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North Hills Preparatory NHP Founders/Parents/Uplift Working Group.

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1 North Hills Preparatory NHP Founders/Parents/Uplift Working Group

2 C OMMITTEE NHP Founders/Parents/Uplift Working Group Charge to the Committee: 1. Zip Code Preference 2.Economic Diversity 3.Communications The NHP Parent/Founder/Uplift Committee Members: 2 Methodology Committee invested approximately 100 hours researching, analyzing and discussing topics TEA North Hills charter documentation The North Hill School/Lift/Uplift Corporation information Demographic data – Cities of Irving, Carrollton and Coppell Neighboring ISD information – Irving, Carrollton and Coppell NHP historical enrollment data NHP Demographic data Robert Bass (Parent - Middle and Upper) Peggy Yard (Founder, Parent - Middle) Chris Richey (Parent - Middle and Upper) Sangeetha Asokan (Parent - Primary) Linda Webb-Manon (New Parent - Middle) Shawn Stover, Managing Director – Uplift Ann Stevenson, COO – Uplift Michael Giles – Uplift Board Shadab Shahabuddin – Irving Board (Parent)

3 P ROPOSED Z IP C ODE P REFERENCE A NALYSIS Economically Disadvantaged at NHP by ISD Proposed Zip Code preference Economically Disadvantaged Enrollment 3 54% of NHP ED students reside in Irving 46% of NHP ED students reside outside of Irving ISDStudents Economically Disadvantaged % per ISD Euless20735.00% Garland20630.00% Dallas872427.60% Flower Mound11327.30% Colleyville8225.00% Farmers Branch33824.20% Grand Prairie28517.90% Carrollton871416.10% Irving935828.80% Other000 Total1,50015110.10% Zip code preference will not positively impact economically disadvantaged enrollment based on the data analysis performed by the committee It may have an adverse impact; excluding current sources of economic diversity We recommend that no changes to the admission policy at NHP; we support the policy that allows for open, equal and fair opportunity for all applicants The committee discussed and voted 151 students; 10.1%, economically disadvantaged. 54% of the ED reside in Irving 46% reside in other cities.

4 O RIGINAL M ISSION Original North Hills School Mission The North Hills School will prepare students to be future global leaders through: A rigorous, disciplined core CURRICULUM A safe, nurturing ENVIROMENT with strong parental involvement A unique PARTNERSHIP among, school, local corporations and surrounding neighborhoods The original mission of the North Hills School and the non-profit corporation it formed did not expressly make serving economically disadvantaged students as an objective or goal. 4

5 E CONOMICALLY D ISADVANTAGED Economic Diversity and proposed Zip Code preference at NHP Over the 16 year history, NHP reached a high of 13%; currently approx. 10% Factors that may have hampered retention and organic growth of this demographic Local development and real estate Location of the school – limited public transportation Requested financial commitments (Enrichment, re-enrollment, SAC, volunteer funds) Improvements and competition from ISDs (La Vallita Elementary, Singley Academy) Recommendations Create targeted outreach programs to increase the number of applications Recruiting sessions for targeted audiences in the community Be present in the communities (special events, community centers) Reach out to parents and provide education Town hall meetings in the communities Partner with local business and community organization to leverage their programs and access to the broader community Chambers of commerce, Banks, Credit Unions, City of Irving Advertising in the targeted communities to increase applications local publications and community specific radio Local cable and community television 5

6 C OMMUNICATIONS AND S ITE /S CHOOL BASED D ECISIONS Communications The zip code issue is an example of a greater concern; communications between Uplift Management and the local board, schools and parents Communication disconnects between NHP families, the School, the local Board, Uplift Management and the Uplift Board became evident. Parental involvement, commitment and passion for NHP underestimated Recommendations Web Site – use it to improve access and transparency of Uplift Information Ensure maintenance and accuracy of content (minutes, calendar, agendas, etc.) Improve Site Organization; content not easy to locate Include an FAQ page with cross network Q&A Improve timeliness, clarity and consistency in messaging Ensure communications is proactive, not reactive (before major decisions) Make sure What, Who, Where, When, How and especially Why are included in all communications Leverage Social Media (Facebook, twitter, blogs, etc.) “Ask Uplift Management” or “Ask the Managing Director” Parents can ask questions and get a response Responses can be accumulated and added to the Newsletter periodically 6

7 C OMMUNICATIONS AND S CHOOL BASED D ECISIONS Communications - Process and Procedure Recommendations Bring back the Communication Advocacy Team (CAT) Reorganize the PIN meetings to be led monthly by the CAT (expanded role) Reinstate the election of Parent representatives to the Local Board Parents elect the representatives from the parent body at large Congruent with the original mission: A safe, nurturing environment with strong parental involvement Charge the local board to close gaps through improved interaction with the school and its community Clearly define the role and responsibilities of the local board Advocate for site based decisions and parental involvement Be present at events and support programs at the school Align the board meetings or decision making The Local board should also meet once a month to improve communication and response time with the Uplift Board Uplift Management should share Plans and Proposals Inform the local board of substantive changes in Policy and Charter (Zip code, uniforms, start date) Allow parents/students the opportunity to hear proposals and share feedback during a “comment period” before decisions 7

8 N EXT S TEPS 8 Next Steps Uplift Board and Uplift Management discuss and consider recommendations Set a date for response from Uplift Management For changes in Policy and Charter (Zip code, uniforms, start date) Allow parents/students the opportunity to hear proposals and share feedback during a “comment period” before decisions

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