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On the road… Asetena Pa HIV/AIDS Concert Party Project Tour of Ghana, 2006.

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1 On the road… Asetena Pa HIV/AIDS Concert Party Project Tour of Ghana, 2006

2 The Asetena Pa Concert Party At the end of the drama, the performers come out publicly to disclose their HIV status The drama is about an HIV positive woman, Adu, whose husband died of AIDS, and didn’t tell her of his status for fear that she would leave him. A year later Adu meets an old classmate, a handsome and well to do man, who wants to marry her. Adu faces a dilemma: Should she tell him she is HIV positive? was created and performed in Ghana by 5 People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), 5 popular actors, 10 musicians, and directors Iddi Saaka and Galia Boneh, based on the personal experiences of the PLWHA in the group. The performance includes music, comedy, dance and drama. To view a presentation on the creative process, please visit our website:

3 On Nov. 23rd we set off for a 2 week tour of Ghana, during which we performed in 9 towns: Navrongo (Upper East region), Yapei, Damongo, Bole, Bamboi (Northern region), Sunyani (Brong Ahafo region), Sefwi Wiawso (Western region), Obuasi (Asante region) and Apedwa (Eastern region). Yapei Sefwi Wiawso Bamboi

4 In preparation for the tour, we hung posters and announced in mosques, churches, town centers, and on radio stations Iddi and B.B. announcing at the Catholic Church in Sefwi Wiawso Imam announcing at the mosque in Yapei

5 The result was hundreds, and in some places over 1,000 people in attendance Navrongo YapeiSefwi WiawsoApedwa

6 Audience members laughed, cried, shouted, participated actively in the drama, and danced before and after the show

7 When the show was over, several people approached the performers, especially the PLWHA, asking them questions about safe sex, testing, treatment, support groups and more, as well as telling them they respect them for coming out boldly. A total of 17 people approached our PLWHA personally, and 42 called our hotline, saying that they suspect or know that they or a relative has HIV, and they need guidance. Calls continue to come in. Sara talking to audience members after the show in her hometown, Sefwi Wiawso Audience members in Navrongo approaching performers after show

8 The impact on the audiences was also evaluated through 16 focus groups and a survey questionnaire (N=400) The project was thoroughly documented by Israeli film maker Ari Libsker

9 Most importantly, we were able to overcome our own stigmas and fears of People Living with HIV/AIDS and become one tight group - dancing, swimming, eating, performing and traveling together; proving that a world free of stigma is possible… Sara, Lizbeth and Siaw (singer) in swimming pool in Mole The whole group with crocodiles in Paga Aisha dancing after show in Navrongo Kanawu serving food to the group at Clements’ home in Navrongo Nana (singer) with Maayan & Clements’ newborn baby Coming out scene in performance in Navrongo Kanawu and Siaw (singer) dancing at show in Yapei Performance in Yapei Nana, Tiger (singers) and Clement resting in Bole Kanawu and Maayan

10 Many Thanks to our donors for making this possible For more information, questions or comments, please contact us at : Email: Website: http://www.iddiandgalia.com

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