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Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya

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1 Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya

2 Looking at the sucesss of Mahila Shikshan Kendra run by Mahila Samakhya, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, the flagship programme of Government of India has introduced its upgraded model in the form of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya. In the current academic session 1000 (KGBV) new residential schools for girls from SC, ST, OBC and Minority communities are to be opened across India. In Uttar Pradesh 124 KGBVs are to be opened in its educationally backward blocks. The scheme is being implemented by State Government through the Mahila Samakhya, Uttar Pradesh (MSUP) Society in MS districts. Target group for these schools(6-8) is, girls for vulnerable groups who have dropped out after class V, mostly 2-3 years ago. Profile of girls: 75% SC, ST, OBC, Minority and 25% BPL girls.

3 Objectives The objective of KGBV, the residential schools is to ensure access to quality education and to mainstream the dropout and overaged girls of disadvantaged groups of society. Our added objectives Helping them to continue their education beyond class VIII further and to instil in them certain vocational skills that will make them monetarily independent. Helping them to be aware of different Government scheme and preparing them to participate in them. Help them to be gender sensitive and legally and socially aware about their rights so that they are able to take forward a highly gender sensitive vision. Many would be absorbed by MS for its expansion within the district and outside. MS UP run KGBVs could be a vehicle of expansion of MS programme.

4 Setting up of KGBVs under MS
S.No. Name of the District Name of the Block Sitapur Mishrikh Allahabad Shankargarh Chandauli Niyamatabad Gorakhpur Bhathat Jaunpur Machalishahar Mathura Chata Mau Kopaganj Muzaffarnagar Oon Pratapgarh Kalakankar Saharanpur Rampur Maniharan

5 Safe and secure premises for girls is hired in each district for running of schools in its educationally backward and predominantly SC, ST block, till KGBV building is constructed . Arrangement are on, to prepare and procure  necessary teaching learning material and aids for the schools. The entire staff of 100 teachers and 10 accountants are in place in 10 schools after a rigorous selection process consisting of written test and interview. Appropriate systems is being put in place to provide necessary training and academic support and monitoring and supervision. Through motivation camps with parents and daughters, the girls have been identified and admitted in the schools.

6 Staff : The following staff is in place for each KGBV
Name of the post Warden cum Teacher Full time teacher Science Maths Biology English (any other subject). Part Time teachers Hindi Home Science Social Science Accountant Chowkidar/ Messenger Cook (Female) Number 01

7 Selection of KGBV teachers and accountants is done by the DIU of MS UP
The selection committee comprised of: State representative District Programme Coordinator Two external subject experts Accountant. The written test, covering pedagogy, content, gender sensitivity and general awareness, was given to all short listed candidates. Objectivity of evaluation of written test was ensured. On the basis of performance at the written test, a merit list was prepared and short listed candidates were interviewed.

8 The weightage between written test and interview was 70:30.
Teaching aptitude, gender sensitivity and general awareness 35 marks Subject content Interview 30 marks Total 100 marks

9 Civil Works MS UP is in the process of beginning the construction of KGBVs. Till then, safe and secured premises have been hired in each district for the running of the school. Analysis of the available KGBV designs was done. On the request of MSUP, the Government has allowed to revise the school designs to integrate child friendly features, including making it more friendly to differently abled children like providing for ramps, special toilets and visual markers for blind children.Each district has been allotted little above 6000 sq meter of land by the district administration for KGBV and presently plantation is being done on the allotted land.

10 Financial Estimates (for 100 girls)
Non Recurring Rs. in Lakhs SN Item of Expenditure Amount per school 1. Building 20.00 2. Furniture/Equipment including kitchen equipment 2.50 3. Teaching learning material and equipment including library books 3.00 4. Beading 0.75 Total 26.25

11 Recurring Costs per annum
Rs. in Lakhs SN Item of Expenditure Amount per school 1. Maintenance per trainee per Rs. 7.50 9.0 2. Stipend for trainees per Rs. 50 0.6 3. Course books, stationary and other educational Rs. 50/Month 4. Evaluation 0.01 5. Salaries 6.49 Warden Part time teachers Support staff (Accountant/Assistant, Peon, Chowkidar and Cook) Vocational training specific skill training 0.4 Electricity/water charges 0.5 Medical Rs. 750/ child 0.75 Miscellaneous including maintenance Preparatory camps 0.15 PTAs/School functions Total 19.05 Based on calculations for 100 girls. The number of girl can however increase

