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  © Steria Steria and Corporate Responsibility (CR) Managing our business responsibly.

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1   © Steria Steria and Corporate Responsibility (CR) Managing our business responsibly

2   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 2 Corporate responsibility is at the heart of our strategy It is about  Sustainable growth  Respect and equality between stakeholders  Social purpose of our business life

3   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 3 Corporate responsibility is at the heart of our strategy  It is a part of our DNA  Founder vision  Unique governance  Living values  Employee engagement  It is embedded in everything we do  Business solutions  Client service  Employee relations  Shareholder relations  Local community links

4   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 4 Some achievements  Bombay Stock Exchange award for best CSR practice in promoting educational programmes for communities for 3 consecutive years  Nasscom Social Innovation Honours  Golden Peacock special commendation award for CSR  Gaia: one of the best score in sustainable development index for midcaps on the Paris Stock Exchange  Improvement in CR ratings by Vigeo agency  2010 Grand Prix for employee shareholding in France  Number 2 listed by Great Place to Work Institute in Norway  HR excellence award in Spain  Highest score in Carbon Disclosure Project 2010 for our market sector with an A rating  Best supplier awarded by SFR in France

5   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 5 Communicating our activities   CR brochure  Benchmark surveys  Vigeo and Gaia  Showcases on UN Global Compact page

6   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 6 We support the UN Global Compact initiative Covers ten universal principles:  human rights  labour standards  the environment  anti-corruption Steria and corporate responsibility (CR)

7   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 7 The 4 parts of our Corporate Responsibility strategy Build a sustainable environment and help our clients do the same Take responsibility for our actions and for promoting ethical business practices 1. ENVIRONMENT2. MARKETPLACE Support the growth and development of our people Help disadvantaged people to help themselves by giving them access to IT, to education and to a job 3. WORKPLACE4. COMMUNITY Steria and CR

8   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 8 Governance Model Group CR sponsor: François Enaud Economic responsibility Excom sponsor: Olivier Vallet Governance Excom sponsor: Laurent Lemaire Environmental responsibility Excom sponsor: John Torrie Social responsibility Excom sponsor: François Mazon Communities Excom sponsor: Mukesh Aghi Network Leader Solfrid Skilbrigt Network Leader John Neilson. Network Leader Sylvie Verstraeten. Network Leader Dominique Lambert / Gayathri Mohan CR Advisory Board CSR programme director Solfrid Skilbrigt Corporate Responsibility STEERING COMMITTEE Environmental responsibility Excom sponsor: John Torrie Workplace responsibility Excom sponsor: Johan Vermeule Communities Excom sponsor: Mukesh Aghi Network Leader John Neilson Siva Niranjan Network Leader Hilde Solberg Holm Network Leaders Dominique Lambert Gayathri Mohan CR programme director Solfrid Skilbrigt Marketplace responsibility Excom sponsor: Laurent Lemaire Network Leader Markus Hackenjos Joachim Philippi

9   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 9 Part 1: ENVIRONMENT (Green)  Build a sustainable environment and help our clients do the same Steria and corporate responsibility (CR)

10   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 10 ICT a small contributor to climate change ICT can play a big role in the solution & containment of climate change Helping other Sectors to cut Carbon Emissions ~2% ~98% ~15% reduction Smarter use of ICT* across all economies could reduce global emissions by 15+% by 2020 Source: Smart 2020: Enabling the low carbon economy in the information age, The Climate Group and McKinsey Company, 2008 *ICT: Information and Communication Technology

11   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 11 Environmental objectives for a ‘win-win’ for all Objectives based on where we can have maximum positive impact

12   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 12 Building a Sustainable Environment  Engage each individual in building a sustainable environment  Instil and support culture among all employees in living green  Green Ambassadors across the company  Focus on what we can do in ‘day to day’ business  Decrease use of paper, travel and energy consumption  Increase recycling in all areas and reduce waste  Encourage our employees to take the best practice to their homes, local schools and neighbourhood communities  Integrate environmental thinking into the business  Be proactive in providing though leadership to our clients and partners  ISO 14001 certification on a global basis  Go beyond regulatory reporting  Demonstrate our achievements, credentials and plans to all stakeholders  Examples: GRI Performance Indicators, Carbon Disclosure Project and UN Global Compact Steria and corporate responsibility (CR)

13   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 13 Helping our clients become greener Steria and corporate responsibility (CR)

