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International librarianship Alan Hopkinson Learning Resources Middlesex University London

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1 International librarianship Alan Hopkinson Learning Resources Middlesex University London

2 Librarianship is international Digital libraries are visible around the world Researchers wherever they are need the same documents Information knows no boundaries

3 Different ways of working internationally Supporting international standards: IFLA and UNESCO - UNISIST Manual for Bibliographical Descriptions - UNIMARC manual - Common Communication Format

4 ISO TC46 International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Information and Documentation (ISO TC 46) Open URL RFID for Libraries ISO 2709: Bibliographic Data Exchange ISO 25577:2008 MarcXchange

5 CDS/ISIS CDS/ISIS: bibliographic information retrieval system developed by UNESCO taking into account international standards such as MARC (ISO 2709) Before the internet was established records could be exchanged on floppy disk or CD-ROM Version IsisMarc developed in Latin America In UK disseminated to smaller organizations such as museums, International Maritime Organization

6 Information Development Regular column on CDS/ISIS Occasional articles for example celebrating 25 years of CDS/ISIS

7 Specialist areas Art libraries: international as art is international Developed a database for IFLA on CDS/ISIS on art libraries and archives Tate Gallery had funding for study tours: visited in New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, Smithsonian in Washington (also World Bank for CDS/ISIS)

8 Concordats of Cooperation Thammasat University 2 staff from Middlesex went to Bangkok Russian Academy of Sciences, Far Eastern Branch, Pacific Oceanological Institute Российской академии наук, Дальневосточное отделение Attended two conferences in Vladivostok

9 International Work with Horizon 5 visitors from Thammasat University Thailand: moving from Dynix to Horizon: 3 cataloguers, Systems Librarian and Law Librarian Represented UK Horizon User Group at International group in Saint Louis and Portland, Oregon

10 Funding for international activities Travel and accommodation are expensive Need to find funding bodies A)European Union B)Department for International Development (British Commonwealth)

11 New Masters Programme for LIS (NMPLIS) Grant of €617,000 Now in 3rd year of a 3-year project to develop a new Library and Information Studies curriculum for Armenia, Georgia and Uzbekistan EU favours multi-country projects Leaders in each country know each other through eIFL: electronic Information For Libraries

12 New Masters Programme for LIS (NMPLIS) Lecturers have attended Masters LIS course at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen for 3 months Each country has purchasing equipment for a classroom and a server for Moodle Two-week digital libraries course in Georgia 2010, repeated in 2011 Librarians visit in both directions, from the east to do internships and from west to east to run courses

13 New Masters Programme for LIS (NMPLIS) Lecturers attended a workshop on quality assurance of courses led by Robert Newton of Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland In June 2100 they met again to review progress Final conference took place in October in Tashkent In line with EU policy, documentation and outcomes including the developed curricula will be available on the website

14 TEMPUS: RINGIDEA Developing information literacy for lifelong learning and knowledge economy in Western Balkan countries. The identification of best Information Literacy (IL) practice, transfer of knowledge, development and implementation of IL programs and training including online IL suites, development of IL policy and dissemination and exploitation of results across all participating countries.

15 Wider objectives A furthering of the Bologna Process for a Europe of knowledge by exploring inclusion of IL competencies in curricula. The creation with Faculty, of curriculum- integrated IL programs (embedded in the three cycle system (bachelor/master/doctorate), quality assurance and recognition of qualifications for the development of lifelong learning in society at large. These innovative technologies will benefit all stakeholders such as undergraduate and postgraduate students, Librarians, academic staff, Ministries, National and public libraries, Local communities.

16 Specific objectives Development of IL programs for learners and their use in curricula. Development of innovative online IL modules for lifelong learning. Harmonisation of the IL programs with those currently active in Western Balkan countries.

17 Further objectives Strengthen the capacities of higher education institutions for the strategic planning and implementation of information literacy programs to instil transferable skills for a "competitive, dynamic, knowledge-based economy". To develop IL policy, guidelines, - goals, mission. To disseminate information about the approaches to IL development and ensure their sustainability.

18 Principle outcomes and outputs: Guidelines for planning IL programs. Harmonised contents for the teaching of IL. Training of IL practitioners. Development of innovative online IL modules. Implementation of the IL programs. Dissemination and Sustainability of the IL programs.

19 Invite contacts back for Fellowships Commonwealth Professional Fellowships began in 2004 First Fellow at Middlesex University: Rajesh Chandrakhar Interest in MARC formats and conversion between CCF and MARC Since then he has taken up office in IFLA on FRBR

20 Further Fellowships 2006 Nigeria, India 2007India, Kenya, Bangladesh 2009India, South Africa 2010Ghana, Nigeria (2) 2011India, Nigeria, Pakistan 2012India (2) India, Kenya

21 ERASMUS Two visitors to Middlesex University under ERASMUS o One from Italy o One from Finland Many visitors through TEMPUS projects Armenia, Georgia, Serbia and Uzbekistan

22 Exchange of information between nations

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