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On the Move A presentation to LIANZA 2014 October 2014.

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1 On the Move A presentation to LIANZA 2014 October 2014

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3  200,000 books out of the James Hight Building within 7 days  Scan every book off the shelf and into storage  Offsite storage with a 24 hour turnaround for any student requiring any book  Lack of warehouse space available due to earthquake demands on the city  Full online tracking of every book and the ability to order online The Challenge! 2

4 The Parties Involved The Insurers 3

5 Project Planning – Critical Elements  Conducted weekly meetings for 6 weeks prior to the move.  Amended start times to meet critical start and finish times  Allowed for hold ups and unforeseen changes.  Library had to be able to continue to operate during this time  Sydney Operations Manager flew in the week before the start and was involved in checking plans and suggesting changes.  Test runs were conducted the week prior to ensure scanning and packing would work  Changes to the programme were made to allow additional comments on conditions of books (allow staff to make repairs and identify books requiring repairs ).  Agreeing how books would be returned to the shelves and zoning of each area

6 The Solution Delivered  Uplift fully completed within 5.5 days  Full Project Planning prior during and after the move  Allied Pickfords’ I.T. team developed a specific programme to scan and record every book from off the shelf to back on the shelf again  We employed a large number of University Students for this project  Allied Pickfords and Online Security partnered up to provide a seamless tracking and online ordering solution  The layout of the library was changed upon return 5

7 The last day

8 The ‘SAFE’ Solution

9 Accessing your books…

10 What we offer NZ Libraries  Over 350 years of moving experience  Experienced project planning capabilities for all library moves  Costing for locating collections offsite  Online collection tracking and delivery  Point to point removal solutions  Specialised equipment for libraries  Tailored IT Solutions 9

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