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Making noise for greater pedestrian priority Tony Armstrong Chief Executive Living Streets.

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1 Making noise for greater pedestrian priority Tony Armstrong Chief Executive Living Streets

2 What I’d like to cover: Celebrate our impact Overview of Living Streets’ strategy Why “making noise”?

3 Celebrating our impact


5 Pedestrian priority- the journey

6 No more “Ministry of Silly Walks?”


8 Making noise = Showing support

9 But bear in mind…

10 Our approach

11 16 pedestrians were killed or seriously injured every day in 2011. Every DAY. Department for Transport: Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain: 2011 Annual Report



14 Our approach: emotion, reach, mass support and interest

15 And solution focused… 10,000 people took action on our 20mph e action 700 people wrote to Councillors on icy pavements Smarter crossings campaign about to launch Influencing current Government work on active travel- with results





20 National Walking Month 2013 Walk to Work Week 13-17 May Walk to School Week 20-24 May

21 Media 497 pieces of coverage A 64% increase on last year Estimated value of coverage: £372,819

22 Walk to Work Week 81,067 miles logged 627 new workplaces signed up 93% of participants said they’d take part again next year Over 50% said they’d change their behaviour (walk more!) as a result of Walk to Work Week

23 Profile raising 72,199 unique visitors to the Living Streets website in May 4,968 mentions of National Walking Month on Twitter 6,325 mentions of Walk to Work Week on Twitter Facebook reach at peak: 28,939

24 Political engagement Number of ministers/shadow ministers attending NWM events: 7 Number of MPs attending events in their constituency: 8 Number of MPs signed up to our Early Day Motions: 50



27 “Our goal is to influence the policy and practice of local authorities and demonstrate our legitimacy and credibility to national government audiences, as well as to strengthen Living Streets’ own capacity in key locations.”

28 English targets: - South Yorkshire - Greater Manchester - West Midlands - Maintaining London and North East as targets areas Building sustainable Scotland presence Establishing presence in Wales


30 Early Results Building on our award winning projects! Walk to Work Week Before: 26% walking for some or their entire journey to or from work 5 days per week After: 47% Before: 30% walked at or during work 5 days a week After: 47% 50% felt that their overall level of walking had increased Percentage of people travelling by car/ van decreased by 6%

31 Results Dramatic results in mode shift from walk to school outreach project

32 Two new projects aimed at breaking down barriers: Older people project in South Yorkshire: improving walking environment and increasing walking so that we tackle isolation and support independence for as long as possible Primary to secondary transition in Manchester: using the transition between schools to maintain and increase walking levels and instil active lifestyles in young people


34 Big success: now have over 30,000 supporters- a 1500% increase over 2 years! We now have 18 Living Streets Groups and 24 Affiliated Groups – all taking action to create better streets in their area. This is a vital part of our overall strategy: -Volume of support = credibility -Reach = more people taking action


36 Products and partnerships – supporting impact and influence


38 In conclusion… Seen some great success, but we’re looking to the future There is a lot more to be done, and we need to focus relentlessly on making noise for pedestrians and demanding pedestrian priority Very ambitious strategy, because… we must see more progress, more success and a better deal for pedestrians Thank you! We couldn’t achieve as much as we have without our committed supporters

39 In conclusion… Happy to take questions later, and please do talk to me during the day But also, please do talk to each other- there is so much experience, knowledge and inspiration in the room And finally- to demonstrate our influence- a special message from someone who has been very supportive...


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