14   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 14 Value add with Green Solutions to Clients “Develop innovative solutions utilising applications, infrastructures & networks and support our clients to make their business become more cost effective and environmentally sustainable” Field Service MgtEnergy Management WorkflowGreen IT Smart Transport E-government Sustainability Consulting Smart Metering

15   2010 Achievements for Environment  CDP2010 gives Steria Performance Banding/Rating of ‘A’ and Disclosure Score of 89%. Only organisation in our market sector receive ‘A’ banding.  Carbon Neutral for Air & Road from 2010 with two offset projects, one in India and the other in China.  Establishment of Environmental Management System to ISO14001 with certification achieved in Spain, Germany, Austria, Poland, UK (HQ, Belfast & Reading), Sweden and Norway.  Move to a ‘eco-Smart’ Green building in Sweden.  Developing Green capabilities & solutions to take to Clients.  Best Supplier Challenge Award at SFR for Innovation, Customer Satisfaction and Sustainable Development.

16   Carbon Neutral for ‘Air and Road’ Travel India China 21.93MW Electricity, local employment and Infrastructure >500 jobs, unique initiative, only project to use CMM as fuel for gas supply

17   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 17 Objectives for Environment 2011 and beyond  Our ‘Living Green’ initiatives will instil greener behaviour and focus on ‘greening our offices’, including the move to ‘energy positive’ Green building in France, and putting in place a process to measure paper, toner and water consumption and waste disposal, and implement paper and waste reduction initiatives.  Continuation of ISO14001 certification programme across the group to a completion.  Continuation of Carbon Neutral for Business Travel across the group.  Support our Clients with our thought leadership and solutions to become a more environmentally sustainable business.  Externally report our activities to Carbon Disclosure Project, UN Global Compact and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

18   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 18 Part 2: MARKETPLACE  Taking responsibility for our actions and promoting ethical business practices Steria and corporate responsibility (CR)

19   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 19 Steria Code of ethics  Ethics for us means not just being compliant with the law but about living according to our values  Ensuring that our employees are doing business in conformity with our values  Ensuring healthy business practices  Ensuring that our suppliers are compliant with Steria ethics

20   Ensuring that all managers and employees live our values In the annual performance management interview, the assessment of each employee starts by evaluating the alignment of behavior with our values Simplicity Simplicity is the core value expressing the personality and the style of the company and enables us to deliver effective solutions and results for our customers. It is also a company philosophy, having simple processes and structures enable us to take decisions quickly, rapidly transforming ideas into results which excel.  Human values and shared ownership are deep in our DNA Respect All along the 40 years of our entrepreneurial story, our people and our customer’s best interests have always been at the very heart of our strategic decisions. In our approach, we consider the business needs of our customers first. We consider our people to be our primary asset. We trust any single individual in giving him or her autonomy and the right support to perform their mission. Creativity Creativity is the source of innovation which is our main business driver. We encourage the initiatives taken by our employees and welcome and promote new ideas. Innovation is at the very heart of our strategy for Steria to stand out from the competition. Openess The diversity across our organisation is a real asset. Mixing different cultures, backgrounds and experiences creates our richness. We welcome this diversity and encourage networking across the organisation. Within Steria, we operate more by projects with teams sharing common goals and objectives than by hierarchical structure. The accessibility to the senior decision takers is very easy, and our lean structure enables the people’s voice to be heard and encourages a listening management culture. Independence Independence is the cornerstone of our strategy. From our corporate governance to our partnership policy, to our thinking and solutions, we always take decisions which guarantee the sustainability of our business model, the mastery of our future and the freedom to select the best for our customers and our employees.

21   Live our values in the governance of the Company  An original system of governance by bringing together the community of employee shareholders within Soderi, the parent holding company Managing Partner.  Employees are involved in the Group's strategic decisions through their elected representatives ( Board of Directors)  The Board gives prior approval to any resolution put to the Annual General Shareholders' Meeting of Group Steria SCA and to any proposal put forward by the Steria General Manager relating to a change in the company's consolidation  Soderi has set up a number of services to drive employee shareholding and to help develop an entrepreneurial spirit and skills such as training on economics, finance and stock-market techniques. Employees have a say in their future

22   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 22 Ensuring healthy business practices  We have developed some key group policies and procedures which must be respected to adhere to the company risk appetite and to improve our internal control environment  The risk management process consists primarily of identifying, assessing and developing management strategies to deal with risks at the company level  Internal Controls are necessary steps that guarantee the achievement of our objectives in term of  Effectiveness and efficiency of the business operations  Company compliance with applicable laws and regulations  Reliability of the financial statements and company asset protection

