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Preserving Luxury in Halal Tourism Nabeel Shariff BA MCIM Director Serendipity Tailormade & Luxury Halal Travel.

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1 Preserving Luxury in Halal Tourism Nabeel Shariff BA MCIM Director Serendipity Tailormade & Luxury Halal Travel


3 Halal Tourism Shariah Compliant Muslim Friendly Travel Halal Friendly Travel Religious Tourism Segregated Holidays Muslim only resorts Spiritual Tourism

4 Food Preparation Prayer Facilities Non-Alcohol Environment Muslim friendly activities Private Facilities Halal Friendly Travel “Experiences for the Muslim traveller which enable him or her to consciously maintain one or several aspects of their faith”

5 “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury” Coco Chanel

6 Opulence Fringe Benefits Decision shifter (Loyalty) Morality Core Needs (Sustenance & Environment) The Traditional Luxury Market Approach Level of importance

7 Fringe Benefits Morality Decision shifter (Halal Friendly & Trust) Core Needs (Sustenance & Environment) Opulence The halal friendly luxury market Currently a luxury for the Muslim market Level of importance

8 Are Muslim travellers really interested in luxury? Yes! However luxury travel consumption is dependent on :  Higher than average disposable income  Socio-economic influences  Access to communication and marketing messages

9 Source : The future of the global Muslim population, Pew Research Centre, 2011


11 Is there a difference between marketing luxury to Muslims and non-Muslims? “It was concluded that although implementing a market-oriented culture is central to the marketers’success, it is not right to just focus on religion as a separating factor that can isolate the Muslim market. It was suggested to change one’s viewpoint and analyze the market with a broader vision that can bring innovative ideas and also find similarities and differentiations between Islamic luxury markets with non-Islamic luxury markets.” Teimourpour & Hanzaee 2013, An analysis of Muslims’ luxury market in Iran

12 The Angels Peninsula: The first luxury halal hotel brand? Perceived Quality Cost per night Angels’ Peninsula Shaza Hotels Rayhaan by Rotana Adenya Resort Al Jawhara Hotels

13 Key differentiations to local competition Premium pricing strategy Unique location & exclusive services Luxury approach to inclusive services, for example A la Carte dining A yacht landing wharf with options to charter The Angels Peninsula : The first luxury halal hotel brand?

14 Muslims in the west and the developed world are accustomed to international marketers addressing their social needs without forcing the issue of religion Adapted from Alserhan 2011 The Principles of Islamic Marketing

15 UK TravellerUAE Traveller Halal FoodWould be nice to haveMust have… Butler / Maid ServiceA special touchI’ll bring my own as well… MasjidIt would be a great experience to meet other Muslims Should be within a few minutes' drive Alcohol free environmentAs long as it’s not on my table Prefer private dining in my own space Homogenous surroundingsI would like to chat with other guests Prefer to focus on enjoying my holiday with my family Space and SizeA 60 sqm villa is huge!60 sqm is a good sized bathroom A transfer in a Toyota PriusAcceptable, we’ll squeeze in and it’s good for the environment I would prefer a bit more space for my transfer Is there a difference marketing luxury halal travel between Muslims source markets?

16 What are the ethical considerations for the Muslim friendly traveller? Religious commitments and beliefs influence people’s feelings and attitudes toward consumption Jamal 2003, Marketing in a multicultural world: the interplay of marketing, ethnicity and consumption”, European Journal of Marketing

17 Developing the luxury halal travel maket Focus on the long term, build trust and be honest. Loyalty rules over all! Segment your offering to the current market with high disposable incomes and instil the product benefits for future generations Create a market-oriented culture and develop Islamic service qualities which include Islamic values, attention to Islamic religious routines, modesty, and trustworthiness.

18 Thank you Questions?

19 Disclaimer The material in this presentation has been prepared by Serendipity Tailormade Ltd and is general background information about the Halal Travel Market at the date of this presentation. This information is given in summary form and any forecasting information should not be considered as advice or a recommendation to investors or potential investors in relation to their company(s). Before acting on any information you should consider the appropriateness of the information having regard to these matters. Forecasts and hypothetical examples are subject to uncertainty and contingencies outside Serendipity Tailormade’s control. The content of this presentation remains the copyright of Serendipity Tailormade Ltd.

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