumental in delivering large mega projects in Infrastructure of the Country which include Karachi - Hyderabad Super Highway, TALIBWALA Bridge project, Moro Baberlo Additional Carriageway ,M-3, M-1 ,Sialkot International Airport etc. Presently while leading HCS team, completion of works over Lahore Ring Road Project are at his credit. Passion to Perform

13 Profile Of Directors WASEEM AFZAL Passion to Perform
Mr. Waseem Afzal has successful completion of ,M-1 project at his credit as Project Director ,NHA besides acquiring rich experience in the field of planning, procurement & contract administration while serving NHA. He is also key member of HCS team over Lahore Ring Road Projects. Passion to Perform

14 Profile Of Directors M. AZAM BHATTI Passion to Perform
Mr. Azam Bhatti, a very experienced and professional engineer who managed a number of successful projects in last 30 years while working in senior positions both in Army and private sector. He has tremendous contribution over Lahore Ring Road Package-9. Passion to Perform

15 Profile Of Directors MUHAMMAD SHABIR Passion to Perform
Mr. Muhammad Shabir is a graduate in Quantity Surveying (UK) and also has a TEC Diploma in Building Studies (UK). He worked for Quantity Surveying Consultancy firm and Contractor in UK. On his return to Pakistan he joined National Logistic Cell as a chief Quantity Surveyor, and later he worked with National Highway Authority as a Quantity Surveying and Estimation Specialist, during his stay in NHA he prepared Composite Schedule of Rates. He has over 20 years experience in estimation, tendering, contract documents and appraisal, contract administration and management, cash flow forecasts, financial feasibility studies, "Cost-in- Use" studies, valuations and escalations etc. Passion to Perform

16 Profile Of Directors ATEEQ ZAMAN KHAN Passion to Perform
Mr. Ateeq Zaman Khan holds a Masters Degree in Structural Engineering as well as Masters Degree in Computer Science from LUMS. He has been holding senior position in the corporate sector. He has been monitoring mega projects in Pakistan such as Mangla Dam, Mirani Dam, Islamabad Motorway Project, Kachi Canal, Rainee Canal, Taunsa Barrage, Satpara Dam.He is well versed with the construction norms of the industry. Passion to Perform

17 Human Capital The Company takes pride in its Human Capital. The Company’s overall management experience spans into more than 400 years handling mega scale projects. As Of 31 January 2009 Engineers No. Supervisors (Diploma / Associate Engineers) No. Direct Work Force ,300 No. Passion to Perform

18 Equipment Capabilities
Company’s policy is to built up the capabilities in specialized areas of Concrete, Asphalt and Lifting. This shall put the company in an advantageous position in the market. As Of 31 January 2009 Concrete Batch Plant (30 CUM/HR) 03 No Concrete Batch Plant (45 CUM/HR) 01 No Concrete Batch Plant (60 CUM/HR) 01 No Concrete Batch Plant (90 CUM/HR) 01 No Concrete Pump 02 No. Power Curber 01 No Earth Moving Machinery Graders/Roller/Wheel Loader 05 No. Generators 08 No. (Aggregate capacity 780 KVA) Passion to Perform

19 Project Cost (Million Rupees)
Projects Completed Name of the Project Project Cost (Million Rupees) Client Ownership Commencement Date Completion Date LRR, Construction Of Interchange At Saggian (Package-4) 959 NLC C&W Punjab February 3, July 30, 2009 LRR, Construction Of Interchange At Airport Access Road (Package-7) 1200 Sep 12, 2009 June 11, 2010 (Early Completion) LRR, Construction Of Interchange At Harbanspura Canal Crossing (Package-9) 1250 March 01, 2009 Feb 28, 2010 LRR, Construction Of Interchange At Gt Road (Package-10) 1500 Feb 25, 2009 LRR, Construction Of Road Portion From Mahmood Booti To Lakhu Dair (Package-13) 450 May 30, 2009 Oct 30, 2009 Passion to Perform

20 Projects In Hand Passion to Perform Name of the Project
Project Cost (Million Rupees) Client Commencement Date Completion Date Status LRR,Construction Of Interchange At Ghazi Road, (Package-11) 1500 NLC Feb 15, 2010 June 30, 2010 Sub Contractor Improvement/Rehabilitation Of Existing Multan Road, Lahore From Thokar Niaz Baig To Chuburji (Package-i & Ii) 1200 New Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad Package 1, Airside Infrastructure( Civil Works ) ( A Joint Venture Of Lagan Construction, Technical Associate And Habib Construction Services Pvt. Ltd.) 11825 CAA July 02, 2011 Main Contractor 50% share (Balance Work Rs Million) Passion to Perform

21 Future Projects Passion to Perform GHABIR Dam Project Wapda
Value Rs.7 Billion Joint Venture Of I) Dongfang Ii) Technical Assocaites Iii) Habib Construction Services CHASHMA Hydro Power Project Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Value Rs.70 Million Construction Contract From Dongfang Replacement Of Flare In FERTIL (Abu Dhabi) Fertil (Adnoc) Value US $7.0million Sub Contract From SAIPEM Passion to Perform

22 Habib Engineering Services Company (Pvt) Limited (Hesco)
Date Of Establishment 9th February 2010 Authorized Capital Rs.100 Million Paid Up Capital Rs.500,000/- Directors Shaikh Azhar Ali Shahid Saleem Waseem Afzal Tahir Amin Malik Muhammad Altaf Passion to Perform

23 Habib Engineering Services Company (Pvt) Limited (Hesco)
Main Activities Signage Manufacturing Plant Maintenance & Turn Around Plant Construction Fabrication (Porta Cabin, Piping, Shuttering, Vessel Etc.) Passion to Perform

24 Fabrication Facilities
Total Area : 36,000 Sqft Covered Area : 15,000 Sqft Rolling Capacity : 12mm Steel Structure Fabrication Capacity 150 Ton/Month Passion to Perform

25 Financial Performance
Passion to Perform

26 Financial Performance
Passion to Perform

27 Assets & Liabilities Passion to Perform

28 Assets & Liabilities Passion to Perform

29 Share Capital Passion to Perform

30 Share Holders Equity Passion to Perform

31 Clients C & W NLC CAA WAPDA (Under Bidding)
Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (Under Bidding) Passion to Perform

32 Partners INT’L PARTNERS Lagan (Benazir Bhutto Int’l Airport) - IRELAND
Dongfang (Ghabir Dam) - CHINA SAIPEM (Oil and Gas Sector) - ITALY LOCAL PARTNERS NLC (Lahore Ring Road Project) Technical Associates (Pakistan) Pvt Limited Benazir Bhutto Int’l Airport Ghabir Dam Passion to Perform

33 Thank You Passion to Perform

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