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Social EPR Business Vision When Why Who How Where What New Business Models Saturday May 21 2011 (Version 0.2) New Technology Models New Social Models.

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2 Social EPR Business Vision When Why Who How Where What New Business Models Saturday May 21 2011 (Version 0.2) New Technology Models New Social Models

3 August 6, 1991 Traditional Web Values: - Network Effect - Share Content - Universal Visibility - Anonymous Access 1991 - 2000

4 Productivity Factors: - 10x Faster - 10x Cheaper - 10x More Reliable 2001 - 2010 From Information Space to Application Space

5 Next Generation Web Sites? Next Wave? 2004 - 2010 How This Effects Your Business - Increased User Expectation - New Competitive Advantage - Holistic Sales, Marketing and CRM - Businesses Move to Next Generation Web

6 Productivity Waves Silicon PC Internet The 4 th Wave Web eBusiness Cloud Computing Mobile Context Aware Computing Web 2.0 2006 90s80s70s Network Effect Productivity (Market Value) Data Center IBM Microsoft HP Yahoo eBay Amazon Google Apple Facebook Apple Xerox Cisco IaaS PaaS SaaS 2011 Twitter Long Tail Amazon New Technology Models New Business Models New Social Models

7 The 4 th Wave Communities Financial Institutions Individuals Retail SaaS (Software as a Service) SaaS (Software as a Service) Delivered Through Internet, Mobile or Private Network PaaS - (Platform as a Service) IaaS - (Infrastructure as a Service) Same as Electricity, Mobile, TV Pay as you Use Solution is there Don’t need to build it Search, find the right solution and Just Plug Your Business to it. No More Technology Complexity Visible to Businesses IT Consumerization – It’s for everyone, simple, affordable, everywhere Scalable, Reliable, Available, Secure No More Data Center or Computer Room Elastic, Cloud, Everywhere on Network Real Estate Long Tail Marketing Model – Recurring Transaction Revenue


9 Example Social EPR Ecosystem Bank PSP 500 Branches 50,000 POS 50,000 Retail Stores Merchants 500,000 Public Customers Digital Brand Space Web, Mobile, Kiosks Branches, Agents Win Businesses More Deposit Value, More Insurance Policies Advertise, Digital LCD Intelligence, Reports Individuals Context Aware Search, Explore (Location, Time, People, Products) Collaborate, Share, Rate Get Trusted Opinion Register in Loyalty Program Receive Promotions, Gift Card Retail Stores Dynamic WebSpace, Email Promotions, Share Inventory Digital Marketing, Get Quotes Multi-Channel, Collaborate Corporate Manage Brand Manage Taxonomy Monitoring Business Intelligence Lead Management Modern CRM Insurance Company 1,000 Agents

10 EPR 4 th Wave Core Concept Adding Human Flavor to Internet Hidden Social Capital in Your Brand People and Their Activities View Rate Share Comment Collaborate Create Content

11 Next Generation EPR (Adding Human Element to the Web) Social EPR Core Patterns : Harnessing Collective Intelligence Data is the next “Intel Inside” Innovation in Assembly Rich User experiences Software above the level of a Single device Perpetual Beta Leveraging The Long Tail Lightweight Models and Cost-Effective Scalability GlocalSpace Platforms and Applications

12 Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2011 Cloud Computing Mobile Applications and Media Tablets Social Communications and Collaboration Video Next Generation Analytics Social Analytics Context Aware Computing Storage Class Memory Ubiquitous Computing Fabric-Based Infrastructure and Computers Analysts Examine Latest Industry Trends During Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, October 17-21, in Orlando GlocalSpace Platforms and Applications

13 Context Aware Computing for Tiff can offer features like Google, Netflix, Facebook, IMdb Learn and become smarter as more people use it Understand Contexts like Location, Time, Product, People Offer Contextual Suggestions based on Location, Time, Popularity Real Time Analytics Relationship Management Image Flash Audio Rich Text Web Page (Page Zones) Web Page (Page Zones) Current State Keyword Tagging Traditional Content Management CMS + Custom Development Venues Locations Theaters Venues Locations Theaters Programs Movies Events Show Times Events Show Times People Actors Sponsors People Actors Sponsors Content (Media) Content (Media) Desired State Context Management Understands Location, Time, People, Products and manages relationships and popularity based on crowd activity Example: Search for “Arthur Toronto” Understands Arthur is a Movie and Toronto is a Location and Returns Theaters in Toronto with Movie Arthur

14 Example Use Case (Holistic Search) Suggestion of context and icons Updates Analytics real time and learns Home Page (Current State) 4 Separated Search boxes reduces usability to Understand Search Context Home Page (Current State) 4 Separated Search boxes reduces usability to Understand Search Context MoviesTheatersProductsGeneral Text Search Home Page (Desired State) Holistic and Context Aware Search box (Like Google Search) Home Page (Desired State) Holistic and Context Aware Search box (Like Google Search) S _ Scotia bank Theater Salt Saturday April 16 Smith Novel Show 98 (DVD) Gift Context Aware Suggestion Based on Location, Time, User Demographics, Popularity Rank

