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SINDEX SINDEX www.thmemgallery.comCompany Logo SINDEX 5.1 Vision Mission & Objective 5.2 History 5.3 Organisers 5.4 Modus Operandi & Activities 5.5 Flashback.

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3 www.thmemgallery.comCompany Logo SINDEX 5.1 Vision Mission & Objective 5.2 History 5.3 Organisers 5.4 Modus Operandi & Activities 5.5 Flashback 5.6 SINDEX 2010 5.7 How to Begin? – 10 Steps of Creativity

4 Sabah INvention & Design EXhibition S IN D EX SINDEX Pameran Rekacipta dan Rekabentuk Sabah

5 SINDEX Website http://www. Sindex Website

6 Vision, Mission & Objective VISION To create a creative society towards excellence MISSION To create awareness of the importance of creativity and to instill creative thinking among our new generation OBJECTIVE To supplement and complement the Government’s efforts to inculcate and nurture creative thinking among our new generation especially in the field of science and technology through motivation, invention competitions and exhibitions.

7 The 4 “THINGS” Behind SINDEX 1)CREATIVITY is the most powerful resource. It is a very important tool and force for solving problem and changes for BETTER. No CREATIVITY >> No Advancement. 2) CREATIVITY is not only important for few creative Careers - With CREATIVITY, one can do better 3) CREATIVITY is not only for a few talented ones – It can be learned 4)Under the prevailing environment, if you don’t do anything you would be losing our CREATIVITY with ages

8 SINDEX - HISTORY  1996 – Ideas were first mooted  1998 - The First Invention Project in Sabah, The Young Inventor Award Project  Organised by Rotary Club of Likas Bay  With Full support of the UST and Sabah Education Department  Only for Secondary Students in KK Areas

9 SINDEX HISTORY With resounding success of the Young Inventor Award Project Malaysian Invention and Design Society (MINDS), KK Chapter suggested to Organize a State Wide Invention Project in Sabah. With UST, Education Dept and Rotary Network as the backbone throughout Sabah The same year, 1998 saw the birth of First SINDEX project, SINDEX 1998 – RC Kota Kinabalu was the Lead Club

10 SINDEX Pameran Rekacipta dan Rekabentuk Sabah Sindex History SINDEX 1998 – RC Kota Kinabalu SINDEX 2000 – RC Likas Bay SINDEX 2002 – RC Sutera Kinabalu SINDEX 2005 – RC Likas Bay SINDEX 2007 – RC Kota Kinabalu SINDEX 2010 – RC Likas Bay

11 1. Science and Technology Unit (UST) 2. Sabah Education Department 3. All Rotary Clubs in Sabah 4. MOSTI 5. IEM, Sabah Branch 6. PAM, Sabah Chapter 7. Universiti Malaysia Sabah 8. SIRIM Berhad 9. Shell Malaysia 10. Daily Express 11.Federation of Sabah Manufacturers 12. Jabatan Muzium Negeri Sabah 13. Jabatan Penyiaran Malaysia Sabah 14.Jabatan Penerangan Sabah 15. MYIPO 1. Unit Sains dan Teknologi 2. Rotary Clubs in Sabah, District 3310 “SPONSOR” UTAMA Joint Partners in Service Sponsors and Organizers

12 THE APPROACH  THE TARGET GROUP – Young New Generation  THREE (3) CENTRES/DIVISIONS  TRAINING OF MOTIVATORS – Rotarians, Volunteers and Teachers  Trained Teachers shall act as Motivators as well as Catalysts all year round in their schools  Motivation Talks (CREATIVITY & SINDEX)  TRAINING – Patent Search & Judging  INVENTION COMPETITIONS  INVENTION EXHIBITIONS  PRIZE PRESENTATION

13 SINDEX - Main Activities Focus on our new generation who shall be our future leaders leading the State and Nation, meantime only targeting on secondary school students in Sabah. 1) Training of Motivators  Train as many Rotarians, Volunteers, and secondary school teachers as possible  Target some 600 or more secondary school teachers in Sabah.  Trained Motivated Teachers to motivate, guide and inspire their students to be more creative and innovative. 2) Motivation Talks to Students  The most important activity of the SINDEX programme  Deploy Rotarians & Volunteers to conduct motivation talks to as many schools as possible  In 2007, more than 9,800 students attended the motivation talks  Target 15,000 students will be benefitted from the motivation talk in SINDEX 2010

