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Gail Preece 07970 427545 About Peopletopia.

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1 Gail Preece 07970 427545

2 About Peopletopia

3 What we’ll cover What is engagement Why bother? Engagement on a budget Next steps

4 What is engagement? Job satisfaction Job Contribution Maximum engagement Employees ManagersLeaders

5 What does it feel like? Engaged INTENSITY ENTHUSIASM URGENCY FOCUS

6 What about you? My company has fantastic employee engagement levels My company is OK when it comes to engagement My company isn’t great when it comes to engagement

7 The current situation Only around 1/3 of employees say they are actively engaged at work So 20 million workers aren’t reaching their full potential or performing to their best 64% they had more to offer in terms of talent and skills than is currently being asked of them

8 Issues Low productivity High sickness absence Lack of innovation High employee turnover Low levels of advocacy

9 The cost of getting it wrong Disengagement costs the UK economy about £69.7 billion per year 87% less likely to leave 78% would recommend their organisations’ goods & services vs 13% 59% say job brings out best ideas vs 3% Orgs with engagement in bottom quartile have 62% more accidents than those in the top Orgs with engagement in top quartile have twice the annual profit of those in the bottom

10 The cost of getting it wrong 2.69 sick days per year vs 6.19 What does this mean for you? High engagement No. of employees x 92 x 2.69 =£? Low engagement No. of employees x 92 x 6.19 = £?


12 The Peopletopia Engagement Model

13 Engaging through Leadership Direction Encouragement Feedback

14 LEADERSHIP Blog Back to the Floor Workplace Walk Employee recognition Video of latest financial / survey results Newsletter Instil a common sense of purpose

15 I help put a man on the moon I save the lives of premature babies I create a sense of civic pride I ensure people have healthy hearts I help couples put the romance back in their lives

16 Engaging through Managers Clarity Appreciation of effort & contribution Treated as individuals Coaching Feedback

17 Case study

18 The Investigation Focus groups amongst staff Focus groups amongst managers Interviewing high performing managers Interviewing poorer performing managers Interviewing of leadership team Newly appointed managers were inexperienced These departments had experienced fast growth No consistent development or training plan was in place for managerial staff

19 The Solution Little/ No cost A buddy system for managers A series of short “knowledge bursts” Increase in HR surgeries to support managers

20 The Solution Some cost A full management-development programme spanning six months 360 degree feedback system for managers

21 Giving Something Back 86% Employees rate as important Almost half of job seekers are more likely to join or stay It improves retention Your employees could learn something

22 Le Tour D’Orange

23 Volunteering Day Partner with a charity Practical team builds Choose a charity in line with your values Organise a flagship event Give responsibility to employees Communicate Identify skills opportunities

24 Next steps

25 Thank you

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