12 District wise profile of the selected buildings for KGBV

13 Saharanpur Room - 4 Hall - 1 Lobby - 1 Kitchen - 2 Toilet - 2
Bathroom - 2 Tank Jet Pump Boundary Wall Open Space

14 Mathura Rooms - 3 Toilet/Bathroom - 3 Hall - 2 Courtyard Lobby - 1
Store Room Kitchen - 2 Veranda - 1

15 Sitapur Ground floor Hall - 2 Small Rooms - 2 Veranda - 1
Courtyard First Floor Room - 3 Hall - 2 Veranda - 2 Store - 1 Second Floor Terrace Room - 1 Veranda

16 Mau Room - 5 Toilet and Bathroom - 3 Tank Store - 1 Lobby - 1
Hand Pump Kitchen Jet Pump Boundary Terrace

17 Varanasi First Floor Room - 14 Toilet and Bathroom - 4 Hall - 1
Jet Pump Kitchen - 2 Terrace High Boundary wall Open Terrace Hand Pump

18 Allahabad Safe and independent building Situated in a residential area
Big Courtyard - 1 Veranda - 1 Lawn - 1 Kitchen - 1 Terrace

19 Gorakhpur Ground Floor Big Rooms - 2 Rooms - 2 Kitchen - 1 Latrine - 6
Drawing Room - 1 First Floor Latrines - 6 Small Rooms - 2 Bathrooms - 6

20 Jaunpur Big Rooms - 4 Small Rooms - 4 Kitchen - 2 Latrine/Bathroom- 3
Veranda - 2 Courtyard Jet Pump Tank Terrace Store - 2 Hand Pump

21 Muzaffarnagar Rooms - 7 Jet Pump Lobby Tank Store - 1 Bathroom - 2
Veranda - 2

22 Pratapgarh Rooms - 10 Toilet & Bathroom Kitchen - 2 Jet Pump
Veranda Water Tank Terrace Hand pump

23 Management of learning Time
KGBV’s daily schedule envisaged as: Monday – Friday 0800 – 1000: Classes 1030 – 1230: Classes 1400 – 1600: Classes Free Time 1830 – 2000: Evening sessions (Social learning + self study) On Saturdays Morning session: Evaluation, ‘catch up time’, co-curricular activities, self-study, exploration, etc. Post lunch session: Social learning No evening session For formal classes: 30 hrs per week A total of 32 weeks likely to be available (excluding time for other activities) Two weeks for Readiness Programme Thus, 30 weeks X 30 hrs/week = 900 hrs available through Year 1




27 Academic support Academic support schedule is developed for Class 6 in 3 phases, Packages 1, 2 & 3. Each package includes curriculum, methods / learning experiences, materials, evaluation, and teacher training.

28 Based on priority and curricular requirements, the following time distribution for 900 hrs (learning time available in the current session) is as follows (for class 6) Subject Total hrs Pkg I (2mths) 20% time Pkg II (3 mths) 30% time Pkg III (4-5 mths) 50% time Hindi 180 36 54 90 English 72 15 21 Sanskrit 45 9 14 23 Arithmetic 18 27 Algebra Science 126 25 37 63 Agriculture 11 16 Soc. Sci. 135 41 68 Home Sci. 7 Arts Phy Edn

29 Many subjects that appear to have less time have actually been supported through the general living / working in KGBV (e.g. agriculture, home science). In particular, physical education will be incorporated in the free time, and other proposed activities. At present, it is also under discussion whether in Pkg 1 (2 months) it would be advisable to concentrate on Hindi, Maths, English, Science and Social Studies – this would provide scope for revision of primary, as well as provide a solid foundation for studying further in all subjects. Pkg 4, to be developed by Jan 2007, will cover all of Class 7 & 8. The MS UP run KGBV girls will also get a chance for internship with Sangha and Mahasanghas of MS to tryout their classroom learnings and understand their environment better.

30 Training Plan: Academic support to teachers
A recurrent training mode is adopted. It will be backed by regular monitoring visits to provide on-site support. Along with the KGBV staff, one dedicated Resource Person from the DIU will also receive the training for close monitoring. Training 1 – August 2006 (6 days) – completed Introduction to KGBV; Readiness Phase; Operationalisation issues (esp parent concerns); Active Learning and what a KGBV class will be like; TLM, TSM; Adolescent Psychology; Teacher-student relationship; Hindi, English, Maths, Science and Social Studies; Evaluation & Planning; Detailed planning for Month 1.(sensitivity to gender issues, pedagogy, content, management of residential school) Monitoring, follow up and on-site support days-completed(10-20 sept) Review of Monitoring and follow up on(22-23 sept.)

31 Thank You

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