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Song of Solomon By: Toni Morrison.

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1 Song of Solomon By: Toni Morrison

2 Quotes “They wondered if one of those things that racial-uplift groups were always organizing was taking place” Historical and Racial reference to the Great Migration where racial-uplift groups would come and rouse up the crowd to move to the North.

3 Toni Morrison Born February 18, 1931 in Lorain, Ohio
Writes African American Literature Song of Solomon was written in 1977 3rd Novel Nobel Prize in Literature (1993) Presidential Medal of Freedom Highest Civilian Award Bestowed by the President

4 Toni Morrison (Continued)
Top 100 banned books. Three of her books are on the list. Song of Solomon is one of those… Maybe someone will ban this one too since Invisible Man’s banishment went over so smoothly. Provoking Emotions? Schools do not want students to get too emotionally worked up over a book.

5 Foundational Information
Setting: Mostly in the 1960s in Michigan although flashbacks occur quite frequently which take the reader back as far as the early 1900s. Point of View: Third Person Omniscient

6 Primary Characters Milkman Dead-Protagonist-crucial to the novel due to his strong influence on other characters. Breast-Fed way too long!! Not Healthy Great Dancer Likes Women…………….A Lot Works for his evil dad.

7 Pilate Dead She doesn’t have a belly-button?
Kyle XY??? Coincidence I Think Not…. Lived in more states than anyone. She’s wild and crazy.

8 More Primary… Macon Jr. Guitar Bains Hagar Ruth Foster Dead

9 Secondary Macon Dead I Dr. Foster Reba Sing Freddie Solomon

10 Summary Overview Insurance Agent commits suicide. Milkman is born.
Milkman becomes heartless with age. Loses compassion and resembles his father. Milkman begins having flashbacks. Milkman wants to know who he really is. He experiences a change in character. Guitar wants to destroy Milkman but destroys Pilate instead.

11 The Christ figure of Desdemona inspired Toni Morrison

12 Underlying Themes Women and Feminimity Supernatural Beings
Visions of America Exploration Race Identity Love

13 Religious Connections
This entire novel is based off of religious connections starting from the title of the novel, “Song of Solomon” Song of Songs Biblical Names. Ruth, Jacob, First Corinthians, Pilate. Pilate, was the leader who authorized the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Solomon-built the first temple in Jerusalem.

14 Symbols The hymnals. Biblical references
Pilate is the Christ Figure in the novel which is ironic because he was an evil ungodly man.

15 HISTORY!!!!! President Lincoln-Signed the emancipation proclamation.
Slavery Malcolm X-group of violent black Muslims during the 1950s and 1960s before his assassination. John F. Kennedy-fought for unification of the races. Fought for integration and the destruction of racism in America.


17 “Sugar man done fly away.”

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