23   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 23 Ensuring that suppliers and partners are compliant  We ensure that suppliers and partners are CR compliant  Define the undertakings asked in conformity with Steria CR  Insert a standard clause in each Steria RFP  Ensure the clause is implemented in each contract we sign

24   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 24 Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) Marketplace: Some facts and achievements  400 top managers have signed the Code of Ethics  BOICR (263 internal control rules formalised covering all major company processes) 20 compliance audits performed / quarterly report to Excom  Soderi Board (internal shareholder representatives) fully aligned with Steria diversity (17 members / 6 women / 5 non French: 1 Norway, 1 Germany, 2 UK, 1 India) 8 meetings of the Soderi boards of Directors held in 2009  5 e-learning modules on the Soderi Website on economics, financial and governance topics

25   Marketplace: Overview objectives 2011  1. Marketplace Network  Harmonise marketplace activities across all Steria countries  2. Governance  Make adherence to our values as part of all management reviews  Ensure transparency and independency  Develop entrepreneurship  Motivate employees  3. Ethics and Employees  Ensure, that all employees are aware of our Code of Ethics and Fraud Policy  Ensure that all employees are doing business in conformity with Code of Ethics and Fraud Policy  4. CR and Procurement practices  Provide guidance to suppliers and subcontractors and ensure their commitment  Ensure that our Procurement practices are in line with CR principles  Guaranty that our Procurement community conduct business according ethic rules  5. Internal Control Awareness  Get the buy in and the engagement of all employees  Increase the effectiveness of our communication regarding internal control topics  Improve self assessment rate year by year  6. Global Reporting  Ensure harmonised indicators as a framework to enable areas to take local requirements into account  Ensure that information, measures and results are communicated to all involved colleagues on a regular basis

26   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 26 Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) Marketplace: Our 2010 actions and objectives  Code of Ethics  Have the Code of Ethics signed by all new top managers  Integrate the Code of Ethics in Welcome Package  Integrate the Code of Ethics in Steria training programme  Internal control awareness  Get the buy in and the engagement of all employees  Suppliers  Have a Purchase Charter  Measure Suppliers’ compliance  Governance  Propose new training programmes for Soderi members  Launch communication campaign (internal and external) to promote our uniqueness as a strategic asset

27   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 27 Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) Part 3: WORKPLACE  Support the growth and development of our people  Diversity is a key for success Steria and corporate responsibility (CR)

28   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 28 Make Steria the “Best” place to work  Develop a work environment which provides to each employee: Pride, Enjoyment and Purpose  Pride of belonging to  Enjoyment to work within  Meaning of mission and role

29   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 29 Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) A long term approach to people development Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) Selecting and developing managers in line with Steria values Senior managers are role models Act according to the Steria values Develop a strong management culture Develop entrepreneurial culture through: Large and long lasting internal shareholding Stereo employer survey: make the voice of our employees heard Annual survey addressing all employees Cascaded feedback Decide and follow up on actions Special focus on: Work life balance (reducing the level of stress) Diversity

30   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 30 Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) Diversity is a key for success  We measure ethnic diversity when it is possible  We encourage diversity at all times  In recruitment  Assignment to management positions  We encourage hiring of differently-abled people  We are developing an appropriate environment We believe that teams composed of people with a variety of age, gender and ethnicity perform well.

31   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 31 Workplace: Some facts and achievements  Employee shareholding:  Employees have the power of a majority shareholder (highest proportion within the Top 100 French listed companies)  30% employee shareholders  20,3 % of capital owned by employees  442 new shareholders in 2010  Diversity  31% women in Steria  23% women among the Senior Management (Top 130)  International Group Executive Committee consisting of 6 different nationalities  Work life balance and Stress Management  Zen’IT programme in Steria France. (Classified “GREEN” by the French government)  Hot line operational in times of need in all countries

32   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 32 Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) Workplace: Some facts and achievements  We have developed a disability policy in Steria  In France we train our managers in all aspects relating to hiring and working with disabled colleagues  We have developed tools to help disabled people in better use of IT  We encourage our designers to develop user friendly applications in line with international standards

