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Amazonia Villages/Chiefdoms Wilson’s Chapter 6 The Yanomamö.

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1 Amazonia Villages/Chiefdoms Wilson’s Chapter 6 The Yanomamö

2 Amazon Basin Homogeneity of the Amazon Basin – High average temperatures – Poor soils – rainforest Productivity differences – Terra firme – Várzea – Social Ecology theories (Sociobiology)

3 Yanomamö Researchers: – Napoleon Chagnon (1964) – William Smole (1976) – Brian Ferguson (1995) – Judith Shapiro (1972) – Kenneth Good (1991) Controversy – Are Yanomami Violence and Warfare Natural Human Efforts to Maximize Reproductive Fitness?

4 Chagnon’s Yanomamö Physical Environment – 117,500 km2 Orinoco highlands (southeastern Venezuela & northcentral Brazil) Mode of Production – 80-90% horticulturalism (plantains, avocados, papayas, chili peppers, tobacco, and 3 types of tubers) – Protein food, hunting and fishing Settlement Pattern – Warfare as institution – Shabono- family dwellings Criteria for its location

5 Yanomamö Mode of Reproduction – villages – 10-20,000 people – Female infanticide & sex ratios – Warfare as balance agent Domestic Economy – Women’s duties – Men’s duties Social Organization – 2+ affinally related lineage groups – Cross cousin marriages, bride service – Internecine war (among kin) – Domestic violence & protection from her family

6 Yanomamö Political Economy – “fights over women” – Importance of trade – Distrust and uncertainty – Violence and killing Levels of violence – Nomohori (dastradkt trick) Ritual and Leadership – Headman who regulates violence – Shamans use the hekura darts (enemies and the sick) – Use of ebene for shamanistic initiation Ideology – Four-layer cosmos and four-part soul – Myth of waiteri “Moon’s blood” – Children are vulnerable to malevolent shamans

7 Other Amazon Indigenous Groups Shuar-Jívaro Mundurucú Desana Conclusion All pictures on this presentation were taken from & other

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