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Brazil’s Amazon River Basin

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1 Brazil’s Amazon River Basin
Ch. 3 Brazil’s Amazon River Basin

2 Basin = area drained by river & tributaries
Covers more than 50% of Brazil Moist Trade Winds = 80” of rain/year Rain + constant 80º temp = Constant Growing Season

3 Home to Thousands of Species of Plants & Animals (from many of which valuable products are made)
Chili Pepper Ginger Nutmeg Orchids Bamboo Rattan Jute (rope, burlap) Curare (muscle relaxant) Diosgenin (birth control, asthma, arthritis) Ouabain (heart medication) Quinine (malaria, pneumonia) Emetine (bronchitis) Chewing gum Varnish Printing ink Latex (used to make rubber) Petroleum (used to make gasoline) Coffee Camphor (insect repellent) Tangerine Coconut Lime Banana Pepper Avocado

4 Also home to Amazon Indigenous People:
1% of Brazilians (200,000) 180 different tribes Disappearing due to: government regulations, environment, diseases from outside visitors, movement to reservations

5 1960: Brazilian gov’t built roads to interior for easier access to valuable hardwoods and farmland
Slash/burn crops only grow well for a few years Valuable medical resources lost forever

6 Reasons for Destruction
Farming and Ranching Oil drilling, iron ore & gold mining Logging Hydroelectric Urbanization – growth of cities

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