15 Holistic Touch points Smart Kiosk Web Portal Mobile Phone Smart Screens Public Billboards Home Entertainment Magic Box Appliance

16 Interactive Bell Lightbox Kiosks 42” Multi-Touch LCD

17 Moving Social EPR to the Cloud (Save Money and Scale) WebSpine Platform WebSpine Retail Data Warehouse Foundation Integration Fabric Mobile and Web Applications Enterprise Hub Cloud Computing Cloud Computing Digital Marketing Foundation

18 The Process “I have a person …” Dynamic Profiling  What we know  Historical  Transactional  Demographic  Contextual:  Click Stream  Guided Selling Systems  Other External Sources Real-Time Optimization Business Rules  Campaign eligibility Real-time Analytics  Automatic real-time targeting  Likelihood estimation  Collaborative filtering Arbitration  Next Best Offer  Align competing interests Delivery & Tracking Self- Learning 2011: OLB ABM 2012+ Branch Customer Contact Centre IVR Email Mobile BMO Money Logic Physical Mail 18 Lead Management

19 Historically financial organizations were treating customers as a commodity. Event based communication provides an opportunity to interact with the customers on a reason that is important to the customer, as well as the organization Sources: Forrester, IBM Mass Customization - Traditional Marketing Discover what we believe the customer might want based largely on products they already have (or do not have) and on the segment they belong to. Make unsolicited offers to customers en-masse or those that have a high propensity to accept the offer through outbound channels including Call Centers, Emails etc. The goal is to increase the frequency and volume of campaigns to customers in an effort to achieve conversion or revenue targets. Personalization - Event based Marketing Understanding that customers are infrequently engaged in “buying episodes”. Life stage, product, service and behavioural changes can signify when an organisation could be of service to the customer. Interpret these changes (events), their relationship to predicting future behaviour, their relationship to each other, their significance to each customer. Prioritize contacts and channels and engage the customer in a “dialogue” during and within few hours of the event occurrence Capture, interpret & respond to customer needs identified during the customer interaction. Vs …let me find the best offer to fit this person’s need” “I have a person with a change in behaviour that suggests a need…” ….let me find a group of people to tell about it.” “I have an offer…

20 Corporate Creates a Digital Brand Corporate Creates an Online Brand, Initiates Community Portal and Define Business Taxonomy Bank Processor Branch Merchant Store Card Holder Public A) Create New Online Brand (e.g. B) Build Digital Online Space and Initiate Community Portal C) Define Business Taxonomy, User Accounts, Access Roles 2 2 Login فضای هوشمند دیجیتال نمونه Protected Space Public Space Corporate Users (5-50) Internet Users Access the “Online Space” Using Web, Mobile or Public Interactive Kiosks or Screens Branch Users (1000 - 5000) Merchant Users (10K – 20K) تعریف ساختار سازمانی کاربران و سطوح دسترسی ستاد ، مناطق ، شعب نمایندگی ، فروشگاه پایانه پرداخت ، مشتری صاحب کارت پرداخت Retail Users (20K – 50K) (200K – 500K) Tehran Corporate gets brand Internet domain name and maps it to the new “Digital Space” created in CBS Account Dashboard All administration tasks happen through Internet and online using Super User account defined by local CBS account manager $10 - $50 Monthly Fee Per Business Unit

21 Corporate Taxonomy Setup Corporate Setup Branch, Agents, Users, Roles 3 3 Master Account ISO Setup Agent Setup Merchant Setup Analytics Card Holders Broadcast Post Content Bank PSP ISO Agent Branch Merchant Group Merchant Store Card Holder Terminal - Define Organization Hierarchy - Define Groups and Communities - Define Corporate Departments - Define Regional Offices - Setup PSP Accounts - Setup Branch Accounts - Setup ISO Model - Setup Agent Accounts - Setup Merchant Model - Setup Store Model - Setup Channels - Setup Merchant Services - Setup Card Holder Services Create User Accounts Define Access Roles Manage Roles Define Role Groups Access Control Security Setup تعریف و تنظیم سیستم توسط کاربران ستاد بصورت سلف سرویس و از طریق اینترنت کنترل سطوح دسترسی بصورت طبقه بندی شده و هماهنگ با تعاریف ساختار سازمانی

22 Public – Card Holder View Search, Explore, Share, Rate, Collaborate in Web, Mobile, Public Kiosks Map Services Search List, Links, Rankings People Ads, Offerings, Content Corporate Brand Logo Corporate Brand Logo Like, Share POI Like, Share Suggestion, Recommendation Chat (7 Online) View and Click Ads, Visit Retail Store Deposit in Branch, Buy Merchandise, Provide Crowd Popularity and Trends 6 6

23 Social EPR (4 th Wave) How to Increase Conversion Rate? Crowd Your Company Social Media Production Crowd Social Media Broadcasting Distribution TV and Mass Media Internet and Web Self Service through Network Consumption Same What, Different How Challenges are the same Production, Distribution, Consumption


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