14 SINDEX Activities (Cont’d) 3) SINDEX Roadshow – To encourage Schools & motivate their students to participate 4) Divisional Competition and Exhibition  Sandakan and Tawau  Shortlisted entries will participate in the grand "finale”, SINDEX 2010, the State level competition and exhibition to be held in Kota Kinabalu. 5) The Judging of Invention Competitions ◦ Closing date for invention entries submission to be announced later. 6) The State Level SINDEX (Grand Finale)  Will be held sometime after mid year, 2010  The highlight will be the Prize Presentation and Grand Prize, the Yong Inventor Award by the YAB, Chief Minister of Sabah

15 K.K. Sandakan Tawau PUSAT PERTANDINGAN & PAMERAN Competition Centres

16 Prizes

17 Important Dates Closing Date - 16 Julai 2010(?) State Level Exhibition 18 & 19 Sept 2010(?) UMS, Kota Kinabalu

18 II - MENENGAH ATAS Tingkatan 4 - 5 /Senior. 1 -3 I - MENENGAH RENDAH Tingkatan 1-3 /Junior. 1 -3 2 KATEGORI Categories

19 KRITERIA - KRITERIA Untuk Memilih Pemenang-Pemenang 1. DAYA CIPTA/KEASLIAN (Originality) 2. KREATIVITI (Creativity) 3. KEGUNAAN (Application and usage) 4. POTENSI KOMERSIAL (Commercial Potentiality) Jemaah Hakim akan mengambil kira pengetahuan pencipta mengenai rekacipta yang disertakan termasuklah penggunaan teknologi terkini, fungsi model serta status rekacipta yang meliputi tahap penyelidikan, pembangunan dan penyediaan untuk hasil tersebut. The judging will also take into account of the inventor’s knowledge of the invention & state-of-art technology, functionality of the model/prototype and the status of the invention i.e. completeness of research and development and readiness for production Judging Criterion

20 PENCIPTA-PENCIPTA Inventors – Individual or Group INDIVIDU KUMPULAN

21 1.Elektronik & Mekanikal (Electronic & Mechanical) (Electronic & Mechanical) 2. Teknologi Biasa & Kejuruteraan (General Technology & Engineering) Kejuruteraan (General Technology & Engineering) 3. Kimia (Chemistry) 4. Pejabat & Pendidikan (Office & Education) 5. Projek Khas (Special Project if any) REKACIPTA Dibahagikan Kepada 5 KLASIFIKASI KUMPULAN (5 Classification Groups of Inventions) Classification Group

22 21 KLASIFIKASI REKACIPTA A. Aerospace & Aviation B. Agriculture C. Apparel D. Automotive E. Personal Care Products F. Industrial Chemicals G. Building and Construction H. Educational Items I. Electricity/Electronic/ Telecommunications J. Environmental K. Health & Fitness L. Household Items M. Audio-Visual Equipment N. Infant and Child Care Materials O. Industrial Equipment P. Office Products and Printing Q. Sports and Games R.Manufacturing Processes S.Transportation T.Multimedia 21 Classifications of Invention

23 REKACIPTA yang boleh diserahkan dan dipamerakan untuk Pertandingan: 1 Bahan Tercipta 2 Prototype 3 Model 4 Pelan/Lukisan Submission Format



26 4 Roles of the Creative Process by Roger Von Oech 1) Explorer – Look for new opportunities to be creative 2) Artist - Creates new ideas 3) Judge and – Evaluate which ideas to be implemented 4) Warrior – Put the idea into Action

27 10 Steps of CREATIVITY 1)Open Your Door & Instil your Positive Belief 2)Acquire the Creative Thinking Techniques 3)Choose/Identify/Explore a Problem/Project – Be selective 4)Define the Problem/Project – Avoid making false assumption, ask the right questions based on fundamental, broad but narrow the filed of enquiry, avoid rifle-shot questions with “no” answer.

