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P-T-t Paths and Their Significance

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1 P-T-t Paths and Their Significance

2 Metamorphic Field Gradient –Trend of Thermal Maxima Across Metamorphic Facies

3 Clockwise P-T-t Path

4 P-T-t Path Reflecting Crustal Thickening

5 A Crustal Thickening P-T-t Path
Central Indian Tectonic Zone (Proterozoic)

6 P-T-t Path for Connemara Inlier
Early Barrovian P-T-t Path showing effects of later arc-related magmatism and variable uplift/erosion

7 P-T-t Path of Burial Metamorphism
Field gradient 25 oC/Km

8 Subduction and exhumation in 10 Ma
Subduction and exhumation in 10 Ma. Prograde, retrograde stages of a single metamorphic cycle Alpine orogeny, Rhodope Region, Greece (1, 2) Gt-hbl thermometry Gt-amph-plag-qtz barometry (3) Jd-Ky isograd (eclogite facies) (4) Plag-Cor isograd (granulite facies) 5) Gt-Hbl thermometry, gt-amph-plag-qtz barometry 10 oC/Km 30 oC/Km SHRIMP U-Pb dating of zircon Liati and Gebauer, 1999

9 Clockwise P-T-t Path in a Back-Arc Basin
ODP Site 976 between Spain and Morocco – Miocene extensional basin Exhumation in 6 4km/Ma

10 Alpine Uplift Rates from Geothermobarometry and 40Ar-39Ar Dating
20 Ma Uplift Rate mm/an 3.6 2.9 1.8 0.5 18 Ma 18 Ma 13.3 Ma 7.1 Ma

11 Counter Clockwise P-T-t Paths

12 Counter-clockwise Path –Commonly Occurs Under Granulite Facies Conditions

13 Counter clockwise P-T-t Path –Archean Granulite Terrane

14 Proterozoic Metamorphism N. Australia

15 Counter-clockwise Paths in HP and LP Granulite Terranes

16 Clockwise P-T-t Path for Granulite Facies, Scotland

17 Variscan Clockwise and Counter-clockwise Paths in the Odenwald, Germany

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