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Glenelg & West Adelaide SASFA Coaches Information Evening Tuesday 29th April 2014 (West Adelaide Football Club) Monday 5th May 2014 (Glenelg Football Club)

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1 Glenelg & West Adelaide SASFA Coaches Information Evening Tuesday 29th April 2014 (West Adelaide Football Club) Monday 5th May 2014 (Glenelg Football Club) Trevor Wortmeyer – Glenelg SASFA Zone Manager Grant Lovelock – West Adelaide SASFA Zone Manager Drew Grosser – Glenelg & West Adelaide SASFA Umpires

2 West Adelaide SASFA 2014 season overview:- New school participation St John The Baptist Torrensville Team nominations Year 2/3 – 10 teams Year 4/5 – 9 teams (bye round vs. Glenelg SASFA) Year 6/7 – 3 teams (combined with Glenelg SASFA)

3 West Adelaide SASFA 2014 season overview:- 1 st game – Saturday 10 May 2014 Last game – Saturday 16 August 2014 No games during long weekends or school holidays Saturday 14 June 2014 – SASFA Mega Football Day at Edwardstown Football Club Fixtures to be available before 3 May 2014 Facebook site – West Adelaide Primary School Football SASFA Website -

4 West Adelaide SASFA 2014 season overview:- AFL Junior Match Policy 2014 Aim for junior football to be delivered in an uniform manner Provision of appropriate pathways for all players in a safe, enjoyable and accountable environment Maximise recruitment and retention of players appropriate to each age level philosophy of not placing kids in adult environments too early – ground size, scores, physicality, emphasis on winning

5 West Adelaide SASFA 2014 season overview:- AFL Junior Match Policy 2014 adherence No reporting of scores, ladders or best players, representative teams (Interzone), lightning carnivals or finals for Year 2/3 and Year 4/5 Reduced playing numbers per team on set oval sizes Year 2/3 – 9 (min) to 12 (max) a side competition Year 4/5 – 12 (min) to 15 (max) a side competition Year 6/7 – 12 (min) to 18 (max) a side competition Hold tackle replaced with wrap tackle at Year 4/5 Year 2/3 – one bounce

6 Modified Rules – General Modified Rules - Specific Year Levels Reportable Offences General Umpires

7 The Game of the People for the People The Game of the Children for the Children Our role is to Provide a safe environment Encourage participation for all involved Assist in development Emphasis on enjoyment

8 Prime objectives of Glenelg & West Adelaide SASFA are to: Maximise participation for as many players as possible Provide football environments with an emphasis on enjoyment Focus of football is on skill development Ensure player safety and adherence to the code of conduct Provide a football pathway for primary school aged footballers

9 Modified Rules - General

10 Cannot kick the ball off the ground (unless accidental) Goal scored from ‘accidental’ kick off the ground will be deemed to have been touched Out of bounds Free kick if ball is kicked out of bounds Ball up if doubt or ball is of hands Players cannot take possession of the ball at ball-ups Barging is not permitted Kick off from a behind Players cannot ‘Play On’ Playing ball to themselves (Possession Rule) Mercy rule

11 Modified Rules - General No gloves Unless medical requirement Examined and approved by umpire prior to game Focus on basic skill development Sprig requirements Drew’s participation rule Player could get free for being on oval (Year 2/3)

12 Modified Rules - Year 2/3

13 Modified Rules – Year 2/3’s Encourages basic skill development No tackling contact, only form of tackling is blocking Once a player has possession, the ball cannot be snatched or stolen No smothering a players kick The player with the ball will be given every opportunity to give a clear disposal 1 bounce (5m)

14 Modified Rules – Year 2/3’s Umpires nominate players to contest ball-ups Marks Body behind the ball Two hands over-head Extra special effort ‘Passive’ shepherding is permitted – No Contact 1 or 2 coaches on the ground at all times for “Coaching purposes” 4 x 10min 1/4’s

15 Modified Rules – Year 2/3’s Players 9 (min) – 12 (max) Oval size (80m x 60m) with 3 equal zones Zones marked with cones on boundary line and/or across field 3-4 backs, 3-4 centres, 3-4 forwards Centre players to wear arm/wrist bands Infringements will only be paid for obvious and blatant infringements of players entering incorrect zones Free kick will be awarded for a kick travelling from one end zone to the other without being touched by a ‘centre zone’ player No distance penalty Mercy rule

