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FastStats Cascade™. Cascade = campaign management module FastStats Cascade is an additional optional module of FastStats system Optimized planning of.

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1 FastStats Cascade™

2 Cascade = campaign management module FastStats Cascade is an additional optional module of FastStats system Optimized planning of direct marketing activities

3 Highly targeted segments that have been created using FastStats can now be used to plan, budget and analyse your next DM campaign in a seamless and measurable fashion. Enables the simple implementation even the most complex direct marketing strategies

4 Co-ordinate direct marketing campaigns Prepare data for direct marketing campaigns Set financial budgets Limit to one person per household Measure uplift using control groups Calculate ROI Co-ordinate campaigns across marketing departments Deduplicate across promotions Schedule promotions to run on a specific date, time or frequency With FastStats Cascade you can …

5 Covers a whole direct marketing campaign process Planning – Cascade enables planning and following direct marketing activities within the campaign by all relevant variables Selection – User friendly selection where predefined variables /data from your database are employed and could be used for analysis or direct marketing campaign Communication – delivering messages within individual campaigns Processing responses by defining series of responses within the system Reporting – intuitive results review

6 Management of marketing assets 4 different levels: 1.Cell – a record 2.Pack – for the management of marketing assets the ‘pack’ functionality is provided. It is possible to configure a number of ‘packs’ for a single selection cell. Each pack would then be given a pack code that represented the creative treatment that pack was to be given. When the file was provided to a mailing house it would then be up to the mailing house to format according to these creative. It is also possible to define a pack as a control; records are allocated but (optionally) not output in order for comparison with the marketed packs. 3.Promotion – direct marketing activity i.e. direct mail campaign 4.Campaign - the whole campaign consisting of various promotions

7 Overview Cascade can handle targeting and suppression at two levels concurrently, this is typically used to target households and individuals or businesses and individuals (i.e. Cascade can control how many individuals are targeted at a particular business). Cascade processes the multiple selection cells within a promotion in a hierarchical deduplication, removing overlaps and providing gross and net counts for each cell; costs are calculated for each cell and reported as net and gross figures at cell and promotion level; you can adjust selection cells and costs and re-run the calculation until you are happy with the costs and numbers; a cross-reference matrix shows how the cells overlapped.

8 Case Study: Planning direct marketing activities – case study Tourist Agency London Travel with FastStats Cascade

9 Data feed 742.565 households 1.156.553 customers 2.197.093 holidays Data range: 2000 - 2005 Costumers - name, surname - gender, age, occupation... Bookings - product, destination, cost - booking date, journey season... Communications - name (i.e. Hot Exotic) - channel (e-mail, post...) Households - street, town - telephone...

10 Objectives TA London Travel Strategic and creative DM campaign planning Planning and directing multi level campaigns according to various communications channels Developing and executing DM strategies with direct response Campaign analysis including ROI analysis Campaign history management A possibility of customising DM campaigns to individual customer profiles, needs and wishes Executing permission marketing instead of “intrusive” marketing Constant verification and improving of DM campaigns

11 Results Increased costumer satisfaction. Increased sales. Reduced costs. Visible and measurable campaign ROI. Competitive advantage!

12 Campaign: World Cruises Promotion: Medallion Tourist agency London Travel wants to promote new campaign “World Cruises” with FastStats Cascade to create a promotion based around an Olympic theme.

13 GOLD costumers (destination = France, town = Bristol), n = 7.645 SILVER costumers (destination = USA, town = Bristol), n = 4.375 BRONZE costumers (destination = Germany, town = Bristol), n = 3.189 Possibility to use function “Exclusion”: i.e. we exclude all, that have income less than 40k (n = 47.198) First we use FastStats Discoverer module for profiling and modelling to obtain tree target groups Gold grup containing our best prospects

14 We open the Cascade module Review all previous campaigns – every campaign has its own status: ”planning”, “allocated”, “output”, “active”, “closed” The Cascade window can display every promotion within every campaign (we can use the Campaign Filter mechanism to display only the defined actions)

15 We insert a Campaign (within one campaign we can run many promotions, marketing activities) We edit the details of the campaign – basis settings (i.e. we can limit the campaign on only one person from a household, define calendars (i.e. start/end date), set the frequency that the promotion should be run, define budget for every element of the campaign separately (i.e. in direct marketing for paper, envelope, stamps including fixed costs and max allowable costs and costs by 1k) Select the target group (i.e. Gold costumers – based on calculated costs we can decide i.e. to send direct mailing only to the profile of 80% most probable gold customers or we could send out to wider target group) Calculate Campaign (calculate the entire costs) Run Campaign We create a new Campaign

16 Insert new campaign and relevant attributes We define the attributes that are relevant for our campaign: name, campaign budget, financial objective, product objective, target group, campaign type, timeframe, frequency, output file.

17 Insert the costs We insert financial parameters of the campaign: fixed costs, cost limits, cost per 1.000 for single campaign element.

18 Suppress Unselected Records & Suppress Selected Records Suppress Unselected Households – this option will stop unused records from being selected in subsequent cells and therefore will be removed from the promotion. Suppress Selected Households – this option will stop any other members of the household chosen to be used if they fall into any subsequent cells.

19 We can include only a selected % of the target group In our example we have decided, that we will include only 80% of Gold costumers, which are our the highest value costumers.

20 Calculate Campaign Calculation promotion according to target groups which include the number of customers in an individual group, cost per target group.

21 Output For each pack within each cell two files are created. The first will be a file of the type you defined, in this case CSV. The second file produces a set of URN`s for the pack.

22 Store Campaign/Promotion/Cells Cascade allows you to store the records within your campaign at the cell, promotion or campaign level. In our example the records are stored at the promotion level which means a virtual variable will be produced to include all the packs within the promotion.

23 Response and Calculations In each target group we can define who has responded. Response information can be used to calculate ROI (Return On Investment) and CPR (Cost Per Response)

24 is a brand within → bureau for direct marketing → Understanding your costumers – marketing research, data mining → Database management (Database structure planning, Database developing, Database implementation) → Data capture, consolidation, updating, cleaning, enrichment → Loyalty programmes → Forming and management costumers programmes → Retention programmes → Acquisition programmes

25 Contact us Ana Praprotnik, MA managing director e.: t.: +386 1 500 88 95 Anja Pajtler market researcher e.: t.: +386 1 500 88 93

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