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Committed to Go Green. SA ANGOLA “The very essence of leadership is that you have to have vision. You can’t blow an uncertain trumpet.” Theodore M. Hesburgh.

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1 Committed to Go Green


3 “The very essence of leadership is that you have to have vision. You can’t blow an uncertain trumpet.” Theodore M. Hesburgh Nomusa Gumede Super Faces Team Leader currently studying Chemical Engineering

4 Project Team Siphelele Ngema Information Technology Nomusa Gumede Chemical Engineering Sakhile Gumede Chemical Engineering Lizeka Mpetha Maritime & Shipping Nhlakanipho Dlamini Physio Therapy Nonkululeko Mntambo Bsc in Maths & Statistics

5 Discussion Points o Project scope & Motivation o Overview of Tasks o Basic Process Method o NEXT STEPS o Questions

6 Project scope Development of a business plan for entrance into the used oil recycling market and the construction of a pilot plant. Elegant line Chemicals is committed to going green; the objective of this project is to implement reduction of the disposal of used oils to the environment thus reducing negative impacts to the environment. Execute a technical process which will be economical, safe, easy to carry out and environmentally friendly. Convert these used oil to by-Products such as fertilizer and further purification of water from the oils. Government and Private agricultural sectors are the main target market for these recycled oils. Develop a relationship with Angola in the recycling of oil since it is available in greater quantities. Importing and exporting of the manufactured products from oil by- products.

7 Motivation  Expanding the business scope of Elegant Line Chemicals is the fundamental objective for this project and can be expanded utmost to describe the nature of the project.  Used cooking oil is the single largest non-watery liquid waste stream in most countries in the world. During use, oil becomes contaminated with many substances that are hazardous to human health and environment. Kwa-Zulu Natal being one of the provinces with poor management of used cooking oil which results in damage to the environment and human health. Hence the next objective is to eliminate damage to the environment and work together with other organizations for sustainable development.  Remote the collection of used oils.  Create awareness in the mind of the public that used oil is a hazardous but a recyclable resource.

8  Develop and implement an equitable environmental incentive for collections in outlying areas.  Influence the behaviour of customers in their handling and disposal of used oil through effective educational and marketing campaigns.  Undertake a pilot study of oil recycling.  Consider investments in improving the handling of various used oil containers at collector and bulking facilities to increase volumes collected.  The collected oil be treated by centrifuging and filtration processes.  Companies such as Transnet and Metrorail, Airports like King Shaka and Restaurants are the main sources of used cooking and engine oils.  Government and Private agricultural sectors

9 FEATURES OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT BEING: Continual Improvement: - Company level - Industry level Meet and go beyond legal and regulatory compliance

10 WE AIM TO CONTROL ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS Pollution Use of raw materials Emissions to land, water, and air HEALTH IMPACTS ON WORKERS AND THE PUBLIC Re use of unthreaded cooking oil Exposure on engine oil IMPACT ON SAFETY OF WORKERS AND THE PUBLIC Remote the collection of used oils.

11 Mentor an innovative youth  One of the many challenges our country has is the lack of innovative projects for youth empowerment.  Elegant Line Super Faces is such a project which will help groom the talents and make use of the knowledge gained from schools of young people in practice.  To Instil and improve entrepreneurial skills of the youth.  To provide national and international exposure on doing this project.  To improve communication and leadership skills and to boost confidence. It is Albert Einstine who said “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my Education”.

12 Overview of Tasks SOURCES OF USED ENGINE OILQUANTITIES TRANSNETAwaiting confirmation METRO RAILAwaiting confirmation SAPS JOHHANESBURGAwaiting confirmation KING SHAKA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTAwaiting confirmation ANGOLA- LUANDA20 tons/month

13 SOURCES OF USED COOKING OILQUANTITIES Aladdin's Durban Flavour Bilal’s Bellow are the sample letters given to companies




17 PROCESS DISCRIPTION The Corrugated Plate Separator (CPS) uses gravity as a motive force, inside it contains plates stacked on top of each other with cast on spaces of 6/12 mm. the effluent flows through the plate pack of the separator, an oil droplet only needs to move upwards by a maximum of 12 mm before contacting the next plate which traps the droplet of oil and separate it from water, since it adheres to the underside of the plate and on account of specific gravity (which is lower than that of water) it moves along the plate to the apex of the corrugation ridge. Some of the major advantages of CPS system include:  Can handle minimum of 300 of volumetric flow.  Better treated effluent quality- removes free oil droplets 60 microns or larger.  Low maintenance is required.  Once installed its fully automatic.  High efficiency and ability to meet environmental regulations.  Economic and reliable operations. Some of the disadvantages include:  Large surface area is required.  Expensive oil/bottom scrappers that are maintenance expensive.  Ineffective with small oil droplets or emulsified oil.






23 NEXT STEPS BUSINESS PLAN FOR PILOT PLANT o Equipment o Land o Conceptual Design layout o Sources and quantities of used oil o Customer and sale prices o Staff o Sources of funding o Cash flow COMPLETIION OF BUSINESS PLAN



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