16 Modified Rules – Year 4/5

17 Modified Rules – Year 4/5’s Players 12 (min) – 15 (max) (3 players in the middle) Oval size (100m x 80m) 4 x 12 min 1/4’s 1 bounce (10m) No knocking or stealing ball from opponents hands Smothering is permitted ‘Passive’ shepherding is permitted – No Contact/Bumping A mark is awarded irrespective of how far the ball has travelled Umpire selects ruckman – equal size (may be because haven’t had a kick yet) Distance penalty = 10m Coach may enter playing arena for “coaching purposes” and return immediately to sideline – no folders Mercy rule

18 Modified Rules – Year 4/5’s A player in possession of the ball may be tackled by an opponent wrapping both arms around the area below the top of the shoulders and on/above the knees. The tackle may be from either side or from behind, providing the tackle from behind does not thrust forward the player with the ball (i.e. push the player in the back). If the player in possession of the ball is taken to the ground in the act of tackling, they will receive a free kick. If the umpire feels the player drops to the ground deliberately in order to receive a free kick, they will be penalised for holding the ball.

19 Modified Rules – Year 4/5’s A player in possession of the ball, when held by an opponent applying the wrap-around tackle, should be given a reasonable chance to dispose of the ball by kick or by handball, or by attempting to kick or handball, otherwise a free kick shall be awarded to the tackler for holding the ball. The field umpire shall conduct a ball-up when the player with the ball has the ball held to the body by an opponent, unless the player has had a reasonable time to dispose of the ball prior to being tackled, in which case a free kick shall be awarded to the tackler for holding the ball. The field umpire shall allow play to continue if the ball is knocked out of a player’s hands by an opponent.

20 Modified Rules – Year 4/5’s A player not in possession of the ball, when held by an opponent, shall be awarded a free kick. There is strictly no bumping, slinging or deliberately bringing the opposition player in possession of the ball to the ground. Players cannot: » Knock the ball out of an opponent’s hands. » Push the player in the side. » Steal the ball from another player. Players can: » Smother an opponent’s kick. » Passively shepherd an opponent.

21 Modified Rules – Year 6/7

22 Modified Rules – Year 6/7’s Players 12 (min) – 18 (max) Oval size (Full Size) 4 x 15 min 1/4’s 2 bounces (15m) Tackling is permitted as per Laws of the Game No “slinging” or dumping Big difference between a Year 6 & a Year 7 Bumps to side of body only (reasonable force and contact only) A mark is awarded if the ball ahs travelled at least 10m One ruckman only to contest a ball up around the ground Use of knees by ruckman at contests (protect not injure) Distance penalty = 25m Can use a ‘runner’ for “coaching purposes” Mercy rule

23 Reportable Offences

24 Minor offences Applicable for players and officials Swearing Free kick or distance penalty Player sent from ground for an interval as determined by the umpire (cool off period) Major offences Players can be sent off for the remainder of the match Striking Kicking Player refusing to leave oval will result in match termination

25 Players sent from the ground can be replaced Maximise number of players who want to play within the rules to do so Off until end of a 1/4 (umpires discretion as to how many) Glenelg and West Adelaide SASFA expectations of players sent from the ground Report will be lodged to monitor trends School to deal with general instances (schools reputation) Possible cross competition sanctions

26 Tiger Medal (Yr. 6/7 Glenelg SASFA Medal) Ken Candy Medal (Yr. 6/7 West Adelaide SASFA Medal)

27 Awarded to the Year 6/7 SASFA player who demonstrates outstanding attributes of: Sportsmanship Leadership Fairness Team Play The officiating umpire will award votes on a 3, 2 and 1 basis Any player who has been reported or sent off by the officiating umpire in any game during the season will not be eligible to win the medal. The SASFA Zone Manager will also use his discretion to determine eligibility for incidents reported on game day.

28 General Safety

29 Safety Fixed goal posts to be padded Oval to be in safe condition Bleeding players to leave the playing arena immediately Adult Goal Umpires Safety Protection against disputed decisions Coaches to stand outside boundary line and not permitted to take a folder to inside playing field Where difficulty occurs fielding full numbers, both coaches and team managers must agree to assist to equate player numbers

30 Umpires

31 Players learning and will make mistakes So will umpires Young men and women Used to being in the classroom Find themselves instructing and in charge Takes a full season to learn skills Mentoring program – may have games with 2 umpires for training purposes

32 Green Shirt Policy Adopted by Department of Recreation and Sport Used in Soccer, Hockey, Basketball Encouragement only permitted

33 Adult Goal Umpires Expect to follow code of conduct Officials of the game Support and encourage (in an unbiased way) Umpires and Goal Umpires Come to centre at 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 & full time Coaches role to instil discipline for behind play instances etc. Officials and parents are not to approach umpires Feedback on umpiring performances through myself or school delegate Drew Grosser Email:

34 Questions

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