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1 StPro_UserGuidees_Final.pdf

2 Procedure 1.Directory setup: ‘matlab’ + ‘arcmap’ 2.Extract watersheds 3.DEM + Integer flow acc: Grid -> text 4.Matlab script: arcdemtxt2matlab 5.Install Profiler toolbar 6.Send points from Arcmap to matlab files 7.Matlab script: profile51 8.Import shapefile into Arcmap 9.Optional: ksn batch from Arcmap

3 Step 2: extract watersheds

4 Step 7: output from profile51 script


6 k sn manual selection of points for regression

7 k sn batch mode

8 k sn vs. lithology & structure

9 concavity

10 concavity vs. lithology & structure

11 DEM, swath location

12 swath profile

13 rock uplift (river incision)

14 catchment hypsometries

15 Salsomaggiore case study: summary of DEM-based analyses MetricMethod Main Control Why that control? Channel concavity Matlab scriptRock uplift Spatial coincidence of metric variations and rock uplift variations Mean elevationSwath profileRock uplift HypsometrySlice functionRock uplift Channel k sn Matlab script Bedrock lithology Spatial coincidence of metric variations and changes in lithology 1 st order stream gradients Fortran script Bedrock lithology

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