33   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 33 Workplace: Our 2011 actions and objectives(1)  Diversity  We will appoint a woman to the Supervisory Board  We will investigate salary equality between the men and women in Steria  We will participate in the preparations for EU E-skills week initiative in 2012 to support female participation in technical studies  We will test tools for investigating the climate towards diversity  We will implement on the Men Machine tool for disabled people in Steria lap tops  Each country will be engaged in at least one initiative to increase the number of applicants for jobs at Steria from disabled people

34   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 34 Workplace: Our 2011 actions and objectives(2)  Stress Management and work life balance  We will educate and support managers in how to manage stress levels in their team  anti-stress management  We will launch a work life balance policy  We will iintegrate stress management and work life balance in management training.  Steria values and leadership  We will support defining management behaviour in line with Steria values and the implementation in global and local leadership program s  Well being  Each country will be engaged in initiatives increase physical activities

35   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 35 Part 4: COMMUNITY  Steria recognises the community as an important stakeholder in our business  As a responsible citizen, Steria has chosen to support people in need and help them become more autonomous  3 objectives  Give access to education  Give access to IT  Give access to a job

36   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 36 Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) Our programmes are volunteer-driven  Encourage and support initiatives from our employees  Focus on interactions between our employees, customers, various aid organisations and schools  One Day Challenge: a yearly event to encourage our employees to get involved in the community

37   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 37 Give access to education  Education is the main driver of wealth in society and a real social elevator  Giving access to education for underprivileged people is the most efficient way of improving living conditions  With the support of volunteers, Steria is engaged in concrete actions to help children and young people become better contributing members in society

38   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 38 Give access to IT Mastering IT skills is key for social and professional integration of disadvantaged people  Steria - Institut de France Foundation  Supporting projects and innovative solutions where IT brings direct social benefits, with the support of volunteers sharing their skills.  Local IT and education programmes  Enable disadvantaged people by providing IT tools and mentoring

39   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 39 Give access to a job Employability leading to a job - going up the value chain  One way of going a step further in helping disadvantaged people become independent is to offer them training and qualifications leading to a job  Partnership with Digital Bridges in Cambodia: 2 years training for underprivileged students to become engineers, coaching of the teachers and technical team with Steria volunteers  3-4 years Graduate Scholarship Programme for bright students of Steria-supported schools in India to pursue a university degree  Job oriented career development programme for students from Steria-supported schools in partnership with National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) in India

40   Volunteer-driven programmes  One Day Challenge  Promote and develop our community programmes  Encourage more employees to get involved  Get our clients involved in community work  Raise funds for community projects  Accomplishments in 2010  Number of volunteers in the Group: 4383  Fundraising: 111 444 euro  Number of clients: 10  Number of activities: 309  Number of charities supported: 58  ODC 2011: November 17

41   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 41 Give access to education: Some facts and achievements  36 schools supported in India, 46 000 children, 600 Indian staff volunteers  One Steria / One Country / One School programme: 9 countries engaged so far: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, HQ, Switzerland, Belgium  Each country supports one school project in India  Steria India is the implementation partner  Teaching and mentoring directly provided by employee volunteers  8 client partnerships  Awards  Best CSR Practice 2009 – Bombay Stock Exchange  Best CSR Practice 2010 – Bombay Stock Exchange  Social Innovation Honours 2010 – Nasscom Foundation  Special Commendation for CSR – Golden Peacock 2010 – World Council for Corporate Governance

42   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 42 Give access to education: Some facts and achievements  LTSB  Scottish Widows  CFS  Boots  Royal Mail  BT  Others: BBC, NHS, Experian, FSA, YW  Client partnerships in community projects

43   Give access to IT: facts and achievements  10 on-going projects with Steria Foundation  Innovative IT internet site for disabled people,  robotic workshops in prisons for young people,  2 IT labs for unemployed people, young drop- outs and children,  Communications platform for ill children in 40 hospitals  Virtual Computer Keyboard for motor disabled people,…  Yearly IT workshops for 45 immigrant women in Norway  Smart classrooms implemented in Indian schools  Solar powered computer center in a school in Pune

44   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 44 Give access to a job: facts and achievements  Partnership with Digital Bridges in Cambodia set up by Steria Foundation  25 students have found a job in 2008  50 students are being trained during 2009-2011  14 Steria volunteers have undertaken technical and coaching assignments since 2008  Graduate Scholarship Scheme in India:  62 Steria scholars supported in higher education leading to a job  Career Center opened in Noida in September for short-term training aimed primarily at students from Steria supported schools

45   Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) 45 Steria and corporate responsibility (CR) Thank you!

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