28 10 Steps of CREATIVITY (con’t) 5)Creative Thinking/Artist - Be creative with Curious & Open mind, transform into good ideas 6)Incubation & Breakthrough – In hibernation where unconscious processes take over 7) Judge – Critic & Evaluation 8) Verification – Polishing & Refining 9)Warrior – Be a Soldier & Salesperson. Put/ Transform your idea into Action/Product 10)Celebration – Time to enjoy the fruit & thanksgiving

29 Define the Problem/Project Step No. 4 of 10 Steps “A problem correctly stated is half solved” by Edward De Bono

30 (4) Define the Problem/Project A)Avoid Making False Assumptions B)Ask the Right Questions - Ask fundamental, broad questions but narrow the filed of enquiry, try to get ”Yes” answers and avoid rifle-shot questions normally with “no” answer. Before defining the Problem/Project, do the following:- For Examples: 1)Fundamental Question - An ailing Pen Manufacturing Co failed to increase their sales by all specific answers focusing on answering one key question,” What should they do to increase sales of their pens?” Eventually a new recruited Marketing Chief tackled the problem by asking the fundamental question, “What business are they realy in?” He found out that people bought their expensive pens as gifts for others. This changed them from being a Pen Co to Gift Co that sold pens. This led to change their strategies in packaging, distribution and pricing etc.

31 (4) Define the Problem/Project B) Ask the Right Questions (Cont’d) For Examples: 2)Ask Broad Questions & Avoid Rift-Shot Questions a) QUESS A No Between 100 to 200 - A better question would be “Is it largest than 150” instead of rifle-shot question," Is it 134?” which normally with a “No” answer. If the answer is “Yes”, then the next question could be “Is it less than 175” and so on. b) A Murder Case – It’d be better to ask broad questions that narrow the field of enquiry, such as “Was she murdered?” instead of “Was she killed by his former fired employee?”.

32 MENDAPAT ILHAM untuk MENCIPTA (Getting ideas/inspirations what to invent)

33 Langkah 1: LIHAT SEKELILING KAMU (Looking Around) Langkah 3: BERTINDAK (Fix It) Langkah 2: KENALPASTI MASALAH Find a problem ? Mendapat Ilham Untuk Mencipta

34 MEMBUAT PEMERHATIAN (Self Observation) Masalah berada di sekeliling anda setiap hari. Anda perlu merangsangkan untuk mengesan mereka. Problems are around you everyday. You have to tune your mind to see them By self Observation

35 Sebagai ”pemerhati ” Be a SCOUT MEMERHATI(LOOKING) MENDENGAR(Listening) BERCEMBAHANPEMIKIRAN(Brainstorming) Sebagai “PEMERHATI” Be a SCOUT MEMIKIR(Thinking) Be a SCOUT

36 Informasi Teknologi Muzium Maklumbalas (Feedback) Masalah Kini (Existing Problem - Inventors find problems & turn into inventions! ) Mendapat Ilham Untuk Mencipta

37 Prepared by Tsen Kui Loi Feb 2010 SOALAN ??? Question??

38 Roles of Parents/Guidance & Teachers  Motivator  Facilitator  Guidance  Advisory basis

39 Pelajar perlu menjalankan projek secara berdikari manakala guru dan ibu bapa hanya bertindak sebagai penasihat. Guru dan ibu bapa boleh memberi motivasi, bimbingan dan nasihat kepada peserta-peserta, megesah dan mengedarkan borang berkenaan, memberi bantuan atau penyelarasan dalam sub misi atau pameran. The teachers & parents can act only as facilitators whereby the students are required to work on their projects themselves independently, i.e. the teachers and parents are responsible for motivating, encouraging, and advising the participants, signing and distributing appropriate forms and assisting/making arrangements for the submission and exhibition. Roles of Teachers and Parents Peranan & Tanggungjawab Guru & Ibu Bapa

40 Guru dan ibu bapa dalam sekolah menengah rendah akan lebih menglibatkan diri mereka kerana murid pada tahap ini belum berkeupayaan untuk merancang secara sendiri, pencarian maklumat dan pemikirn idea yang baru. Teachers/parents of lower secondary are likely to become more involved because many of these students will not be able to plan independently, research, and develop an idea. Roles of Teachers and Parents Peranan & Tanggungjawab Guru & Ibu Bapa

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